Am I suddenly allergic/sensitive to nic?!

Been making my own juice for months. Made several recipes that I loved. Fruits, baked goods, custards etc. About two months ago, everything I mixed got harsh. Like… Acid in the throat harsh. Unvapable.

I ordered new nic. Same deal. I ordered new nic again. Same deal. Two different nic suppliers. Heartland and Vaperstek.

I can vape my vg or pg straight with no issues. I can make my recipes at 0nic and they’re smooth and delicious.

Am I suddenly VERY sensitive to nic or is there somehow more I’m missing?

I handled the nic in all the standard ways. Shook like the Dickens and parted into individual 30ml amber glass bottles upon receiving and keep those in the freezer. Shake like crazy before using in a mix. Everything is sterilized etc. I use syringes or weight (.01g scale) to mix, depending on my mood, same result.

HELP! I don’t want to have to give up mixing and vaping.

Can’t give you an answer but out of curiosity, what strength do you mix your juice at? I use 100mg/ml nic and vape at 7-8 mg juice

I started at 3mg and never changed concentrations.

Edit: what I mean by that is I use 100mg base and dilute it to 3mg/ml

Last I heard there has been some bad nicotine coming from Heartland. I use to buy my nic from them but heard they changed their nic for the worst. Don’t know anything about Vaperstek. Seems to me it’s more likely just harsh nic. Of late some of the better Nic Suppliers I have heard of people here using has been from Nicotine River,, NicSelect. Hopefully this will help.

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Very disappointing. I got two of these orders from them. I called about the ridiculously harsh nic and they sent me a replacement that’s just as bad. The production supervisor acted surprised at my complaint, like she hadn’t heard of this before.

(I’ve heard of peppery nic, but this is like acid, almost like it’s WAY more concentrated than listed. I have supplies on order to test all this nic for concentration before I just dispose of it

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Have you tested them to make sure they contain the proper levels of nicotine?

EDIT: Sorry that i missed the line in which you state you ordered a test kit in the post directly above mine.

After getting nearly double the nic i ordered in a batch i have tested every batch that i have ordered, it is the most dangerous part of our hobby and should be done each time a new batch arrives.


have you tested ur nic

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This has been discussed a bit on ELR, but in my opinion, not enough! :triumph: Folks should always test their Nic prior to it’s use. There have been issues in the past with vendors booting out nicotine which is way higher in concentration than advertised or labeled.


You’re not the first for sure. @Amy2 I believe was the one that got some nic from Heartland that was bad. She also called, complained, and I believe was sent another batch that was just as bad. After you test the nic, please post the results. In the meantime cut your nic to 1.5mg to see if it will work for you (Case it’s overly strong nic concentrate problem). If it work then you’ll at least have something to vape…


Not to say overage Nic content couldn’t happen with VT Nic, but the VT Nic I’ve purchased in the past has been spot on, in regards to Nic content. :wink:

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VT was the first company I had my nic through. It was what I used to make the recipes before. But then things got bad. I have a suspicion that I mishandled it when receiving as it was my first ever try at diy. When I switched my open 30ml for more from the freezer, I think is when the issue came up. I think I didn’t mix the nic properly when I got it originally.

It was @Alisa but I did get a bad bottle as well and I don’t remember exactly what the next bottle was like. It is on that particular thread.

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Only purchase pharmaceutical grade nicotine from a reputable company, preferably from a laboratory.

Did I miss something… You dilute 100mg to 3mg?? Huh?? Sounds wrong to me, just use the calc on here to get the correct amount for your type of nicotine.

I use USP 50mg/ml nicotine and mix 3mg/6mg strength batches and I get a great nicotine hit. Is there a real need to buy 100mg/ml??

100mg I find it easier to store and dispense quickly while mixing 10-15 seperate 15ml bottles. Just a preferance for me. I my first order lasted 10 months.


Ah ok, If you have a smaller amount of stronger nic you use less per batch, so you technically carry more, I understand.

I guess that just depends how much mixing your doing.

As a beginner it is better to start small and not get too caught up in it all.

I only purchase 50ml bottles at a time and they last for a good 20 batches (30ml batches)

Even if you do end up having a problem with nic, it doesn’t mean you can’t mix and vape anymore. Many people, myself included, vapes 0mg nic eliquid.

Don’t panic yet, first place to start is with a nic testing kit.

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Yeah I still mix and taste at 0nic to get flavor profiles. I just can’t vape it all day. No nic is just missing it for me. Hoping this next order alleviates my fear of it being a ‘my throat’ issue

I dilute 100mg to 3mg during the mixing process. (As in adding .9 ml to a 30ml batch)

Aha, I thought you were doing some kind of strange cutting process with the whole bottle lol my bad…

I am going to mix a batch of e liquid with no nicotine just to try it, do you notice any differences to flavour?