Are you still on the fence about Ti Wire?

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I’ve noticed there has been an uptick in members use of Ti wire. I also see some still have reservations about using Ti wire. For those that made the switch can you tell a difference from what you used before? Also can your share your experience with Ti wire… Good and Bad.

It is the best vaping wire on the market and anybody that hasn’t tried it is missing out on much better flavor than what you you are currently getting. If you have reservations about switching, ask questions and I will do my best to inform of the advantages to using Ti. It’s hard for me to believe anyone would prefer Kanthal over Ti. The difference is like night and day. If you switch it will make all your old tanks and rdas brand new again.


I can tell you that I won’t be using my kanthal anymore - To me, titanium and SS wire is vastly superior to kanthal!


I keep trying to get the word out, yet a lot of vapers are still searching for great flavor using kanthal… It’s not going to happen. If they only knew.


I ordered some 2 days ago, YEAH!!! I can’t wait to drive this cube into TC control mode. :smiley:


I’m sure you will like it. What wire are you using now?

28g Kanthal. So I haven’t even used my Cube in TC mode and I really really hope that I find a ton of flavor when I build it for my TFV4. I am getting superb clouds, almost to much. I believe it is taking time to get used to the increase in vapor. I am coughing a lot more. I have always been mouth to lung hitter but I am barely taking any vapor in at all using the new tank. I hardly use the Cube, it’s just big! I need a cover for it, always scared I will scratch it. I haven’t even left home with it…

After much help from my my new bestie @Pro_Vapes I am now running my Cube 2 in TC mode with TI wire. I got it in yesterday and it was so easy to build with. I built a single coil at 0.36 ohms and ran it in VW mode and the difference in it and Kanthal is tremendous!!! TREMENDOUS people!!! So this am with assistance again from my bestie finally ran it in TC on my Cube. This is a completely different, and by far better, vaping experience both in vapor and flavor. It is a big thumbs up from me!.. :innocent:

I have made a complete switch to titanium wire in all rda/rta tanks I own. I find it every bit as easy to coil as kanthal and so, so much tastier results. I only coiled one atty with nickel and once I tried Titanium I ripped out the nickel and recoiled with Ti. I imagine that says it all, eh…


Some people throw the phrase “game changer” around alot. Do you think Ti wire is a game changer!

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You bet your …

Do I need a TC device to use ti coils?

No, you can use it in non-TC mods - That’s how I started with titanium :smile: Just do non-contact (spaced coils ) :smile:

Nope probably at least a 40w device. TC helps alot though. When I started using it I didn’t have a TC mod.

Another happy Ti converter…

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Slowly Ti is taking over. Thanks for your reply @kevin_215 .


I think until folks get used to TC it will be a little odd at first. Unless of course the new user just happens to do everything right the first time. Here’s what I have learned the past few days that has made all the difference.

Because the wire, and consequently the wicking material, reaches temperature faster when the wick is dry, if the atomizer isn’t wicking properly the result will be a very weak vape. This is different from non-TC mods because the result there is a dry hit. This is in my opinion the most splendid thing about temp control. Whereas before I would always know my tank was empty when I got that nasty dry hit, now it simply stops producing vapor. I can’t really express my joy here…this is what vaping should have been from day one!

But back to what I’ve learned. Wicking is especially important with TC because if your wick is too tight you won’t get good flow. Too loose and you may flood out. I know…it’s always been that way. But with temp control mods, having wicks that are too tight will lead a person to think perhaps there’s something wrong with the mod.

So, I’ve got the little rebuild deck for the Joyetech Ego One and had it built with Ni. I knew it was solid but wasn’t getting good vapor. Then my Titanium wire came in. I rebuilt with Titanium, only this time I had run out of cotton squares. All I had left was the backing material to the squares and so, determined to try Ti for the first time, I used this to wick. I knew at the time it was looser than the cotton I had used, but thought whatever, I just must try this NOW!

When I first fired it up I couldn’t believe the volume of vapor. And I suspected it may have wicked more liquid and would soon flood…I kept looking after each puff to the air holes, but nothing. I went through the whole tank. Then I got to the end of the tank and again…very little vapor just like before on my Nickel build. Filled up…bam. Vapor again.

To me this seems silly now and altogether too obvious. But for years I’ve been dealing with the dry hits as my indicator I’m empty or have a tight wick. So I feel like the thinking has to change. When there is little to no vapor I think the FIRST thing to check after confirming the settings is the wick. Oh my, I’m a happy vapor these days :smile:


I must try Ti I have heard bad things about titanium oxide so have held back but reading this its a must cos im sick n f… tired of building with Ni I shall order some from Stealth vape tomorrow me thinks :smile:

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A lot of various post about Ti. You may find some answers here.

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I got some Ti but it looks like it has patchs of dark spots on it is this bad wire? should I buy the more expesive stuff from

Try cleaning it with alcohol - I know @Jondamon has even used sandpaper. For my wire, a piece of tissue with vodka is enough to clean it. But it’s really dirty. Always clean your wire before building! :smile: