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Amoretti Flavorings


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I appreciate that, PV, I feel that you are one of the good ones as well. I dont have much of a filter which i am told can be embarrassing in public places but at least i dont have to go shopping with the wife anymore…

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If you ever change your mind, we will be there. :smiley:



We’d slow down for ya. :wink: Unless a duck shows up…then all bets are off and madness ensues.



yup…that cookie dough and that toffee both sound nice! the only cookie dough i’ve seen was that company ‘get suckered’…and i bought some. the mixes are almost ready, so i’ll report on them then.
Amoretti has been very generous to us, as i noticed the 2oz botlles are over $20. that 4oz bottle musta been $40. very generous indeed. the pina colada i mixed at 10% was very scrumptious to the taste. this company is on to something!

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I mixed my Amoretti samples yesterday. When I got to the Ginger I knew something wasn’t right. There seems to be a breakdown in Quality Control here. The bottle is labelled WS (water soluble), but it definitely oil based. These type of mistakes can be hazardous to vapers. A inexperienced mixer just might vape this. I think @DarthVapor had a similar experience with a sample he received.

The 2nd bottle from the right is the Ginger. It’s in a clear bottle like the rest, but it’s so thick that it coats the bottle.

This photo is a few drops in water. You can see the oil floating on top and it doesn’t dissolve.

This photo is a 10% dilution in pg… oil on top also.



good reporting, PV…Amoretti should be grateful for experienced mixers!
now we wait for a response from @amovapeteam…(fingers strumming)



Thank you for the input. I will have the correction fixed and a new version sent out…

Always free free to contact me if a flavor comes in the pastry application and not the vape application so i can correct it.

We are here to learn and get better for the vape community.



we understand that you guys are new to the vape industry and i am sure i speak for each of us when i say that we appreciate your participation here in the forums. other owners and reps have made their presence here in the forums and i would like to think that those owners and reps have/had/and still continue to learn from us here in the forum.



I am all for new products, especially quality natural flavours.
What concerns me reading through this thread is the couple of mix ups?
Surely if a flavour company is serious about entering the vaping DIY market then more care and research should be given before sending out testers?
As has been pointed out earlier, a less experienced or less observant DIY mixer got these flavours then the outcome could have been harmful for the tester involved?
It’s great that more companies are becoming active on these forums as the benifits to both parties will be 10 fold,
Looking forward to hearing more reviews.



Follow up notes on Sweet Potato, Elderberry, and Cherry Blossom. 10 day steep, no nic.

Sweet Potato 8%: It’s very close to buttery roasted sweet potatoes, creamy texture and mouthfeel. It hasn’t strengthened much in the 10 days it’s steeped, so any bakeries will need to be delicate or the sweet potato could be easily over powered. An excellent representation of sweet potato, and this will be on my theorycrafting table for quite awhile. Overall rating 8/10. Would be 10/10 if it were a bit more potent.

Elderberry 7%: The medicinal notes I got from it fresh are all gone, and the elderberry is good. At 7% I get a bit of a grape juice concentrate taste to it, as it’s a bit syrupy. Overall it’s very good, but I’m not sure yet how versatile it will be in mixes. Strong potential for a syrup over ice cream, or as a an additive to bakeries to give an alternative to maple syrup. Overall rating 7/10. The syrup tones may make this harder to use in some instances, but it has promise.

Cherry Blossom 7%: Still a bit of those dirty earth tones. The cherry blossom bit is easier to taste, but that TFA Black Tea dirt taste is still present. Needs more time. 5/10 The cherry blossom notes are quite nice, but the earthy dirt taste is overpowering so far.

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Almost 3 weeks in to our first steep test

Sweet Potato 8%: It’s more or less the same, but a bit stronger than I recall than before. I’ll be trying my first bakery recipe officially in the next week. This is probably just one of those flavors that needs a full steep to really come out. Standalone this is 10/10 for me now.

Elderberry 7%: Something happened between 10 days and 20. The syrup notes have faded and what’s left is an absolutely gorgeous Elderberry flavor. Tart, dark, sweet elderberry. Still the tiniest backnote of thick sweetness, but much less syrupy than before. Another long steeper, but it opens up this flavor to a wide range of possible applications with florals, dark berries, and bakeries. Standalone it’s 9/10 for sure

Cherry Blossom 7%: The earth/dirt notes are much less prevalent, though still there. I would probably still favor TFA Cherry Blossom over this one, but it’s nice and could be a good addition to TFA Cherry Blossom with perhaps hibiscus or something similar. Standalone 6/10



That being said, I’d be interested in trying more of these flavors, however I’m uncertain that for the price point vs potency I’ll be able to pursue these flavors with any regularity



Ive never had one but i would like to, im interested in the flavoring.

That is where i am at too, i love the flavorings i got but i agree with you on the price point vs potency.



Same here… It really take a ton of flavor for me to have a satisfying vape. I mixed my samples at 10% based on a weak finger taste test. Even at 10% they were still weak to me. Flavorah prices at Cap, TPA, FW strengths is not a good value. If they could get the concentration down to 3-5% single flavor, I probably could go for them at their asking price.



The potency and price is what needs more work. The taste of the flavoring is good some much better than others, I have enjoyed their Natural speculoos cookie but I don’t think I could honestly afford to keep it in a daily rotation for that main reason potency n price.

However the Elderberry sounds really lovely ! I like what TFA’s is like after a long steep and you only need 1% or less very potent.



i will be posting my review on my flavors in the next few days…i cant right now, i’m headed outta town, but i wanna say this right now: The guanabana is absolutely SUPERB!!!
more to come…



I also want you to post your thoughts on the Duomei thread when you do something with those flavors :smile:



The elderberry is astoundingly nice. I initially thought it would be rather poor as it’s very syrupy and sort of medicinal fresh. But after 3 weeks it’s really come around. Very accurate to elderberry juice, I think it has a lot of potential.