Am I making juice wrong?

So, hi there, kinda long…
I am quite new to this - been making juice for maybe two months? I am not a smoker, have never been a smoker (dabbled in MJ a few times back in high school and early 20’s tho) so I don’t use nicotine for my juices. I also don’t use PG, because my boyfriend thought I was maybe allergic to it, since I coughed every time I vaped. I also got a sore throat a couple days into it, and would give up vaping. I’m starting to think it was just too much for my “virgin lungs” lol, because now that I have my mod down to 23w, I’m fine. I only cough if I inhale too slow. I like vaping for the flavor (trying to cut back on sugar) and for the action itself. Helps when I’m anxious.

With that being said, all that’s left to mix is flavoring and VG. I make it anywhere from 10% to 20% flavor, and the rest VG. I don’t seem to taste it as much as other people claim they taste their juices. I’m not sure if this is because I am making it wrong, or because I had Covid 2 months ago and still can’t smell anything some days, so maybe that messes with how I taste the vape? Unless my sense of smell comes back 100%, I may never know :sweat_smile:

But yea… any opinions on using just VG and flavors? (Mostly from TFA, but some FA as well). Should I mix in a little PG and just try it, to see if I still cough with my watts down so low now? I did try a store bought juice at 3% nic a couple weeks ago. Couldn’t last a day, the headaches were too much. So I went back to 0 nic.


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can you taste food ok ?

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Well you do have PG in your liquid because your flavors have it… Show a couple recipes we can look at. Max VG liquid often needs a longer steep time so maybe that why …Losing your aense of taste and smell sucks from covid it took me about 3 months and I often find myself now adding a touch of sweetener which I didnt do for a very long time


Some food tastes normal, but some things still taste a little off - coffee, soda, food with lots of seasoning. I am starting to think that I’m not actually tasting anything 100% yet, it’s just more than when I had Covid, so I convinced myself it was back to normal :weary:


3 months :pleading_face: oh goodness. I hope I don’t have to “suffer” much longer.
I have to figure out how to add a recipe to this site first - I have just been using ones I already found on here, or adding random things (keeping track in my notes on my phone) to see what I come up with. I forgot about the flavors being in PG tho, you’re right.
I didn’t know about max VG needing to steep longer! That could definitely be my issue. I usually wait only a day, or I do shake n vape for my mom (she’s extremely impatient lol). Maybe I should steeping more :thinking:


Which recipes are you mixing ??


i am having the same issues as you. it could be the covi, or not. i have not had covi


Post recipes you guys are trying …


ok, hold on


this one isn’t bad, but its not strong and idk what it taste like. my wife says it smells like coffee.

this one i have just started to use. its not very strong, but i like it. it actually tastes like a raspberry that i bought years ago, that i liked.


Welcome to the forum. Taste is such a subjective thing. Since you had COVID-19 a couple of months ago and your sense of smell is still off, that is probably affecting your taste (a lot of what we taste is from our sense of smell). Hope your taste buds come back to life. Also, you are right that some folks are sensitive to PG. The down side to that is that PG carries flavors better than VG, which is one reason many people use some PG in their mixes. Not sure what the solution will be for you, but trying some of the recipes here may be helpful because they are tried and appreciated. I’m sure you will get more advice that will be helpful to you. However, to restate…if your sense of smell is still off, it is probably affecting your sense of taste and I truly hope it comes back for you…soon. Enjoying the flavors of food, beverages and VAPES are wonderful parts of our lives.


The Coffee is way out of my comfort zone…Back in 2016 I use to try so many tume s to create one and failed…Now there are good coffee flaves …

The Raspberry swirl might just need some more layering imo Cap isnt the greatest Raspeberry and the swirl is great to bring everything together …ill give thwm a mix this weekend and run them thru homogenizer


It is rhe hardest thing when it comes to helping , there are some really highly rated recipes that I think are meh…



its like food. many people love peperoni pizza, i can’t stand it.
i used to like custards, not so much now.


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Could consider Rayon/Cellulose wicking. Might want to read:



@jinx_d coffee vapes are one of the hardest recipes to get right. Here is someone that has gotten it quite right. Of course, this is all subjective…


0.80% Cappuccino (SC)
1.60% Coffee Liqueur (VTA)
0.80% Cream (Milky Undertone) (PG) (OOO)
0.80% Cream Fresh (Panna Fresca) (FA)
1.60% Milk (FA)
0.80% Milk and Honey (Flavorah)
0.25% Super Sweet (CAP)

Flavor total: 6.65%
Remember to rate it at

If you don’t have these flavors they are worth purchasing. I am having Deja Vu. I am almost positive I have written these words and posted this recipe in the near past.

Unfortunately, this method doesn’t work very well. One reason is the recipe side is filled with thousands upon thousands of recipes and only a fraction are any good. Throwing random things is gambling…

Some advice; On the recipe side you will find, at the top left of the page, a tab labeled “Resources” click on it and start reading. This link will be helpful in the creation of recipes; :: Master Mixer's e-Juice Tips & Tricks e-Liquid Calculator

As for getting to know ELR then I highly recommend reading the GUIDE; :: Guide e-Liquid Calculator

Another good way to find decent recipes is to follow me. :face_with_monocle: Joking/partly. Seriously though you should look through a few profiles and recipes to see if anything looks good and follow that person and make a recipe or two to see if you “vibe” with that person’s tastes.

Definitely add your flavors to your stash and make sure it’s public so that we can see it and make suggestions. When adding your flavors to your stash, be sure to do it all proper like. That’s where the guide comes in.

I noticed you have a recipe posted. If you like it then great. If you like it but still think it needs some work you can take it to this thread; Fix My Mix - Bring your trouble recipes here! and I am sure several people will have suggestions.

Here is a cool thing at @Bull_City_Flavors They have a recipe option where you can purchase the flavors to a certain recipe and they are mostly good.

It’s a neat way to find a recipe IMO.

Anywho, Good luck and don’t hesitate to ask for help


i am adding flavors to my bcf cart now. this one and one rocky recomended.
prices have gone up since i last ordered, a large’ish aamount.


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