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Amoretti Flavorings


ok…here goes a thing or two about a thing or two:
i mixed a 10ml tester of this at 10%…this stuff is good, like that strawberrry syrup you buy for ice cream kinda good. i didnt get the “wild” too much, but thats the good thing about opinions…at 10%, it was definitely strong, almost unnecessary strong, but not overwhelming. this would/will make a great SB booster to ANY SB recipe, because damn its good. i mean, who doesnt like SB syrup, right? not sure if i would use it as a front runnin SB, but damn sure would as a supporting flavor.
ya know, i think we went over this one, but i’m not totally sure. matta-fack, i dont totally remember this one, and its not that i dont remember, its that i really just wanna get to the last flavor. Nat B-Day cake is good, fam…especially in light of FW yellow cakes newest and latest disclosure. you need a new cake? try this one on for size…it’lll fill the void and its pretty fuckin tasty to boot. hnestly dont remember the percentages, though. on that note, on to the ENCORE!!!
ok, um, uh…ah geez, how do i start?
lemme preface by explaining what i tried:
i mixed a 10ml sampler at 10% and i made a recipe containing 7%. the sampler was probably a bit strong at 10%…probably shoulda been a bit less, but i dont wanna get into that right now.
my recipe, which had the 7% guanabana, was probably a tad bit weak, 8% woulda probably been better. but it was yummy, unbelievably yummy, even…hell, it was fucking DELICIOUS! the guanabana, which is a fruit and flavor completely unknown to me, was awesome. it was a type of fruity that i am not familiar with, maybe similar to cherimoya, but having an almost banana like finish…it was/is superb! definitely one of the most delicious tastes that my mouth has ever experienced! i love this stuff! i HIGHLY recommend it! i STRONGLY urge you people to get this in your life! i mixed 2 more 30ml bottles tonight, with varying ingredients and this time, 8% guanabana. i dont even care about the degree of concentrate that this flavor is…it is what it is, but i want more! LOTS MORE!!! do i make myself clear?? get it!
ok, i’m done…next post now, for the lovely @Amy2

EDIT: i do like my flavors to stand out…aka STRONG, so some people might be able to get by with less percentages…



duomei flavors:
finally found some time tonight, so i mixed a few…DAMN these things are strong! wow…
i made 15ml recipes of 6 of the flavors i have, 7 if you count the one i was able to make a few days ago.
i mixed the winter melon a few days ago…at 3.5%…mighta been a bit strong, but i like strong, so…
and i also mixed tonight the following:
paw paw
soursop, which i found out is another name for guanabana
and i mixed one other…Jenny called it avocado, but it smells like some form of pear, maybe asian pear of some sort. i mixed each of those at 2.5% along with a few supporting flavors to guide them in. i will post some kind of review in a few weeks when they are ready and have been vaped.
thanks for turning me on to them!!!

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Sweet and thank you for your reviews I will BOLO for your recipes as only a handful of us have them ( Duomei) and as far as Amoretti I agree the wild SB is great flavor and i’ve used it as a booster it does great but I just haven’t been able to get the wild to come out of it. Now I am intrigued w/ Guanabana and I will have to remember to use the Natural BD cake as sub for yellow cake it’s a good flavor as well I misunderstood the purpose of the flavor originally I thought it was intended on being a yellow cake w/ buttercream icing no no it is not ! Good food for thought !

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Amoretti Pina Colada will be ready in a few more days…i mixed it stand alone at 10% and i can already tell that it will be amazing! Amoretti really knows their flavors…this i already know. they could work on their potency and their prices, but for now, it is what it is. but KNOW this: their flavors are good…REAL good!
when i have a bit more time, i will scour their site in search of the next little gold nugget!

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you’ll hafta forgive the fact that most of my recipes are private, but i am close to going completely public…
if you tell me which flavors you wanna see in recipes, i can jump over and publicize them for you.

EDIT: you can say all of them if’n ya want to

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Take your time when you find the one you want to post with Duomei do it or you can always PM I’ll try it and keep it on the DL promise !

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i’m currently looking a bit through the Amoretti site and there are several flavors piquing my interest…for instance mango, heavy cream, caramel 100 fold, mimosa, oatmeal cookie…just to name a few…
just might hafta do a bit of shoppin sometime soon…:slight_smile:

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Heavy cream OMG yes that sounds right up my alley !!! I really don’t care for mango Idk y it’s just a flavor that I use for support/ mixer.



The fact that I have yet to find a good mango makes me hopeful for theirs



this is true very good point friend ! we are always looking aren’t we !



They describe their heavy cream as “distinctively, thick, sweet flavor of heavy cream” yu-mee!



mmh hmm now I’m wanting it ! I’ll have to add it to my growing list ! Wow that sounds good.

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Now if Amoretti could be added to the flavor list for recipes. Can someone make this happen?



It will be added when people add them to recipes. Just make sure you type it as Flavor Name (Amoretti) e.g. Natural Birthday Cake (Amoretti) or Guanabana (Amoretti)



I added my Orange Blossom (Amoretti) couple weeks ago.
Fyi; it is very potent. I use at <1% in mixes. Anything more and its like eating a mouth full of flowers lol



So I have a question for @amovapeteam:
Any way of supplying us with a complete list of your W.S. extracts? To make it easier to shop…searching your site for W.S. extracts can be frustrating.
I’ve tried typing in W.S. in your search bar, but a lot of your water soluble aren’t marked as W.S. on the site.

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I will work on getting you something ASAP



i received a rather comprehensive list of water soluble flavors from our Amoretti rep yesterday. it has a few duplicates and the list only reflects larger bottles.i have been reassured that 2 oz bottles will be available. i intend to clean up the list given to me and repost it here for forum members to peruse. i have enjoyed their flavors so far and plan to order several more to test out and review here on the forum. the rep, Terrence, has proven to be helpful and enthusiastic, so if anyone has questions, he’s the guy…his handle is @amovapeteam



Anyone looking to get rid of their Natural Birthday Cake? Also, is your VG style thick? Im quite certain that it is not PG based, acts as VG does when using a pipette.

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All i have is orange blossom, never tried the birthday cake one