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Fix My Mix - Bring your trouble recipes here!


I’ve thought about this for a while. I know there are threads asking for help with this recipe or that, but I didn’t find a thread devoted to helping fix a mix and if one exists, well I know admins know the next move. Otherwise, post your trouble recipes here that you think would benefit from others’ ideas. I’ll kick it off. Been trying to make a great Pina Colada for a long time. I’m on my gazillionth try. What can you see that would help? Ok, you want more info such as what’s wrong? Well it doesn’t taste enough like a Pina Colada. The pineapple isn’t sharp enough, the coconut isn’t creamy enough. At @Walt_RealFlavors suggestion I bought his Coconut Spiced Rum while it was in beta. Made a huge difference but didn’t complete the picture. What do you think? And do you have a recipe we could help with? Let’s get crackin!

Real Piña Colada (SthrnMixer Original)

Ingredient %
Coconut (MF) 1
Coconut Extra (TPA) 1
Coconut Spiced Rum (SC) (Real Flavors) 2
Pineapple (SC) (Real Flavors) 4.5
Sweet Cream (CAP) 3

Flavor total: 11.5%

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This is a great idea!



The recipe is missing INW Cocopilada…:flushed:

…worth a shot! :wink:



Sis @amy2 had this one a while ago :wink:



If you got Condensed Milk SC RF you could add 0.2-0.4 to get a creamy coconut, maybe even replace the Sweet Cream CAP with it. And maybe add some INW Pineapple for that real pineapple feel. Just a few ideas from the top of my head.



i love this idea and i have one id like to post , how do i post a private recipe without making it public ??



Take a screenshot is one way



Coconut Milk (LB) and drop the Coconut Extra down to the .25-.5% range? Vanilla Ice Cream (LB) is a really good cream when used in the 1-1.25% range anything over that and it is ice cream.

Coconut Extra is one of my favorite coconut flavorings but it is a total Nazi and will try and take over everything.

Unfortunately i have never had a Pina Colada but i did sleep at a Holiday Inn Express last night… :wink:



Maybe you could add a tad of lime as well



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Wonderful start to the thread. I knew this was a good idea!! Thanks for the suggestions. I will try some and report back.



Can also click the blue wrench, scroll to the last on the list and make a private url to share. Then just copy and paste it.



A couple of things Have you tried Capella coconut I make a smoothie for my wife that has coconut in it and the TPA extra has a harshness that somehow makes it get lost with pineapple. (at least to her) Also try a quarter of a percent of TPA sour, it brings out the pineapple. The last thing and I am just starting to play with this flavor but the PUR condensed milk is a creamier thicker flavor. Add a little of it to replace an equal amount of the sweet cream



ken you should know from our conversations i need it to be the easiest way possible lol



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FUCK see ken i screwed that up



Dewberry Cream Remix V5

FA Forest Mix 0.5pct , TPA French Vanilla 1.0pct , TPA Honeydew 5pct , TPA Marshmallow 1.5pct , FA Red Touch Strawberry 2pct , INW Strawberry Shisha 2pct , TPA Vanilla Swirl 2pct , TPA Whipped Cream 1pct …

@SthrnMixer here it is , ill probably make the changes below for a V6 however anything you or anyone else thinks would be great ty

ok i know this is supposed to be a honeydew , strawberry , and another fruit maybe blueberry but i havent found a bb i love , this is actually good but i dont know , its close to the original which isnt bad but the original and this one is lacking anyway i might need to drop the FV but the creams not the problem

here is my next thought drop FV , switch MM to FA and whipped cream to FA cream whipped also drop the FF and put RFSC Blueberry there instead also maybe dropping both strawberries and using RFSC strawberry milkshake ,

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It is marked as private



Also private



Sorry, still private

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Still private