Apple Sauce

It would seem my love of apple vapes is shared by many. With a ton of popular flavors today Apple seems to be pretty reoccurring but seems to stay shadowed by all the Strawberry blends out there.

I’m curious of some of everyone’s favorite apple recipes thus far in DIY. Anything Apples on this one, apple pies of course, vanilla apples, candy apples, caramel apples, spiced apples, apple creams, apple muffins, so many varieties of apples!

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Well i haven’t tried any appple recipes yet. I’ve always stayed twords the strawberry vapes. But just reading this has me curious. Thx.

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Haha see always left in the strawberry shadows … Well hidden behind the strawberry clouds

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Apple strawberry cloud lol :slight_smile:

I love Flavour Art Fuji. In a mix or by itself, it’s fantastic.

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Waiting on some now got picked up today but still haven’t received any ETA looking forward to it, FA cinnamon Ceylon as well for my cinnamon apple addiction haha

I should buy some of that. Heard very good things about it!

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Ha yes I’ve heard it hear first
@JoJo I believe suggested it to me

Correction, ETA is Monday so hopefully ill have my order Tuesday

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I too love the FA Fuji Apple! I believe it is the best apple out there! This is a very new recipe I came up with just the other day and it was good as a shake and vape but I am currently letting it steep to see what happens! I think it is fabulous!

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Creating an Apple pie is what started me diy-ing. I have to pick up fa Fuji soon when I feel better. I need to start working on again, sort of started Apple pie recipes and went off on many other tangents. I feel I’m really picky and want a specific result.


Your recipe says it’s marked as private

This is one I adapted from Mortenoe’s recipe and its light and tasty.

Orchard :

3% Fuji Apple (FA)
1% Pear (TPA)
2% Strawberry (Ripe) (TPA)
2% Whipped Cream (TPA)
1% White Peach (FA)

Flavor total: 9%
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I didn’t try apple recipe.

I agree Apple does seem to take the backseat when compared to SB vapes. Fuji Apple FA is my favorite as well I seen others say this as well. I like to use it around 2-2.5 % but it does get lost in certain flavor profiles so at times I need another apple flavor to boost the note. So typically I’ll use LA’s apple there is also a green apple LA that’s pretty good too.

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Sorry…I fixed it…should be good now!

I just got an order that included cinnamon Ceylon and I tried it right out of the bottle of concentrate. My opinion on flavors doesn’t really count well, but I’m telling you, it’s lovely or a lot better than the cinnamon I had anyway. It’s got a little fire to it. I’m a cinnamon toast addict in the morning (real food with real butter too), and I must buy the best cinnamon – Saigon. All the other types don’t cut it. For about a year, I was hooked on oatmeal, and **


brown sugar is much better than all the other brands**.


I was curious how many of you consume applesauce. I used to love it as a kid and recently bought some. Other than eating it straight as a snack, how do you use applesauce? Blended intoshakes? Mixed with other foods? I’m not asking if its healthy and this isn’t about IIFYM, just a simple question if you use it and how.

I use it in bakery items where you would use eggs since I am vegetarian I don’t eat eggs all that often. Otherwise I eat applesauce like you said as a snack . Too much will make you head to the bathroom and not for #1 :laughing: It is full of fiber so it is healthy however everything in moderation.


Yes def can add apple sauce to a number of things. Since its not a strong flavor its really helpful with consistency and moisture. Could always glaze some ham with it for the holiday dinners.
Also Great to spice up boring oatmeal w.o having to buy the little packets of preflavored stuff…
But yes still great as a snack as an adult

@Amy2 what’s the ratio for eggs to apple sauce?.. Cookies brownies anything bakery?

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I typically will google it depending on what I’m baking. I go here a lot although I was vegan for about 3-4 months I missed cheese way too much couldn’t do it for that main reason. But I did drop like 6 lbs over that time frame eating super clean. It certainly makes you create some interesting foods you wouldn’t rather consider an everyday meal. Like veggie lasagna that is made with zuccini and sweet potatoes was one I did it was awesome. I stick to a vegetarian diet and have for a few years now. My total cholesterol is super low.

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