Any Love For Atmos Lab Flavourings On Here?

I am a big fan of Greek flavour manufacturer Atmoslab flavours, they do a decent range of tobacco’s, fruits, drinks and cream flavours.

The dozen or so flavours I have tried give a realistic finished flavour and only require 4-7% in most cases.

Difficult to find much discussion on them and recipes that use them, which is a shame.

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I found there green apple was good but clouded mixes. The watermelon i was not a fan of and the blackberry was pure old lady perfume. Interested in flavors you have tried an like tho?

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I really like there Creme Brulee, I enjoy there lemonade flavour and if I fancy a strong aniseed the Ouzo concentrate doesn’t half hit the spot.

I have got about a dozen flavours, mainly fruit and creams from their range . Keep meaning to try some of there tobacco flavours, but not got round to it yet

Does anyone know of any USA or Canadian vendors that sell Atmos Labs?

I ordered mine directly from atmos labs and received them in about 2 weeks. I personally think there are much better flavors out there and that are available in the US. I had they’re cream, strawberry, biscuit, vanilla, blackberry, and chocolate. Ahh they were ok. I’ve tried a lot of different flavors and I would suggest bakers flavors/vapingzone, medicine flower, or IDE flavors if you haven’t tried those yet. Just my personal suggestion.

I have been looking at their flavours for a while now.
The only thing that stopped me ordering was the lack of online reviews?
I really fancy trying their Ouzo and 12 yr old whisky?

Thanks juice_junkie_lover.

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Those are the ones I’m most interested in too. I’ve been on a Whiskey/Bourbon kick for awhile now. (since I quit the real stuff). So far I’ve tried TFA Kentucky Bourbon,OSDIY Tennessee Whiskey,FA Whiskey, and Silver Cloud Estates Jack Daniels. I like them all. I’ve got some INW Aroma Whiskey aging at home right now.

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I have these:

Figue (Atmos Lab)
Honey Moon (Atmos Lab)
Lemonade (Atmos Lab)
Lemongrass - Atmos Lab
Lukumi (Atmos Lab)
Mint (Atmos Lab)
Rodi (Atmos Lab)
Tamarin (Atmos Lab)
tea peach - Atmos Lab
not tried them all yet, will do some testers over the weeknd and report back, I decided to take a gamble on them as i like the fact they’ve developed flavours i haven’t seen done properly elsewhere, hope to try the Lukumi (Greek name for what Anglophones call “Turkish delight”) later tonight, also curious about the Tamarin.
Definitely an interesting range, pricey in UK, weirdly worked out cheaper to get them sent from Poland
good service from e-dym!


Here’s what I would go with especially since you will be paying around that price after shipping to the US.

This is Baker’s Flavors available in the US

Another one that is very similar to Bakers Flavors but made in China. I forget the whole story but they are pretty much bakers flavors but are manufactured in China. Don’t quote me on it but if you feel the need to do the research you will understand. The best part about this one is if you are like me you will probably order something from Bullcity sooner or later :slight_smile:

And last but not least IDE flavors. Be prepared to wait at least a week to receive a package from IDE! It really sucks that I have even waited up to 2 weeks to get a package and then once I got it I was missing something. The flavors are great! The prices are on the higher side especially since what you order you never know if you are going to get it all or how long its going to take to get to you! Also the shipping prices are a little on the higher side considering all the above. I do, however, highly recommend white chocolate, strawberry, birthday cake, blackberry, and apple pie. The apple pie and the white chocolate are the best I have ever tasted! I’m a recovering addict as well (10+ years) and I know how it is to want to try 1 of everything! I have pretty big “lab” with a ton of flavors! The white chocolate reminds me of the starbucks smores drink in a glass bottle that you buy in stores. Its like a 16oz bottle that is cold. Check it out if you like white chocolate OMG you will be in love!

Cant wait to hear how these flavors worked out for you. I do love the fact that they are “clean” flavors!

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Thanks again jjl.

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I thought the cream(s) I have tried Kamiaki (Greek Vanilla Ice Cream) and the straight Cream base were excellent and the Creme Brulee was the best out the bottle concentrate version I have tried to date. They need a good 2-3 week steep before they begin to develop properly though I found.

The Lemonade is a clean and refreshing still lemonade vape full of flavour.

Ouzo is the one though, a real in your face aniseed flavour that gives a slight burn at the back of the throat, just like the real thing. Just means you don’t wake up with a headache if you have been on it all day unlike the real thing…


Good prices from the Polish Shop cheaper than I got from Vapemania in Romania

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Cheers, not only are they apparently [quote=“juice_junkie_lover, post:11, topic:55571, full:true”]
“clean” flavors
So far they actually taste clean too,
the fig is very moreish!

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Yes, I had to order a few from Romania (& UK) too, as not everything I wanted was at the Polish shop.

Truth be told,
all ordered at the same time, the goods from Romania & Poland arrived BEFORE the goods from U.K!

That is good info!
-on it.

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anyone here a fan of atoms labs? a greek liquid company. i couldn’t really find any discussion on the forum. i believe they are hard to get hold of in the states, and the uk vendor that sells it sent me an email recently saying something about hen changing flavour suppliers because of tpd regs, however they still have some of the atmos flavours listed and i bought some a few weeks ago.

their flavours are excellent, at least the ones i have tried. mastiha, vanilla, black vanilla, kaimaki, fig, jasmine. very strong and rich flavours.

anyone else a fan of atoms labs, and have any suggestions for other flavours i should try and get?

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@JoJo a merge with this thread perhaps?


sorry, not sure how i didn’t find that one…

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i live in greece, so i know these flavors etc… they were the most common here when i started vaping and i have used some… though i stopped using because they had a small variety in that time and the store i was started buying flavors was not selling any atmos lab products at all, now atmos lab has a nice variety in flavors, well concentrated but i just got used with using TPA/CAP/FA etc… :slight_smile: .

the ones i like are:
biskoto (biscuit)
apache (tobacco Flavor)
Kapnos (Tobacco flavor)
chocolate elegance
the mint is nice too :slight_smile:
and i have tried the ry69 (tobacco flavor) that i didn’t liked it at all…

as far i know Atmos Lab didn’t asked for Tpd in england (Companies pay for every country they sell products seperately) though you can find them in their official site or Greek sites mostly i guess (most of them have translation in english too)