An honest opinion?

Let me start with, I am not affiliated with, or in any way associated with the website/ store I am about to mention. And if this topic is not kosher as per forum rules, then will one of the mods please remove it. Thank you.

Now to my question, with a preface. I have been reading up here, and other places trying to get the skinny on what to; and not to buy, pertaining to DIY ejuice. But I have for the last several days been focusing on the information I have found here. I have asked a few questions, and read MANY post by others concerning flavors, mixes, and technics.

I have also been reading recipies, and comments and ratings for said recipies.

My first 2 DIY purchases were based solely on 2 recipies that I found here, and that me and my wife thought might interest us. I looked at the recipies contents, and then tried to gather more info on exactly what brands or makers of flavors I should try to attain. I then found the best deals I could find on the internet.

I just found a website, and started looking through their flavorings. They carry most of the flavors of the brands that I have already bought, but do NOT seem to carry or stock all of the various flavors, from all those different makers. In other words, they are selective in what they sell. Now about this I could be dead wrong, but I went through their flavor list by companies, and found that almost every flavor I have bought to date, with the exception of 2 brands that they do not carry, I have already purchased. Making me feel confident and good about the choices I made, and those purchase were based on the information I have gotten here.

My question is this, and it is more a request. Would a couple of you old hands, go and peruse their stock of flavors, and tell me if I am wrong, that they have already done the hard work of sorting out the really great flavors, and that they sell mainly those flavors worth buying.

I know that flavor is subjective, and that there will be varying opinions, but I have already recieved what I believe great opinions and suggestions from some of the people here, because as I said, almost every flavor decision I have already made, they have, and that reflects on the lot of you more than anything.

If so, then I may have just found my store for my flavorings and other supplies.

I guess in short, what I am trying to say, is I trust ya’ll ( my Texas shinin through ) and your opinions really matter to me.

This post is in no way meant to disparage other vendors or dealers here, but if these people have already sorted the really great flavors, it would be a huge help to me, and any other newbies that might drop by.

This is the store front in question.

Thanks for your time and efforts,
A Noobie Mixer

Sorry, one last note, they also have EVERY flavor that is on my short list of things I still need, again; based on info from here, except a couple by makers they do not carry.


CHV is an excellent vendor and if there is something that they do not stock and you are interested in just shoot them a message from here and ask if it is possible. They plan on adding more INW and FA flavorings and are working on stocking a highly recommended brand of nic, sorry i am not at liberty to give the name of the nic company but i am sure they will announce it soon.

CHV is very approachable and involved in the community, i suggest them without reservation. They have a coupon code around here too use ELRECIPES for 10% off. I have yet to place an order with them as i lost my wishlist but i have read dozens of posts about their services and all of them were positive. I have also chatted with them many many times and they are very good people. Ill be placing a large order as soon as i get back from vacation.

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Thanks for the reply and the info. And it is the fact that they DO NOT carry every flavor that got my attention. They seem to have already gone through and weeded out flavors that may not work too well.

In short, they are selective in what they sell, which is very attractive to a newbie like me. If they have already gone through, selected the best, and then only sell those, it makes puchasing flavors as a newbie a lot less daunting. :wink:

And thanks a ton for that discount code, as I know where I am making my next purchases, they seem to have all the flavors on my short list of things I must have.


I agree, i cant tell you how many flavorings i have that will never get used. Not because they suck or anything but they are just outside my taste preferences.When i first got into this i went a bit crazy especially after i found the wholesale account at TPA. I have at least 50 4oz bottles of flavorings that have never been opened. I got my nephew into mixing and they will go to him for his birthday this year.

But like i mentioned dont hesitate to place requests with @CatHouseVapor either they will or wont but they are definitely approachable and willing to work with us.

If you have any flavor specific questions feel free to ask in the forums, so many of us have used the different flavorings and may be able to help, especially @Amy2, i think she has tried ALL THE THINGS, hehe.


@Noobie_Mixer Thank you for the great comments; we really appreciate it and hope you’re happy with us. @Ken_O_Where is right (thanks Ken_O_Where for the mention), we can stock any flavor you need and you Noobie_Mixer, we do try to stock those flavors specifically mentioned the most (at the moment). We will be adding more and more flavors as we grow.

We have been busy, and hope to add the Nicotine onsite soon as well as more INW. Our next 2 INW flavors are currently a big discussion within our office so if you’d like to jump in, please do so. What INW flavors are high on your list?

As for FA, these are the flavors we just ordered:

  • Caramel
  • Cream Fresh
  • MTS Vape Wizard
  • Red Touch (Strawberry)
  • Vienna Cream

Oh I want some Bulberry FA please !!! The INW Biscuit has been super diverse used it in a bakery then used it with some creams then tried it with nuts. Will try it with fruit next. I’ve been using it around 0.5-2% it will soften as it steeps usually around 1 day it is not a stern of a flavor after mixing and taking the cap off over night with my mix.
I’d like to check out the watermelon next by INW.

@Ken_O_Where lol I wish I had all flavors under the sun ! Well not all certainly Not maraschino cherry TFA ugh.


I still have nightmares…

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No problem, I meant what I said. I looked through all of your stock, flavors and HW, and thought “this is all the stuff I have and am going to buy”, And the list is short, and based on the info I have gathered here.

I am a newbie at this stuff, and not rich, so I have to make every nickel count. No sense in even saying “cent” anymore.

But I will be placing an order this weekend. Payday yoohooo , it wont be big, as I have to get some hardware too, Kanthal, a scale, and a couple of other ecig things, but I am sure your will be seeing plenty of me.

I was a 3 PAD smoker for 25 of the 40 + years I have smoked. I vape plenty as a result, that is the main reason I am looking at DIY juice. :smile:

EDIT : BTW, who could pass up on doing business at the “cathouse” anyway. Boy I am going to get into it deep with the ladies around here. :smiley:


Lol me too. Nasty nasty stuff. :weary:


Sorry Amy, I edited my post, and you had already commented, now it looks as though you may have been commenting to my edit, sorry …

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Little story about the name…back when I owned a couple of B&M stores, we had a customer come in constantly buying new flavors and his wife said his “flavor affair” was like going to the “cat house” because he was constantly chasing flavors, spending more time and money on the flavors than her. I thought it was a unique perspective of the hobby/habit so I named the business after it!


One thing for sure, it works … :blush:

Yes, FA Bilberry is on the list to be order, probably in another week or so.


Love the name story, fantastic! Billberry is now on my WL, ill place the full order as soon as i get back from vacation and now i have 2 months of vape budget to spend, sweeeeet.


Cute story. Make sense before I just thought you must love cats !


Yeah, I should probably tell the story more on our website.

Oh, just to give you a “heads up”, you can save an save an extra 10% off this weekend with the code: JULY4TH2015

That’s a total 20% regular prices.

Please allow a little extra delivery time though as I will be out of the office until Tuesday morning.


Thank you sir, and is that extra to the “ELRECIPES” ? :wink:

Nevermind and Thank you, will be ordering for sure.

Glad I started this thread


Oh, well then ill try and place the order for the majority of stuff tonight then. Thank you! I wont be back until next week so if i were to put a note on the order for a preferred ship out date would that be doable?

There is one other FA flavoring i am looking for and no one has it in stock. I believe it is called FA Joy, supposed to be a perfect funnel cake.


Sure, I can add FA Joy and Yes, I can delay shipping, just let me know when to ship it.


Ken boy oh boy keep me posted. Can you imagine a funnel cake with creamy CCI and DDL possibly 50/50 on those two. Omg i’m drooling.