Are there any *good* chocolate vapes out there?

Yup… well, I have personally appreciated the excellent service and shipping. Jason has always responded to my questions in a timely manner as well. I have bought numerous flavors. Most are FW, but some are not. There are very few I have been unhappy with. Like the chocolates. But even though I LOVE chocolate, and have tried several retailer’s chocolate flavored juices, I have yet to find one I can really enjoy that’s just plain chocolate or milk chocolate.

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As much as I hate to say this I just don’t think there is such an animal out there. Hersey’s Kisses in a tank, I guess that’s wishful thinking. I will say these chocolate flavors do at least make wonderful accent flavor. I especially like FWs Milk chocolate, their caramel candy, and their peanut butter blended together. Hmm, Hmm, Good…


Cocoa and Chocolate together (from Flavour Art) make nice chocolatey vapes :smile:


Yeah, probably got to make one yourself. I want to come up with a nice cocoa flavor myself. Wonder if TPA has one. I have been wanting one…Just checked and they do have a natural Cocoa Essence they call it. On the wishlist now…

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Now that we have a actual Chocolate Topic (is that a funny) I have always thought as you do the chocolates need something. Always thought sweetness was part of it. And then there’s the creaminess. Perhaps we need to use this topic for Chocolate recipes.I have always thought that FWs Milk Chocolate seems very much like Hersey’s Chocolate Syrup. Seems to me it might not take too awfully much to make it taste like a Hersey Kiss. What about just some simple accents such as Sweet Cream and perhaps Marshmallow to sweeten and give it creaminess. What do you think?


I’m with you guys, how can Chocolate taste bad? But boy it sure can.
I have found an Almond/Chocolate/Coconut from Heartland Vapes that’s “ok” by itself but a little strong for me.
I have since added a little Bavarian Cream, it seemed to smooth it out and made the chocolate a little creamier. It’s pretty good, IMO.
If your looking for just straight chocolate you might try “Fudge Brownie” flavoring from same source. I’m still working on that for myself. It’s a little weak right now but good chocolate flavor.

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It is said that Marshmallow can produce that creamy mouth feel and at the same time sweeten the pot. I made up a recipe I want to try Kisses V1 - 0mg. It’s just a place to start. I’m actually hopeing others will want to join in and make adjustments and see if we can’t come up with something that tastes like Herseys Kisses. After all it is Valentine’s Day Tomorrow. Some Kisses for the Mrs/Mr…


A Year or so back I was really into the whole chocolate thing… I think I’m all “chocolated” out for now but I found that CAP double chocolate, FA chocolate, and FW Dutch chocolate are all good.
@ringling FA cocoa is tops and Hangsen had a nice cocoa too…
For new chocolates worth checking out you’d want to pick up Inawera Chocolate and Chocolate cream (their milk choc is not so good)
TPA milk choc used to be great for mixing and fwiw hangsens Austrian chocolate is very good if your looking for a bit of “nutty” hazel flavor…
The only Eliquid distributer chocolate that’s ok is Halos Belgian Coco but if you look there’s a clone recipe that is almost identical…


Actually want to shoot for a Kisses like Milk Chocolate. Unfortunately Flavour Arts and some of the others are too costly here in the US at wholesale. To buy Flavour Arts products I would have to buy if I remember correctly 500mls per flavor. I believe it was in the $90ish range per flavor. That’s too much for a small Vape Shop as mine. I did make one recipe today cause I had a couple of things to blend for the shop so I went ahead and made up my first version. Only did a hot bath for steeping but I doubt it would have been any closer if steeped with time.

Marshmallow 4%
Milk Chocolate 10%
Sweet Cream 2%


The Milk Chocolate is still that darker Hersey Syrup taste, Either Marshmallow or Sweet Cream added a flavor that’s not needed for this. I’m thinking I agree with Highwayman’s use of Barvarian cream. EM to sweeten and just may have to have cocoa as daath mentioned as long as it does not push the chocolate taste TO THE DARKSIDE, young skywalker. Maybe something like this

Milk Chocolate 8%
Bavarian Cream 2%
Cocoa Essence TPA 2%
EM 1%

What you guys think?


Hey Ringling, That looks like a pretty good recipe, Cocoa might bring out the Chocolate taste.
I like using the Bavarian C., doesn’t seem to change Chocolate flavor just gives that creamy texture.
Going to try adjusting my Fudge Brownie tomorrow. Think needs little more chocolate flavor.
Curious how yours does. I’ll keep an eye on your notes.

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Glad you concur, bad thing, I have no Cocoa. I’ll have to order from TPA to get the cocoa but cash flow will be better toward the end of next week. Anyone else that has what is needed, feel free to try it and let us all know. It will be at least 2 weeks before I can go any further. This a challenge people. This just might be a good thing to keep our blending skills sharp. When we solve this one we can choose another Are there any good ____ vapes out there and keep this thing going…

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Sounds like ECX - I think I read somewhere that RTSvapes sells smaller bulk-quantities!

Cocoa (FA) 6%? That’s a high! I’d try 0.5-1% first…

Flavour Art really goes a much longer way than TPA et al :smiley:

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I made one named it fat kid. It has several chocolates in it the main shine thru is a choc fudge brownie It is the best chocolate vape I’ve made to date. I am always in search of that elusive creaminess !
Forgot I made 2.0 which is dang good


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Tried FA cocoa & chocolate at low percentages - didnt work for me. Cap double choco - i dont like the aroma i get there, similar to whats in VCV campfire.

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FA Cocoa is described as a dark cocoa. I’m guessing this means it leans towards a dark chocolate taste. RTSVapes does sell smaller quantities in bulk however 250ml at $39.00ish is still a tad too much for my small little shop. I would consider 250ml only for flavors I would use a lot of. If I can not use 250ml of flavor in 6 months time then I have wasted any savings from a more concentrated flavor. That’s not all, They do not sell the FA Cocoa in bulk size anyway. The cocoa is $3.25 for 10ml plus shipping. I don’t know what they charge for shipping. Apparently Cocoa flavor is not cheap anywhere. Even TPA does not want to sell it in their normal bulk size price. 80ml for $16.00. Bad thing about TPA, the descriptions are not the best and there’s rarely reviews of the product. I have to place a TPA order this coming week and I’m gonna try the cocoa, even at that price. Hope it doesn’t lean toward a dark chocolate favor as well.

daath, I appreciate your input and suggestions. Honest truth if I resided in Europe you got me sold on Flavor Arts product. Just not feasible in my situation.

Also, as one person said in a thread here (Which I Agreed) “Get to know your favors”. I have never used Cocoa flavor and will have to get to know that flavor. Being I’ll be using TPA cocoa so I toned it down to 2%. I’m used to working with Flavor West product which some flavors are not as concentrated.


FA Cocoa differs from the rest of their line up b/c its not as concentrated and you must shake it vigorously because it’s seperates under normal conditions… It is a nice flavor and if you want to buy an OZ of it you can for $4.34 at ECX but if you want a really concentrated cocoa flavor then go with “jungle flavors” cocoa… Check them both out here:

One of the main things I learned with making chocolates is they need more time to steep then lighter flavors… Also Inawera has a great chocolate too…

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This is not directed toward anyone…just generally speaking. I, like most every new DIYer I’ve spoken with, was especially prone in the beginning to try and make something using higher quantities of targeted flavors without thinking about what makes certain flavors more balanced. For example, think of fruits. They are basically not sweet at all, and while clearly many are within the flavor profile of the targeted flavor, often are bitter or too tart…dare I say rather chemical tasting. I found over time that there are key ingredients for making most fruits taste better. You almost certainly need a sweetener in every mix. You could also use some type of vanilla or dairy component. A little experimenting and suddenly your fruit mixes start to taste more like your targeted flavor…sometimes with surprising, untargeted flavors popping out too.

I’m thinking chocolates are the same, although their supporting flavors are likely to differ some. Whereas custard is a wonderful complimentary flavor to fruits, I doubt it’s a likely candidate for most chocolates. What might be?

Well counting today, I have zero experience working with chocolate (exception, white chocolate) but feel that some flavors will just lend themselves to working well with chocolate. Things like sweet cream, vanilla swirl, marshmallow, whipped cream, dulce de leche, bavarian cream, cotton candy. Personally, I would think no more than 2% chocolate flavor to start with the balance (up to 23% or so) of supporting flavors would be a good starting point. Trying with 5ml batches. For example, what if you tried 2% milk chocolate, 8% bavarian cream, 2% vanilla cream and 5% cotton candy? Go from there. If the chocolate is too weak or not the right flavor, add another chocolate flavor that may compliment it like some bitter chocolate or dark chocolate.

I want to try these type mixes and they are next on my list, right after I finish with my venture into tobacco’s which isn’t going well anyway :blush:


Hi SthrnMixer; Thank you for your input. I too do not have a lot of experience with chocolate. I have had great success using chocolate with peanut butter and caramel blend but never tried a straight chocolate blend. I use FW’s Milk Chocolate and it’s not as concentrated as much as say FA or TPA. The successful blend I used 5% chocolate as a accent flavor. As a base flavor I thought I would try 8%. Most of you guys don’t use FW flavor so they would look high to you. I will say this is why I invite everyone to give this a try. I look forward to you finishing your tobacco project and give us a hand here…


ringling, I’m always willing to chime in…unsolicited or otherwise. Sure, once I get down to experimenting I’ll be sharing like a mofo. Right now I’m sitting here making my second batch of one of my originals I made a couple weeks ago for the first time. It was good right after mixing but really took on a new and more complex character the last couple of days. Suddenly…empty bottle! I would love you and everyone else to give my Baker Street a go and tell me what you think.

Ordering chocoholic supplies this week. Woo hoo!

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