Anybody Else Had Covid-19 Yet?

Without actually been tested, pretty sure I started showing symptoms Friday and after an uncomfortable weekend and feeling much better by this morning (Tuesday) I feel I am over the worst of it now and consider myself lucky to have been one of the 80% of the population that only suffer mild conditions from it, even though I am diabetic.

I have only been out once in the last 10 days for essentials bread and milk a week last Sunday (no home delivery slots, been available in the UK) but that was enough to catch it.

Although kept in seperate parts of the house from my wife since symptoms started showing (I knew straight away, you just know, something is different about yourself), I also have to deal with the guilt and worry that she may get it now, so a worrying 7 days for her.

Stay safe everyone and only go out if you really have to.


You might want to go get tested, so you both can stop or start worrying, bluenose… better safe than sorry…


There is no way to get tested here in the UK as a member of the general public at home, unless you get admitted to hospital with it or quite rightly a front line worker for the NHS etc You are expected to self isolate for 7 days, before being allowed to go out again (as per the restrictions), it’s just the way it is, unfortunately.

There are kits meant to becoming available, that will test whether you have had it or not, after the event, that can be bought over the counter or online at places like Amazon that have been ordered by the government in the coming days and weeks, which will be very useful. But initially and quite rightly the first 3.5 million kits ordered will be for frontline staff, to enable to test themselves and be able to return to work.

I’m no Doctor and can never be 100% sure, but It felt very different for 48-72 hours from any cold or virus I have experienced before, even though I would class the symptoms as mild, it does feel different from the flu or any other winter virus, that has been going around in the past.


Sorry to hear you’ve not been well bluenose :slightly_frowning_face: but glad you’re on the mend.

I am surprised at 7 days, here in Aus it is 14 days.

Thankyou for sharing your experience.


The advice is a bit confusing but my understanding is once you get it you isolate for 7 days and then you’re free to go about your business, within the restrictions everybody else abides by and hygiene practices after that. It is the other people in the household, who haven’t had it yet that need to isolate for 14 days after somebody within the household gets it iyswim

This is our government advice, in the UK, obviously you follow your own guidelines issued by your governments for the country where you live

UK Gov Isolation Rules


Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Looks like we are doing it differently :laughing:
14 days if confirmed or suspected.

I just found that interesting :slightly_smiling_face:


… scientists could not grow viruses from throat swabs or sputum specimens after day 8 of illness from people who had mild infections. … “Based on the present findings, early discharge with ensuing home isolation could be chosen for patients who are beyond day 10 of symptoms with less than 100,000 viral RNA copies per ml of sputum” … Viral shedding dropped after day 5 in all but two of the patients, who had more serious illness. The two, who developed early signs of pneumonia, continued to shed high levels of virus from the throat until about day 10 or 11. …


I suppose when you look at it ,I probably had the virus up to a week before I developed and showed the symptoms of it and then with the 7 days period of having it, it would count as 14 days iyswim.

I understand what they’re saying but it can be confusing as it can come across as 7 days, but you do need to factor in I was carrying it prior to the symptoms showing, unknowingly, which isn’t shown in the graph, but if I was the second person in the household to catch it, it does account for that incubation period…


That makes sense :+1:

Some reference has been made to losing sense of smell - did that happen to you?


Interesting reading - thanks Raven :slightly_smiling_face:

I like this bit:

The study also noted that people who are infected begin to develop antibodies to the virus quickly, typically within six to 12 days. The rapid rise of antibodies may explain why about 80% of people infected with the virus do not develop severe disease.


I had the main 2 symptoms they told you too look out for plus 2 others

Dry Cough fits (no phlegm at all) mine were in spurts usually 1 to 2 hours in length spread over the 48 hours.
A hot to the touch chest and small of back. (these were hotter than my forehead)

A couple of other symptoms I had but not necessarily common to everyone
Bouts of tiredness (no bad thing, sleeping helped a lot with coping with it) I felt
Sore eyes (if you have ever suffered with hay fever) that sort of stinging gritty eyes, but there 24/7 before and during it. Very difficult not to touch your face, when they are so sore

Everybody is different, and what I have experienced will be different for others possibly. I haven’t had a test, but I am as confident as can be that it was Covid-19 from the government guidelines and now need to worry about having passed it onto my wife for the next 10-14 days


I appreciate you sharing bluenose and I hope your wife stays well :crossed_fingers::hugs: to you both.


Oldest daughter probably has it now. She has a (fairly low grade) fever, flu-like feeling (aching, sore) - no real cough yet. Her friend had it (and her friend’s grandmother and father).

It’s likely just a matter of time when the rest of the family here gets it.

We don’t get tested in Denmark yet, unless symptoms get serious, so we won’t know for sure.


Godspeed and stay safe @bluenose63 .


Feeling a lot better now, if you saw me now, to how I was Saturday evening, you would see that for yourself.

So long as it isn’t one of those viruses that trick you into thinking it is over and then poleaxes you 24 hours later, pretty sure I am over and almost done with it now. Unless it comes back in the future and you can get reinfected.


Keep yourselves well, it is the fear of the unknown that is most frightening. But you can understand why the governments paint the worst picture, to keep everybody aware of it and follow the rules and not to let the disease get rampant amongst the most vulnerable people.


Exactly! Most of us shouldn’t be scared that we get it, because eventually we will get it. We just have to be careful not to infect those for whom it could be dangerous.


Glad you’re doing well @bluenose63

Just to clarify, in the Uk the advice is if you are showing symptoms you should self-isolate for 7 days. If you have been around someone who has symptoms you should self-isolate for 14 days. That is 7 days for the virus to manifest (as you are then infectious) and then 7 more days to have covid19 and recover.
It is a bit confusing but kind of makes sense when you think about it. I don’t think the media does a very good job of explaining properly, it just expects you to follow blindly.



Yeps it did seem odd last night but now I am working on some coffee here… lol.
Hope you and your family will pull thru this… Good thing it was just a light bit for you… Take it easy!


Can you do that where you are? You’d think that where I am with all these teaching universities and hospitals they’d give us some test kits for drive-throughs. They say it’s coming…I’ll believe it when I see it.