Arctic Fox Firmware for Joyetech, Breathe new life into your old device

Look at this old beater:

Needs a paint job but for a cheap single 18650 its still hanging in, lets just say it has been around the block a fue times, also it is one of the fue mods that you can install aftermarket firmware:

You can rejuvenate your old Joyetech MOD with this fairly simple modification to your MODs operating system.

Device list:

eVic VTC Mini
eVic VTC Dual
eVic VTwo Mini
eVic VTwo
eVic AIO
eVic Basic
eVic Primo
eVic Primo 2.0
eVic Primo Mini
eVic Primo SE
Cuboid Mini
Cuboid 200
eGrip II
eGrip II Light
Elitar Pipe

iStick Pico 75W
iStick Pico 25
iStick Pico 21700
iStick Pico Mega 80W
iStick Pico Dual
iStick Pico RDTA
iStick iPower 80W
iStick TC100W
iStick TC200W
iStick QC 200W
iStick Tria
iKonn 220
iStick Pico S

Reuleaux RX75
Reuleaux RX mini
Reuleaux RX200
Reuleaux RX200S
Reuleaux RX2/3
Reuleaux RX GEN3
Reuleaux RX2 20700
Reuleaux RX2 21700
Reuleaux RX300
Predator 228
Presa TC75W
Presa TC100W
Sinuous P80
RX GEN3 Dual

VF Lite
VF Stout
VF Classic
BV Centurion
La Petite Box
VS Switchbox

If you have any of the above devices sitting in a storage bin somewhere, go grab it, download the following guide, and get your data cable.

There is an organization called NFE who has developed an entire new Operating system for Joyetech, Eleaf, Wismec and co-branded devices. The new firmware will give your old mod 8 fully customizable profiles, and 3 skins. More information is at their you can grab the PDF guide which has all the links and other firmware information.

This may not be news to everyone here, I posted it to give information to just those who have resisted this firmware, and have a device shown in the list above gathering dust.


Direct link to the guide


Arctic Fox 64X48 Logos for your new device:





Have fun :smile:


Arctic Fox made my RX300 actually somewhat usable, which says a lot about AF. Fun suite, lots of customization to doink around with. Highly recommend giving it a try too.


I inherited this aster from one of the kids. And it’s my go to traveler. I’m guessing I need a computer to use this firmware


yes… AF and a paint job will make it like a new MOD!

This is lovely @CosmicTruth! I’m thinking my old Evic Mini and Cuboid might like some Arctic Foxiness to bring their sexy back. Thanks a bunch!

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It’s worth the time, you can put the old firmware back on if you get to missing flappy bird :grinning:
You might find you need to run the settings a little lower in AF, Joyetech (and everyone) tends to degrade the readings and settings for safety, where AF attempts to zealously be as exact as possible. So in most every mod, if you want to run TC at 420F you need to crank them up to 425-440F but with AF start at 410 and work your way up.

I wish my Istick TC 100W had held on a little longer, I would have really liked the Arctic Fox on there. I loved having a parallel option as opposed to all the series mods I had back then. It would be neat to see Eleaf come out with a hearty new parallel. The button got crunchy after a while, and there was no fixing her.


I’ve never ordered from cigabuy but they have lots of the ‘old’ equipment fairly reasonable. They come up on vapecrawler all the time. It never bothered me to spend $500/month on ciggs, So when you can get a new Istick TC 100W for $23.00 I realize how cheap vaping can be.

I might go for the 200W version even tho I usually vape at 60W :smile:

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I finally switch over to arctic fox on my eleaf!