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Alltheflavors and Bitcoin mining


Disregard, I see your screenshot now. I’m still looking this tag.marinsm.com over, as I got more than one red flag on that.


I didn’t see this the first time though, so I can’t say if this was there originally ….or if it was added in place of the decoy/real code.


You CLEARLY nailed the miner code, I was just going off on a branch, as I had 3 different flags on the above site. You ARE on track with the miner scripting.


Don’t mind me, just turning over a few other stones …



from the little that I read marinsm is a browser hijacker is it possible it’s in your browser and not the site itself?


Still digging around in the “who’s talking to who” server list…


Hmmm. I’ve been tracking this thread for a bit. I can’t really provide technical insite. But what can say is that it’s a sad thing. I’ve never had a problem with the concept of the site having a small upfront paywall. In fact I think in some ways it’s ca’ca’cool. What a way to show case your recpies.

But to have hidden code that is malicious…active or semi active (could be flipped later) is just wrong. Our commmunity is already not that that trusting. To either do it on purpose or just being lazy just leaves a poor taste in my mouth. Personally I’m just not going to visit that site anymore. (Not that I did all that much but enjoyed poking around here and there).


Thank you! I didn’t go there much neither but probably they won’t be the only ones and that kind of practice is spreading, this post makes us aware of it!!
Just feel sorry for the good people that go there, help the site with good new recipes, pay for it and at the end they help the site manager in shoving malware into other users.

Thank you @DarkJester89 and @warkwarth


Off topic for this thread, but the site is still messed up and now someone is trying to link the owner with white supremacists… https://www.reddit.com/r/DIY_eJuice/comments/b1rtlm/atf_sitesubscription_issues/einrypx/


That owner queuetue is such a smart-ass. Always has been.


not sure what a recipe site would have to do with supremacists
but that is a bit weird.
The redditor also deleted his comments quickly

ATF - The choice of the aryan brotherhood!


eh, it might be that they are just doing things that they think no one will notice. “hiding things in plain sight” kind of stuff.


I have talked shit about this ATF for a long time, on many FB forums , It’s a circle jerk, kinda like if you do me, I do you group… if your not in this group than… you don’t get the silly perks that give… so on so on.
So I did join 6 months ago and did not write any recipe till 3 months later, because they did not have alot of the flavors I had… so now they have them, but it is heavily wayne (CAP) infested with one shots and his phuck buddies on the front page…They should just make one site to put that crap on, and keep the site just for mixers… thats my 2 cent !!!


I really hate to read things like this… it just brings down our so called communities.

We can be better than this… been saying it all along, but pay me no mind… it is an individual’s journey… after all what I like, no one else might :stuck_out_tongue:


Being politically correct and not saying nothing, might be right thing to do. But when one group, person, thing, tries to screw over the vape community, they need to be called out.
The Vape Community as a whole, is on the same page, we all want the same thing… to be free to vape without being scrutinized , looked down upon. Kinda like Queers coming out of the closet. We know we are doing the right thing, saving lives. But there has been some bad apples that has made us look like kid killers, refering to the kiddie labels. And there has been some individuals taking advantage of the newbies that come into the vaping world…


You do not have to think you need to explain it to me… I have been around for many years, and probably one of the most talked about, here and elsewhere. This is not my ego typing… not by a long shot.

One gets to the point in feeling it is just a wash and repeat. In fact, I did try to help you and many many many others… My main point is, for everyone… find your own spot. Do your own thing. There is so much written on vaping and “do it yourself” that searching and reading should pull up all kinds of information that someone with a touch of common sense (we all hope we have that still) can sift thru the info they are searching for and reasonably draw a conclusion.

ELR has been around for as long if not longer than I have… This is where everybody comes, scrapes recipes, change a percent, look ma what is mine now! Even sell juice based of these recipes… and get away with leading the public to becoming shitty mixers… Happens on just about all of the sites. ATF/Reddit connect… eh…

The community even tho it seems vast, is super small… we do not make up what commercial suppliers can profit over… Things pop out of the wood work all by themselves with out having to “call out” any one or thing/site… but in no way am I or have I said… no no… you must be “politically correct” or not say anything… People talk and make their own judgement… good bad or ugly and with all the info given or just bits and pieces… pre-judgement happens. do I say stop that too? No. I will say it just keeps happening, over and over again. Sad to say… but seen all this before.

I’m not surprised by much these days… maybe I am just jaded. Who knows?


I agree, we are better than this.

On the other cheek, I don’t encourage name calling/finger pointing, when something like this happens, (regardless of company), (memba when ecig express had a credit card hack? I memba, …memba when BCV had to be forced to go into paypal because of credit card hacks?) I memba.

We bring it to the light of the community, we present the facts and what is justly out of order, and we allow others to make the interpretation themselves.

Otherwise, if we don’t point out these fallacies, companies that do things like this will do the “gloat/mock-in-between-the-lines” like, I dunno, advertising as a Christian site, but having the subscription service be $6.66, (subtle irony but eh)


Im ended my subscription with ATF! I dont need that hassle in my life.
I liked that it was easy to post a pic with my recipe. Now if i can learn how to do that on elr im all set


…oh…mY …gOd, SoMeone…said CirClEjERK!! Palms out! It’s going to get a little…messy.



Upload a picture onto imgur.com and then copy the direct link and paste it on its own line in your notes.