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Are quotes broken for anyone else?


Tried to use the Quote function a few times in the last few minutes (15-20?) and it highlights as normal, raises the quote prompt as normal, but does nothing upon clicking the Quote button.

I cleared the cache, retried, fail. Rebooted the phone after a “force stop” on Chrome, then clearing the cache again, and still no joy. =/

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dont work for me either, does what u said then doesnt ask

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Nope, not working for me.


It looks like it might have been fixed - I am currently upgrading (yet again).


cool, thks again!

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Much appreciated sir! :thumbsup:


ha i thought it was just my phone

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You’re supposed to be on holiday :frowning_woman:
We can copy and paste if this doesn’t work


He must’ve had a downtime during his “downtime”.

/hearing a dad’s voice:
You’ll go outside, and like it Mr.!! :rage:

Seriously though. If you’re supposed to be on vacation… This place can wait man! :bro-hugs::


I hadn’t left when I wrote/did that :slight_smile:

Well, now I am in Ubud, Bali :slight_smile: Can’t fall asleep, and you know I can’t stay away from you guys :smiley: Quote works for me, but it acting a bit strange sometimes… :stuck_out_tongue:

I will blow some clouds and think of you all tomorrow :smiley:


I keep getting messages that replies with quotes from old posts are being removed. Not sure if this is some type of maintenance thing - saving server space or whatever, but it seem to have potential to make threads a bit confusing for anyone reading them for the first time.


Same for me but it seems only if the entire post was quoted. As long as it was a partial quote like I did this one the system lets it stay.


@SthrnMixer @wvsanta
I did a full topic quote / link in another thread and it looks as if it is still there. No sure if that is the same as what you mentioned?


Seems you’re right, but it makes no sense to me. Why make something like this retroactive? Looks like a case of fixing it till it’s broke.