Anyone fimiliar with "LorAnn" water soluble flavors?

Looking for any helpful feedback from anyone familiar with LorAnn Oils " water soluble " flavors. Bulk Apothecary has such great prices on their line I’m tempted to purchase some.

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There may be some useful info in these:


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As for the warning list, we have a pretty updated one here:



Oh, you are good. :grinning:

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Of the 18 LorAnn flavors I found at the local cake shop most are flagged for one reason or another on the warning list and I was careful to avoid all the true oils the first time. The remaining few I’ve taste tested and marked for future use but overall found them less powerful then other makers and off the mark on a few. Chemical note that may fade in an actual mix but was prominent out of the bottle.
$4.98 for one ounce of LorAnn or you can spend a tad more and try Real Flavors as they are $5.98 for the on sale stuff and a dollar more regular price. Minus the 10% code. :slight_smile: Let me link the thread.

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Thanks so much for the information. I am only using TFA, Capella, Flavor Art, Flavor West and Hangsen . I kept getting pop-ups from a company called Bulk Apothecary so I created a account with them and several days later they sent me a code for 40% off my first order over $ 50 plus free shipping and thought that was to good of a deal to pass up if the stuff was any good. I think I will steer clear of them though , money saved isn’t money saved if you end up with garbage. I’m new to this site and vaping in general and cant get over how helpful and informative everyone is. Thanks again

John T.

Not as big a player but a company with good flavors is OOO. 400 plus count at my last look and they have some nice deals on sample packs for mixers just starting out. Combined with the 25% off code from ELR makes them a good deal in my book.
The needle style drip tips the bottles come with are excellent at not wasting fluid unlike the Capella bottles where I lose a drop for every drop dispensed.
Apply the code at checkout and watch 25% melt off your complete order.
Fair priced USPS shipping too.

I will check them out for sure. Thanks again

John T.

i tried lorAnn and i threw every bottle that i mixed their flavours taste like nothing as they say, for example apple doesnt taste like apple at all