Anybody Deep Water Vaping?

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I like building and vaping below .10 ohm. Does anybody else like Deep Water vaping? Since the onset of Ti, Ni200 and TC mods, it’s now safe to vape below .10 ohm. You get a warm dense flavorful vape. I’m just curious if anyone else like vaping this way.

Had a quad coil setup once. 26g A1 load was .08

This was way before TC and that stuff came out.

Man that shit was hot.

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That’s the beauty of TC… you can control the heat. I like my vape warm to hot anyway. Most times I’m on the the high end of the temp setting anyway.

I don’t think many people vape that low… but I love it.

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i know i should know by now…but could you please give me the basic formula for creating these deep water coils? you know, what gauges, wraps, parallels, whatever…whats the basic formula?
i’ll be honest, i struggle with the math of it all, lol…

and of couse you know i’m doing claptons now

This is a basic tool for working out wraps and ohms etc.

Whenever I’m making for example fused claptons.

I use choose my wire type from the drop down menu in the coil wrapping section

Then choose parallel instead of round wire.

2 strands.

Then the ohms I wish to achieve.

Then the diameter of my driver.

And it will read like this.

24gNm80 parallel 2 strands
5 wraps per coil.


When making wrapped wire the wrapper has little impact on the resistance of the coil.

So your resistance will generally be the core wire resistance.


so i could probably stand to learn a few things by playing with steam engine whether i’m actually going to build something or not? just punch in some numbers and see what kinda output it gives me? guess i never thought about that…

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tell ya what…i’ve made it a point to study the steam engine the next coupla days…between 2 kids and a GF ive recently found out hates vaping (“thats ALL you talk about!”), i’ll get in some good study lessons, ima quick learner, remember, lol?
anything in particular i should pay attention to on the steam engine?? as always: thanks for your help!

You can adjust the wattage to see what heat the coil will fire best at.

Anything between heat flux 150-330mW/mm2 will be ok to vape.

I like using this to work out fused Clapton builds and staggered fused Clapton builds.

Any parallel builds can’t really be inputed unless you’re using 28g fused with 28g parallel for example.

The fused Clapton I created last night out of the 24gNm80 I used steam engine to work out that at .1ohm it would need to be 6 wraps per coil and at 0.08 would need to be 4 wraps so I ended up doing 5 wraps for 0.09.

You can enter the wattage to calculate the heat flux if you’re using a regulated mod, I like putting these kind of builds on my Mech at the moment.

0.09ohms was hitting around 50A on my mech last night on a single 25R 18650 and it was handling it like a champ.

Granted about 4 minutes of vape time as it was kicking about 200w to the coil lol.

But yeah just play around.

Once you start building more you’ll soon forget about trying to work it out in steam engine.

I just wanted to be able to use mine as I don’t often build with 24gNm80 so I wanted to make sure the 5 wraps I had planned wouldn’t be rediculously low (like 0.08ohms isn’t rediculous lol)


The simplest way is to build a dual titanium spaced wrapped build 4 to 5 wraps 2 to 3mm id. The more the wraps you use the thicker your wire gauge should be.

i’m just getting home for the night, whew…
i’m getting ready to head over to steam now…i’ve heard several people refer to the heat flux before…i’m guessing i should pay attention to that…
i visited steam once before and i remember getting confused on whether certain values pertained to single or dual coil…i still do…when people say a certain ohm value, i immediately start wondering whether i’m supposed to halve it, double it, whether there is a recognized consensus of values that i’m unaware of…
THIS is my blind spot fellas…i need edjumacation, lol

Double the coils halves the total ohms. So if you want a 0.5 ohm dual coil, each single coil will need to be wrapped at 1.0 ohms. If you put dual (or quad or whatever) into the steam engine, set the resistance to what you want your total resistance to be. The part on the right will tell you the wraps and resistance needed for each coil. Make sure to get each coil as close to exactly the same as possible. The heat flux basically tells you how much power you need to get your coil(s) to a certain temperature. More coils or ‘thicker’ wire needs more power to heat up to a certain temp. I like mine pretty cool according to the calculator—about 220-250. Experience will let you know what you’re number is. :wink:


Couldn’t have said it any better.