Anyone Tried NETHC?

Nethc? Well it’s Naturally Extracted :slight_smile: Anyone tried this before? Looks interesting. If you’ve tried this was the 25ml considered the vapable liquid or used as a flavoring? How about using it with flavorings. I can imagine it might be very flavorful already (probably best vaped at home if it smells too) but I wonder how flavors might go. I could see tea and tobacco flavors/recipes working nicely. Or even fruits riding solo…


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I’ve done this to make extracts and syrups for food, but not vaping. I have a TON of tea and whole leaf tobacco that I’ll extract at some point. I’m assuming you’ve seen the much more complicated NET methods @Pro_Vapes and others are using now.

My thought are this is made to get you high. We want flavor. So I’d go with the coldest extraction methods possible. I believe some higher end extractions are made with purer and different solvents than ethanol. I’ve been curious about using optical grade hexane because it’s an excellent organic solvent that can be refined to leave extremely low, semiconductor grade residues. Expense stuff though. $100 a liter…main ingredient in gasoline too, but hey, ethanol is in there too.

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A cold method? Well one thing needed to produce THC is heat. Hence the heating in the oven prior to extraction. Then I also read that you need an alcohol or fat for the extraction as the THC molecules won’t be drawn out with water.

Honestly I’m mostly interested in what the final outcome is like using the method in the link I provided. I haven’t touched this stuff in many years but the recent elevation in my stress level has me thinking this might be just what I need…but I don’t want to smoke anything.

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There are straight up “dry herb” vaporizers, the best of which I know cost many hundreds. I do believe most of the active ingredients are more soluble in hexane, but again, complicated process. I’ve seen other people comment that it isn’t worth it for vaping on here, but I don’t know for sure what extractions were done. The thread was on TFA Mary Jane I believe. On phone or would try to link you.

just be sure that atty never goes to the airport with you. Finally, you may already know there are CBD vapes legally available…may not give the effect your looking for. Just letting you know in case. Can’t see any harm in trying the method you linked though. Many evaporate alcohol with a crock pot. . .I’ve done it on a gas stove to make woodruff extract, but I am nuttier than squirrel poop.

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The dry herb vaporizers definitely smell. What may make some difference to you immediately is that what is available now is so exceedingly potent, it’s a one hit and you’re done situation, for me anyway. I think I’m rather susceptible and also completely inexperienced until my medical conditions went nuclear a couple years back.

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I will just leave this here.


Yikes, WW is NOT my friend, but the method looks very, very…very interesting.


With a name like magic butter machine it has to work!

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actually i using the terpene mix recipe

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Neighbor says, “What kind of pizza you cookin in there?”

ehehe … Pot Heads “pizzaiolo” here :laughing:

anyway both are just a little slice of heaven.

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