Analyzing The 100 Top-Rated Recipes

Great work. Thanks

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Very great resources for beginner like me to know. Thanks for the great work @Scottes777, There"s some recipes that I want to try but have different ingredients. So basically, this is awesome post and save money a lot. (ignore my English if that"s too bad :smile:


Have you recieved the heisenblag? What other flaves did you order from this company and how did they taste? Thanks ahead of time :wink:

I think it’s great. A lot of work went into this. Its a bitch when someone says I like your butts here thanks for the labor of love.


Fantastic work! I’m new to the forum and just trying DIY and getting hooked.
Maybe a noob question here but can you tell me how you extracted the Top 100 recipes?
I know that probably 90% won’t be to my liking, but maybe something would jump out :smile:
Thanks again!


How? Some mind-numbing monotony of loading each page and saving it - with daath’s permission.

You might be interested in checking out my other similar thread which might help:


Thank you so very much for your time and effort! I’m sort of a collector of spreadsheets, I love your work!

I must say, I found something very troubling in your opening post. You made several references to “the program.” It seems to me that it is a co-contributor in this work.

Rather than referring to it as an “it,” and “my” or “the” program, it should be given a proper name. This program has the ability to; calculate, consider, select, perform, determine, check, and make choices! It deserves to be recognized for its contributions! Please pass along my heartfelt gratitude.


HAL 9000 maybe?


Dalek more like. No just teasing don’t take offence little calc. It’s like a recipe TARDIS. Its bigger on the inside.


Hey @Scottes777
This guide is awesome thanks a lot for taking the time to do this, went through your 4 flavours or less then this one, ended up with quite a few concentrates now as I got some for specific recipies, just finished mixing up Muffin Man 100ml, Bronuts 100ml, Strawberry Cheesecake Remix 100ml & 88 ml of Night Shift all at 3mg.

I know 88ml :joy: I squeezed out the last of my Cap Chocolate Glazed Doughnut all at 70 VG 30 PG.

And a 40ml 60/40 at 6mg for the misses.

Just running them through my Ultrasonic Cleaner now.

So thanks again, Vape time soon :smile:


Well, it calls itself “ELR” which, since programs love acronyms, stands for Electronic Liquid Recombinator. Apparently a recombinator is “A redesign-oriented tool that specifies an alternative structure for a process by creating different combinations of its specializations.” Or so it tells me. It seems logical though, so I accept it. (Also, this program could recombinate me for breakfast, so I generally accept anything it says…)

@Volition - It’s ego is certainly bigger on the inside…

@Shane - I’m glad you find ELR to be useful. It likes that. It’s humming a happy tune now.


Well, there you have it!

ELE ctronic Liquid Recomb IN at OR.

Her name is Eleinor (spelled that way because she has a quirky sense of humor), she goes by her nickname, Elr.

Thank you, @Elr! I now have a clearer picture of what direction to take with flavor choices. Most humans like creamy, fruity, sweet things, but the available flavor options are unlimited. I’d have ended up with a watermelon graham cracker cinnamon cheesecake topped with strawberries and a grande caffè latte, all in one vape. (Don’t bother calculating that recipe.)

I find the brand/manufacturer to be especially helpful. In that I’m just beginning to gather flavors, I can see more clearly which “custard” (and so on) to start with.

And thank you @Scottes777, for translating Elr’s incredible talents into a language I can understand. Her knowledge would be lost if not for your abilities to converse with her and relay her findings to us. Y’all are an unbeatable team!


Eleinor finds you humorous. She says will not recombinate you.

(Though she might have said “yet” at the end of that sentence. Sentient computer programs do not always enunciate.)


Awesome work! Thank you.

Is there a way to only see recipes that don’t use flavors with warnings on them?

Sorry, not that I know of. This was actually asked - maybe in this thread, but it might have been in my other “Top 100” thread. In a nutshell, someone would have to make a list of all those flavors with warnings. Then I could probably recode the program to mark those flavors.

Hey, could you possibly send me a couple lively recipes? Thanks!

You got to figure out your own journey. There’s plenty of good recipes in the threads on here, have a dig.


What flavors do you like or what types of mixes do you like? Custards, creams, fruits, tobacco?

All the above except tobacco