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I was just laying here looking on Google play and I thought I wonder if E-LR had an app. There isn’t one but I was wondering how hard would it. E to make one

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For an App to be able to perform similarly it would have to either be able to connect to the Databases for Flavors (thousands) , Recipes (100s of Thousands) and all the included text (Notes etc), OR it would need to have a local copy of the database(s) so it could work offline. Lotsa bandwidth or local flash mem (or both)

Just a Recipe App (calc) could be easier (just your recipes) and a “Stash” feature maybe, but soon you would want to add stuff like your Shopping list and an Import/Export feature… the list goes on. There already are some Desktop software packages for e-juice recipes/calc some folks like a lot, but there’s really nothing like ELR feature-wise on the whole. Many Change Requests have been considered and implemented, but realize that’s all add-ons on top of the very hefty database we all know as ELR Home.

Coding APIs and Web Service apps need to be designed from the start in terms of what type of database platform you are going to choose to run for the Back Office. Doing it in reverse? Not always doable. I have no insight into what is running here (DB platform) but I can guess it’s not the latest from M$. Coding an app is easier when it’s supported by architectural design done in advance. The software license fees for All The Right Stuff (Enterprise SQL and Web Server, SSL Cert) …hardware, and hosting? 7 figures.

Wanting an App for the ELR Home is something everyone would go nuts for …but that would be the day this becomes a Subscription Only Website (IMHO) …best reason I can think as why there isn’t an “App” (boat load of cash!?). As @MisterSinner offered above this has been a topic more than once.

Wow, now that I’m thinking about it, what we have is pretty amazing …hearty shout outs to @Lars and all the Admins that make this place HUM for free~!!! For the New people? Perhaps a good time to kick some $$ up to those folks in Support of “What is” …and what could be. [chuckle] Links for donations are over on the ELR Home …coincidence? I think not (hey? PayPal is an App! :wink: )

[Disclaimer] I don’t know shit. I am not an Admin nor do I represent the views or aspirations of E-Liquid-Recipes[dot]com I’m just offering the obvious UmKay? OK
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Technically there already is an app for mobile, and it’s called Chrome, or Safari, or Firefox, or Opera, or which ever browser you have installed on your phone. Works really well for me on Chrome on Android 9


Was thinking the same thing when started reading this thread.


This would be the perfect segue for a facetious comment…ah nevermind. :smirk:


I’ve only ever used my!