Ammit 25 RTA - I’m late to the party Dammit!

The Ammit 25 was sent to me for the purpose of this review directly from the fine folks at You can purchase it here: Geekvape Ammit 25

Package Contents:

The Ammit 25 comes nicely presented in a clear plastic box, with security wrap and seal stickers. There is also the customary scratch and sniff on the back of the box for authenticity checks.


  • Ammit 25 RTA
  • Extra glass 5 ml tank
  • 510 Delrin drip tip
  • 810 / Goon-style drip tip adapter with 810 drip tip
  • Chimney extension for use with 5 ml tank
  • Extras: o-rings | T-style screwdriver | 4 x extra grub screws

First impressions:

I have to say I am a bit of a geek and I vape, so I usually find Geekvape gear fits with my self-image pretty well. The Ammit 25 is (as is the case with all the Geekvape gear I have come across) exceptionally well made and well thought-out. The threads are super smooth and the over all feel is of a quality bit of kit. The dual airflow at the base is mirror image, so closing one will close the other. There is some nice recessed knurling making it easy to grip. The airflow control ring has a nice clicky feel to it, and has five settings between fully open and fully closed. The juice flow control is just above that, again with some nice grippy knurling. I set up with the 5ml tank (I am incredibly lazy with filling), and the 810 tip using the 810 adapter - not that changing to the 810 will make much difference, as the the tank chimney is 6mm and this cannot be changed.

Thoughts & Observations:

There are some nice innovations with the build deck. The positive post is a closed slot, while the negative is an open groove - this makes it really easy to mount the coils. The Ammit 25 will fit some fairly large coils in terms of both wire diameter and the coil ID. I threw in a 4mm ID Clapton and there is plenty of room to go bigger. The 6mm chimney size is sitting in the back of my mind and irritating me as I type. I know that it would take away from the juice capacity, and perhaps cause a little flavour loss, but come on Geekvape - surely you could have gone just a smidgen bigger, so that the use of the 810 would not just be for aesthetics? Also worth pointing out - my first wick setup dumped the tank on me, so when you are wicking you really need to get it just right. My second attempt did the job, so I will chalk this one up to a DSU issue (Dumb Shit User - namely, me).


The specs are like the intermission in the review - boring AF - but just in case you are interested:

  • Base diameter: 24 mm

  • Height: 38 mm

  • Drip tip height: 10 mm

  • Drip tip diameter: 15 mm

  • Post holes: 2.5 mm x 2 mm

  • Tank capacity: 2 ml / 5 ml

  • Top-fill system (massive holes)

  • Grub screw type: Flathead

  • Grub screw size: 2.5 mm x 3 mm

  • Threading: adjustable 510 (gold plated)

How does it vape?

Holy spitting volcano mouth Batman! My initial vape on this was not at all pleasant - lava mouth is not what I want in a vape. I tossed the supplied 810 drip tip, replaced it with a slightly longer resin one and…the vape was still as spitty as a spitty thing, although a little better. The spit-back did subside after a few hits, so all was well with the world again. I would suggest that when you initially paint your coils during set up, you fire a few times before re-assembly in order to remove as much juice from the wicks as you can. With the AFC fully open the Ammit will give you a restricted draw. Shutting it all the way down is pretty much MTL equivalent.

The flavour from the Ammit is great (running at 300C, 120J on the IPV8). I was using 80VG juice for most of the week and there was no issue with wicking/dry hits (I had no issue with 95VG either, but I wasn’t chain hitting it).

Pros & Cons:


  • Awesome build quality (Geekvape speciality)
  • Glass tank/chimney extension to increase capacity to 5 mL
  • Innovative deck that is easy to build on
  • Large post holes and juice wells
  • 510 and 810 drip tip adapters (& drip tips)
  • A great flavour tank.


  • Mouth full of lava after every wick change (unless you burn off extra juice first)
  • Shorting out the coils unless you clip super close to the deck (or flex the coil wire until it breaks off)
  • More of a MTL tank (if you DL there may be a better tank out there for you, but it is still very usable)

Would I buy it?

I most certainly would if I was a MTL vaper. As I direct lung hit, this tank is not a perfect fit for me. The flavour is spot on but the restricted draw puts me off a little. Don’t get me wrong - it’s a ripper tank and would suit more people than it doesn’t. The single coil deck is really easy to build on and would suit both new and experienced builders. The wicking can be a little tricky, but it’s not super hard.

As always if you would like to see how this beast scored against other pieces of awesome vapeology then feel free to hop on over to Steampugs

Remember you can purchase it here: Geekvape Ammit 25

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Love mine. Have three now. Great flavor, great for battery life, great for getting a reasonable resistance for TC. I get plenty of fog. Even like the draw. Amazing tank imho.

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Great review, Woftam!


I have the 22 and I love it, no lava :fire:

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Ya not sure it is just me being a bit slow but i do get spit back with a fresh wick - firing it before i take that first hit drops it down some. It has grown on me over the last week the flavour is great.

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Cheers mate


Ya a single coil deck is not something I have used in what seems like forever


Nice one @woftam,

Tank looks great !


Nicely done review sir :ok_hand: :wink:


Thanks buddy :relaxed:


Cheers it is a great flavour tank and super well built.


Just so you know your not the only one to leak an entire tank full of juice. I did it to. Of Course I wick with Rayon instead of cotton witch has it’s own set of peculiarities. Once I figured the wicking out mine has worked flawlessly.

Your review is very well done.

I do direct to lung and once you get use to the restricted airflow it’s fine. I take long slow draws and the airflow is fine for that.

I’m using a Clapton coil made by Advanced Vape Supply. SS316L 26/30 3mm ID 5 wrap at 0.39 ohms. I run my mod at 17 watts and can vape all day on one set of batteries. I get very little spitting.

I do turn the tank upside down after filling for a few minutes and that seems to stop the leaking completely as it only tries to leak when I first open the juice flow after re-filling. I suspect this is only me being paranoid after leaking a full 5 ml before I caught it. There is a very fine line between to much and not enough wick with this RTA. Once you figure that out it will give you many hours of happy vaping.


I use rayon as well and I totally agree with everything you say it tend to vape at fairly high wattage or temp which does account for spit back. Thanks for the kind words

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I use the Ammit 25 every day and think it is a great improvement over their first single coil (which was shelved after a few uses), My experiences with the Ammit 25 are a little different than yours. I haven’t had any leaking or spitback issues with mine, although I get more popping sounds and seems noisier, in a windstorm type way, than my other tanks. I also vape direct to lung, but don’t find the airflow restrictive at all. All the other RTA’s I use, I have the airflow wide open, this is the only one that I use at no more than half way open. The differences could be due to my vaping preferences. My coils end up around 0.5 ohm using SS316L single wire spaced, vape at 18 watts and 65 PG with a 510 tip.


Well done @woftam.
You mean that YOU actually used a single coil device?!? :rofl:
Seriously though, a very well written review Brother


Really nice writeup bro. Maybe a smaller ID on the coil would prevent you from the most of the lava flow you are experiencing right now.


Nice review, dude!


Ya i don’t think that would help a whole lot - but less juice on the coils after install is the way to go.

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Thank you my dear :+1::hugs:


Really well written review @woftam I got the 22mm version and really appreciate the info on the 25mm, really helps in making an informed decision :+1: