Alright you battery wrappers/re-wrappers, post up your skillZ!

Just completed my review of the Lost Vapes Thelena Quest 2.0 200w mod, and, as fate would have it, it did have clear panels showcasing not only the internals, and tech, but also the batteries. After doing said review, it became obvious that my batteries, WERE, indeed ugly.

Over the many years I’ve been on ELR, I’ve actually been gifted some pretty cool battery wraps, (thanks, and you KNOW who you are), but I never spent much time beyond that. Sure, sure, I could search, search, search, as we preach here, but I KNOW, we’ve got some battery wrappers, re-wrappers out there with some SKILLZ.

Showcase what you’ve got, where you buy from, your thoughts/opinions, and I’ll pick the toppity top (IMO), and get some, and re-wrap, and post the pics up in the review thread.

Wrappers, re-wrappers, sound off !!!



I just use plain jain wraps I get from, usually just get the green wraps. I did get some clear wraps last time I ordered cells. You can put any printed image under the clear wrap before you shrink it for a custom wrap job,
I’ve not tried this myself but sure I’ve seen somewhere on-line that has templates to do the printing at the correct size for the battery…


These are pretty old now, my first two battery sets ever(Li). It’s the only ones I have wrapped. I left the original wraps and shrunk the new ones over them. Looking close, with the right lighting, you can read the originals under the new.


Dude! Where did you find the Rick and Morty wraps? They look extra schwifty!


I bought them from over two years ago. Sadly they went out of business.


Well, as I am now creating a section for single 21700s which aren’t paired - some marking is needed.

I decided on a seasonal one for the first 10.

Give me some sugar

Arriving this week.