All this violence and hate :(

All this violence, bombers, protesters. Now at least 4 dead injured unknown at a mall less than an hour where I live here in Washington. Bomb strikes and attacks in multiple countries. Terrorists killing their own people.

It’s insane, literally makes me feel our society is devolving. I don’t even feel safe in our home anymore. Am I the only one that feels the world is starting down the road to survival of the fittest? I don’t see any disease or illness making us extinct. I think we will kill ourselves off at this rate.

For now, sitting on my couch with doors locked until they find and arrest the shooter/shooters.


I know what you mean, MysticRose. I’ve long held the belief that society as a whole has been degrading for the last couple of decades; Likely longer, but I only really became aware of it in my late teens/early twenties. I often wonder if this is merely a factor of age (Just turned forty), as I clearly remember my father saying the same thing when I was younger, or an real indication of a systemic failure of our society in general.

I really think the rapidity of the problems magnifying have a lot to do with our complete dependence on electronic devices. It seems to be that society as a whole in the Internet age has led to an entire generation that, while communicating with and learning from a much larger world then I did as a child, or more so, my parents did, have learned the communication is largely anonymous and with no real world risks or repercussions.

Combine this with a generation or two that is largely raised sans parents, since dual incomes are largely mandatory to survive and raise a family. This leads to children being raised largely by people that have no familial ties to the children in their care. These kids then don’t get the opportunity to develop the moral and ethical framework that families have traditionally passed down from one generation to the next.

The worst part about it is that I can’t even blame the parents. I strongly feel that most parents truly want the very best for their children. Society just forces them to have to take on ever greater workloads to support the family that want to provide for. Then consider the fact that consumerism is rampant, and people are brainwashed into thinking they need the latest and greatest, when in decades past simple was more then acceptable. We even do it here, with all the new flavors, mods and atties, that we somehow can’t live without.

I wish I knew a solution to the problem. Sadly I think without a total reboot of society and government as we know them, the problems will just intensify until a breaking point is reached. It’s for this very reason that I’ve embarked on an effort to teach my children how to grow and prepare food. We’re also looking at starting to raise chickens, mainly for eggs, but also for food. My eldest knows how to catch and clean fish, and while I’m not a fun of hunting, I plan on teaching her to shoot in the very near future. While I pray that society doesn’t go the way it seems to be heading in my or my children’s lifetimes, having those skills are useful either way, so there’s no harm in learning them. History shows that all cultures ultimately die and fade away if it doesn’t adapt to changing circumstances, Rome, the Mongol Empire, even the Soviet Union, all failed for lack of adaptation. I see the USA as we know it now heading in the same direction.

The good news is, while the governments and hierarchies may have failed, the populace generally survived and ultimately forged itself in to something better. It’s merely the cycle of life on a global scale. There’s rough times ahead, I think. But if we prepare appropriately, we can all come out of it better people!

God I’m wordy when I don’t get enough sleep :smiley:


Very well said, and I have had many of those same thoughts at times. Thank you :slight_smile:


I feel the same way sometimes… It’s overwhelming, depressing, and gives me anxiety. One thing that makes me feel better is by putting it all into perspective, and by that I literally mean this:


i here ya i moved up here to Anacortes wa to get away frombthe violence in tacoma so my children would be less likely to fall in the wrong crowd etc but 20 min away from me at a place where i was at with my children just days ago this happens smh


Yeah…I’m sick of it as well. International terrorists, domestic terrorist, police, neighbor shooting neighbor, citizens burning and looting their own towns as protest… I wish there was someone to blame but in truth the fault lies with each of a global society. It’s going to be a massive hand-basket and a fast ride down.


It’s all been foretold. Most people will deny this here, but it’s what I believe.

I’m torn about it all. It’s hard to watch the world in chaos, people hurting people.
All of this precedes my Lord coming back, and I look forward to that.

The End has already been written… and
Love wins in the end. :smiley:


There’s a reason I’ve been prepping for years…people ask me what the hell I’m doing and I just smile and say “zombie apocalypse”…but we all know the real reason.


preach girl


We share a same belief @Alisa, it’s good to know and hear this.


Right On @Alisa well said :+1:

This will only happen when the King of Kings and Lord of Lords comes Back :smile:


I agree Alisa. We know how our story ends. :slight_smile: The road there is a rough one though.


The news kind of puts a black cloud over the soul, it’s very hard to watch. I try like hell to focus on to the good things I have in my life… it’s almost too much.


I’m not a disagreeable person, I understand fully that things are very different in different parts of the world and some are much MUCH worse than others and some of you have seen and witnessed things you shouldn’t have, but don’t grind yourselves down worrying about the state of the world right now, the way things are now are no where near as bad as they have been in the past, 500 years ago you’d of been hung for stealing a loaf of bread, you guy’s had the wild west?? got shot for knocking over a mans drink!..bad examples but you get my drift, no things aren’t perfect and probably never will be but worrying yourselves sick over things you have little control over will make you miserable really quickly and not enjoy the time you have on this rocky ball we call home, I guess I see things differently, I don’t want to ruffle anyone’s feathers and I’m not saying anyone is wrong, But I get dismayed when I see nice people like you all worrying about things like this. It could be way way worse…and has been. Stay happy! :kissing_heart::v:


I am a disagreeable person.

According to the facts, this is the safest time to be alive, ever. The thing about it appearing to be a bad state of affairs, is simply that, appearance. We live in a 24 hour news network age, they need to keep you watching. In order to do that, they need to get the most violent and gripping stories, They need to pump out the articles about how everything is making you sick (facts aside), and how violent the world is, when in reality most of what is happening in the world is peaceful interactions and the best parts of human nature.

It’s all about what you CHOOSE to view, and what the media CHOOSES to show us.


This ^
you really shouldn’t believe what the media is spoon feeding you, I gave that up a long time ago.


Yup, the world has always been horrible, but 50 years ago when the same creepy, horrible, disgusting, violent tragedies were occurring, social media hadn’t enslaved us all. Protect those under your roof I say, it’s the least we can do.


Thank you for posting this.