Anyway to block users?

Seem’s i have upset a fellow user of ELR by giving all my own public recipes 5 stars :confused:

I was first accused by him of creating a second account to rate all my public recipes but when i pointed out that you can indeed rate your own recipes he went out of his way to find all my recipes and rate them 1 star.

I only made my recipes public last night and would have rather had constructive criticism than someone go hell bent down rating them all because of some sort of epeen vandetta he has. Is there some sort of ruling not to rate your own recipes that i am unaware of ?

The user in question is any help on how to block this user from sending me notifications and from viewing my recipes would be great.



Three minutes before you posted this i gave his account to @daath, the site owner, to take a look.


Good stuff Ken_O_Where i hope daath can resolve the matter.


Take a look now.

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And dont worry, the score will recalculate in a bit. Got some nice looking recipe there.

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Thankyou, still new to DIY eliquid and hoping to learn more from this very site but i do love my new hobby :slight_smile:


Already got some followers. :slight_smile:

We are always happy to help and we have a chat room on IRC. There are some great mixers here with a LOT of knowledge that they are willing to share so dont hesitate to ask questions.


Beep bop boop. It’s always magical here. The team is always good at fixing this kinda stuff


@Psy_Labs By all means you are welcome to rate your own mixes.
daath has created a phenomenal site that is light years beyond 99.99999% of any other.
That is just the tip of the iceberg here, he is also very tolerant and non-judgemental towards
the average person that wishes to become part of his family, and actually cares about folks
that wish to contribute to this forum. He is not similar to the many admins on so many social
media sites that have a controlling need to be a DICK-tator…if anything related, he is a
mashed-tater…as we say in the south USA. No, he is not a pussy, he will boot any troll
or pure idiot that ‘froths’ the tension of the family…in the blink of an eye, without apology,
like Maxwell’s Silver Hammer, and [I surely can speak for all] we have the utmost respect for him.
I want to add this, personally, and in respectful and loving terms. If I look at 5 star recipes,
and it shows ONLY the creator has rated it, I move on to the next recipe. It really means nothing to me.
Has nothing to do with good/not good…but it is not a rating with credentials. I don’t usually allow many of my recipes to go public, I am not a master mixer, but I would never rate my own…that would "infer’ it would/should hold the same value to others. I don’t have that insight [crystal ball] nor would I even begin to project that at others.I,personally, would rather put a recipe in front of the public, if it catches an eye or ear and they rate it, it would mean more to me. I may have as many trials/errors as any other mixer, in my case, for 7-8 months of diligent mixing and recipes, and some of mine may be winners in the vape world…yet never to be known…maybe simply because I didn’t like them, and I don’t need a ‘pat-on-the-back’ to feel comfortable as part of a group because I have 1,000,000 recipes. I am grateful for the many mixers that constantly mix and share, and awesome recipes have been major hits. I hope you don’t hear me as anything but simple reality, that is the world I dwell in [mostly, or attempt to, other than my ‘funny side’ that some despise], but simply put, the door on this site, that swings to allow you to rate your own recipes…also swings for others to rate your recipes. I wouldn’t worry, or take offense, or wad my panties in a knot, because someone had a diverse opinion and posted it. Act like a duck…swim around and don’t give a fuk…flap your arms and say quack quack…ignore them and don’t look back.


With that line of reasoning then your rating of any recipe should be dismissed, right? You are perfectly qualified to rate your own, and I think you should. Because as time goes by you learn more and more about what makes a 5 star mix in your opinion which, after all, is all your rating is anyway. Now I’m no master mixer either, but I do rate mine for a couple of reasons. One reason is it helps me separate what I consider good, bad and exceptional recipes. I have plenty of each. And while Joe Blow might not agree with my assessments, it does help me keep them organized. The other reason is when I rate one of mine a 5 star, then I’m telling the community I think they will like it. So hopefully that will prompt more people to try those recipes and offer constructive criticism. I’ve received a lot of helpful advise this way. Contrast that with a recent recipe I posted (I won’t name it) that I didn’t rate at all. I did this for a reason. I’m curious to see if anyone ever mixes or comments on it. So far…nothing. That’s not to say that not rating it is the reason, only that so far it seems that way.

But…to each his or her own. Not saying your method or thoughts are wrong at all, just sharing my point of view. I will add that I tend to try other folk’s recipes that have received ratings and comments. But life’s too short to stress that small stuff :slight_smile:


I have found that releasing your public recipes slowly over a couple of days or weeks tends to confuse and disarm the Downgrading Schmuck. Many recipes released all at the same time by one person draws their attention. Remember, Downgrading Schmucks are smaller brained individuals that are drawn to bright flashes of light and overactive squirrels.

Don’t feed the Schmucks! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


hahaa… you always make me giggle. Thanks for that! :slight_smile:

I do rate my own though. I only make public what I really like and
I think it’s important to know what the mixer thinks of any recipe he/she
makes public. I certainly appreciate all of those people that rate my recipes, but
MOST appreciate those that leave a comment about what they didn’t or did like
about them. :slight_smile:


Well, without the butt-hurt implied, I would think SIMPLY by releasing it [your recipe] to the public…versus
keeping it [your recipe] PRIVATE…would say enough on it’s own merit, and yours, that [you rated it 5 stars].
Maybe I misunderstand where you are coming from in your response, and I have no problem with anyone
discounting myself…or my opinion, I don’t need to know if anyone likes my stuff. If I release
anything, it’s not to see what response I get, I don’t need reassurance.[quote=“SthrnMixer, post:10, topic:58412”]
but I do rate mine for a couple of reasons. One reason is it helps me separate what I consider good, bad and exceptional recipes.
[/quote] What does rating yours ‘publicly’ have to do with how you separate what you think? Lost me. And how does it keep you ‘organized’? Please explain.
I guess it’s simply the difference in how the young generation conveys to others versus the way us old farts understand, but in REALITY it makes no sense. Please do elaborate. I am an engineer, not a scientist, but I will attempt to keep up with you.

@Kinnikinnick @Alisa
I agree with both of you.
All I am saying is…IF YOU RELEASE A RECIPE PUBLICLY…it speaks for itself
and says you deem it worthy for others approval/disapproval.
Then simply just let it ride and see what response comes forth.
Even though daath [god] made it possible to rate your own, what does it prove?
I really don’t care if anyone rates their mix, I just think it takes away from 'the system’
when anyone looks for a 5 star recipe. I would rather a [five star rating] could only be
published on here AFTER it had a minimum of 3 five star reviews, then it would have
it’s own merit, walk on it’s OWN legs so to speak. How many times has it been said
"taste is subjective" ? When this [great ELR] system allows anyone to rate their own at 5 stars,
without any feedback, I think it devalues what it was created for, and that is to promote
a good mix for others [especially the new mixers] to try, then evaluate at an honest level…
When someone new comes along, clicks the 5 star ratings, [not recognizing the one person
rating] and spends the little money they have to make them, and then phoohey ! mix they
experience…versus 10 people give it a 5 star…I give up, I am a realist. I don’t think I
am making myself clear. I don’t think [seriously] that any of us should be able to rate our own
above 4 stars to begin with, no matter how good you think you are…time has always sorted that out.
Maybe I am just too old to run with the crowd I am simply a realist, and not [nor ever] politically correct.

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That wouldn’t work if you read it carefully and think about it.

But!!! I have a solution, if @daath would care to implement it in his spare time (yeah, I know dear Lars… lol … luv ya).

What COULD work for everyone is, once a public recipe gets 3 Five star ratings, it gets a separate GREEN star… or something like that??? Whatcha think?


Yeah, Darlin’ I don’t have the answers. I just hope you understand my intention.
I don’t just reply to give my opinion, but my observations.
I live in a different ‘thought pattern’ world it seems, at least at times.
I don’t know who else to be…than me.
EVERYTHING around us needs to be carefully read.
And thank you, Lars, for tolerating some of us. [well, at least me…to this point]

Most hot-tracking media and trends leave the elderly behind in so many ways,
and so many are not computer literate. For the literate old farts, there seems to be
not only a bridge in reasoning, but in psychological patterns of thought.
Many steamed discussions have resulted in the differences, and should never
be the case, but are prevalent in social media online.

As us old farts die off, so does simple understandings of life. For a reference,
people used to sit on their porches, neighbors, and talk. They looked at each other
and read the body language [without knowing it] and knew what was said to be truths
or bullshit.
Now we congregate, online, in groups of the same trend or following, and become family…
and all goes well until we …get bent out of shape over the atty we use???
And disagree on which one is BEST ?
The greatest problem with online family, and there are some great, wonderful,incredible,superb,etc.
[wanna talk to me, turn on your camera, and we will chat]…how about that?
I don’t give a shit if you’re sitting in your underwear…

EDIT…If anyone is of the belief that myself, at 70+yrs of age, is too much to fit in with the 'crowd’
here, stand up and speak [loudly], and I will move my narrow ass along to another venue.
I will continue to use the wonderful eLiquid calculator and not bother anyone in offense.
You will never know I am here.

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There is only one copy of the recipe kept in the ELR database. It exists in both your private “My Recipes” area and is visible to the public if you share it. The same rating applies to both ways of viewing it. So if we rate a recipe to organize it in our “My Recipes” area everybody else sees the same rating. You can’t rate it a 5 star in your private area and 3 star or no rating for public.

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So, even if you don’t un-check private, it is public?
And…that doesn’t explain how that [organizes] it…for your personal data.

Only if you uncheck private.

I am fukn lost…I thought I said that…fuk me being old, I can’t compete.