Aspire Prestige MIXX Mod Reviewed by SessionDrummer

Having used many Aspire products over the years, I thought I knew all there was to know about them. Apparently, Aspire UPPED their game while I wasn’t looking with their new Aspire Prestige Line. You may want to check them out as you too, may be out of the loop as to what they’ve been up to lately.

Links including Stabwood models below …

From the MFG:

The newest member of the Aspire Prestige line is here in the MIXX mod. This fantastic collaboration between Aspire & Sunbox delivers one of the most exciting side-by-side devices yet! Constructed from high-grade surgical stainless steel and CNC, this device is of the highest quality and durability. The MIXX will support most tanks up to 24mm in diameter. In the 18650 setup, a 30mm height requirement is needed to ensure the drip-tip will protrude past the battery housing. Three firing modes are available in VV,VW, and Bypass. Fire the MIXX via a frontal firing button and is comfortable and recessed. Two adjustment buttons are located on the side for tuning. A 0.91" OLED display is located on the base of the mod and displays all the pertinent information needed.


  • Collaboration with Sunbox
  • Dimensions - 83mm by 48mm by 24mm
  • Single High-Amp 18650 Battery
  • Optional High-Amp 18350 Battery - Adapter Included
  • Wattage Output Range: 1-60W
  • Resistance Range: 0.1-3.5ohm
  • VW Mode
  • VV Mode
  • Bypass Mode
  • Aluminium and Stainless Steel Chassis Construction
  • Intuitive Firing Button
  • Two Adjustment Buttons
  • 0.91" Display Screen
  • Adjustable Battery Size
  • Top Secured Battery Lock
  • 510 Connection
  • Available in Jet Black, Quick Sivler, Tuxedo, Orchid, Amethyst, Saphhire Blue, Toffee

What’s Included:

  • 1 Aspire MIXX Box Mod
  • 1 Metal Adapter for 18350
  • 2 Holding Screws for 18350
  • 1 User Manual

Aspire has been teaming up and collaborating with numerous companies for their new Prestige lineup, and in this case, they paired up with Sunbox Mods out of Italy for the MIXX.

The MIXX is CNC’d out of a solid block of aluminum, along with Stainless Steel components, and reportedly takes 1/2 hour to CNC …

While, already small in 18650 mode, you can make it even SMALLER with the 18350 battery tube …

While feeling much like a mech in the hand, the ASP chipset offered plenty of safeguards …

Aspire chose to eliminate the battery spring and any issues therein …

Having never owned or tested any of Aspire’s Prestige Line, I was impressed by the packaging, which was actually above average …

The User’s Manual was safely tucked away …

Clear, easy to read, and included everything you needed including the battery tube swapping …

And basic instructions …

The MIXX mod, 18350 battery tube, and short battery tubes screws …

IMO, the MIXX was a real looker …

Starting off with the stainless steel bottom plate …

The 0.91" display was recessed, as was the center “arch” of the stainless steel bottom plate …

The fire button contrasted the body nicely, was nicely tactile, and recessed just enough to prevent accidental firings …

The clean body lines extended around to the side, along with two adjustment buttons. BE ADVISED the + button was on the RIGHT (took me some time to get used to this as typically it was on the left) …

VERY solidly built, with NO sharp edges …

A good closeup of the textured top plate, and gold plated 510 connection …

Twisty battery cap haters can rejoice, it’s got one …

The good news is it wasn’t very fiddly, had clear negative polarity marking, and was easy to remove/re-install …

Positive polarity marking in the tube …

I don’t think I even own any 18350 batteries at this point, so I reviewed this in “tall mode” running an 18650 only …

Plenty of room once installed, ready for the springless cap …

The cap was easily installed by hand, but you could also use a coin. Ample battery venting as well …

The display, despite being bottom mounted, was very easy to read, and the mod was very accurate on the coil ohmage. The volts/amps zero’d out after the fire button was released however…

This mod seemed to almost have been designed FOR the SteamCrave RDTA v.1 …

Testing / Usage:

I think it’s MORE than safe to say that I loved the looks and style of this mod. It not only looked, but felt like a Top Shelf mod as soon as it landed in my hand. Super clean lines, and accents throughout, with a perfect fit and finish as well. Very well thought out and implemented design, that felt VERY solid and comfortable in the hand. The display was very clear, even in direct sunlight, with a nice round robin setup, that PAUSED at the Min/Max values, then allowed you to continue scrolling. While fairly minimalistic, the controls, settings, and adjustments worked perfectly, quickly, and without issue. Even in 18650 mode it was fairly small, and compact, but had some heft to it.

Before moving onto the P’s and C’s, it seemed prudent to mention some of the particulars about SBS mods, as they’re not really “cons”, but issues that are shared by most SBS’s. Large(r) airflow, juiceflow rings can sometimes be cumbersome to adjust, and dry burning/rinsing coils can be a challenge. Coiling and wicking can also sometimes be a challenge while the tank is installed in/on the mod.


  • Stunning design and body lines/accents
  • Bright easy to read display
  • Solid, tactile firing and adjustment buttons
  • Fast adjustments, and round robin advancements
  • Very high end machining
  • Springless battery cap, with no rattles
  • Felt VERY good, and solid in the hand
  • Mod was very stable when table topping, allowing for easy tank/battery cap removal with NO tipping


  • Downward facing display
  • Amperage and Voltage zero out after fire button released
  • Twist off battery cap took longer to remove/replace than a hinged battery door
  • No USB charging (but is this really a Con ??)
  • + button on the right ??
  • No Allen Key provided to change battery tube screws


Despite this mod having been released quite a while ago, I’m shocked that I JUST became aware of it, and the Aspire Prestige Line, BUT, I’m glad I did. If you (the reader) are not a fan of Side By Sides, or more basic (i.e. Watts/Volts/Bypass) modes this mod may not be for you. For the REST of us (hehe), press on we shall. This piece was SHOCKINGLY good, and realizing the collaboration with Sun Box Mods, I was rather blown away that this came from Aspire. Go figure. Was it a showpiece, or an abomination ?? That’s up to you, but for me, it was a Top Shelf Mod, and could still be had on the cheap. I was also surprised to read that the CNC process JUST for the aluminum block took over 30 minutes, let alone the rest of the process and assembly. This WAS indeed obvious every time you picked up and used the MIXX mod. Despite being somewhat heavy, it felt very solid, and good in the hand. The downfiring display (for me) was a real non-issue, as I spent most of the tests DTL’ing @ 60 watts, and once I set and locked the display, only used the fire button until the battery died LOL. The battery life was average @ 60w DTL’ing, and only got better with lower wattage MTL’ing. The lack of a USB charging port was also a non-issue for me, as I never use them, but prefer my Opus charger. Sure, sure, you’ve got to fiddle with the battery cap, but once you did it a few times, it as well, became second nature, and fairly quick.

The fit and finish were VERY good, with ZERO rattles on any of the components, battery/battery cap, or buttons for a completely silent affair. Aspire spec’d out a MAX of 24mm tank, but I WAS actually able to squeeze in a 25mm SteamCrave Supreme v.2 with no issue. This obviously WILL depend on YOUR tank. Obviously single batt, side by sides aren’t for everyone, but if you are one of those who they ARE for, you may want to RUN (not walk) to get yourself one, or two. Fast firing, simple to use, stunning to look at, and not sure what else you could ask for. I’ll drop a load of different tank, and size comparison shots below in the “Bonus” area, as well as linkage for purchases INCLUDING the very RARE Stabwood Versions. YES, they’re still a FEW left. Color me impressed. From Aspire ?? YES, from Aspire…



VIP Linkage – Full Kit with 21700 Extension (thanks out to @whthek):



If you did indeed make it ALL THE WAY down here, you DESERVE one more …


Someone asked for a few pics of the 18350 tube on another forum, so here they are …


I have the Steam Crave sbs and I have one atty to use with it I keep the straight glass on. I love my bubble glass lol Looks like a well thought out mod. Is this the one that users can customize with the different colors (tubes etc)?


I’d love to grab one but can’t find on any of the China sites… I’ve pretty much given up on buying hardware from US vendors because of delivery problems. Never thought I’d say it but delivery from China is faster :flushed: and fairly reliable.


Thanks out to @whthek on the VC, for pointing out there IS a 21700 extension kit available !!!


Neither sbs nor single 18650 is my type of mod, but this looks like a well designed mod.

Just saw your last post. Nice.


@Lynda_Marie thus far, I have only seen Silver, and Black.


@mstokens I hear you, and a recent delivery from ElementVape was QUITE extended, and has me looking more at China.


Thanks very much anyway @delltrapp !!!



Element was one of my go to vendors but my last order took almost a month so…


Is maximum tank diameter mentioned anywhere? (I love SBS mods, but I love my 6ml bubble glass more)


@robrrt1 they state that 24mm is the max tank that will fit. I did test, and was BARELY able to squeeze in my 25mm SteamCrave Supreme v.2.

Bubble glass or tank, anything above 24mm is going to be a ?? until you try it. It would seem that ^^^^ 25mm is the REAL Max diameter.


Oh well. Until then, my various Picos & G-Priv Baby get the job done in the SBS dept :+1:


I’ve always like the SbS but not many offer a 21700 option. Thx for showing this. For people wanting to try one out, this offers a reasonable price. There was a time when SbS sang to the average tune of $200-400. Now there’s more reasonable options.

Thank you for the review @SessionDrummer


I was never really a big SBS fan, but I do have 2 x Digiflavor Z1’s and a Paramour. The Z1’s will take up to 24mm and the Paramour will take a 22mm Galaxies RTA with a 4ml (just on 26mm) bubble glass. The Paramour also uses a 21700 battery so has good staying power too.


Thank you @muth, and yes, it seems 21700’s are not as common in the SBS world. Thanks out to @whthek on the VC, he did find a 21700 upgrade kit available for this one, so apparently they thought of that too. Would have been SWEET to have that IN the box, albeit at a higher price point.


LOL. That’s the start of a collection @Ianc13. Pretty impressive for someone who was not an SBS fan. :slight_smile:

Each one of those is smartly paired. Very nice Sir.


I don’t want to derail the review and sessionDrummers fantastic work but…

This has been in my rotation for a while now. I bought it years ago and stashed it. When I decided to use it properly it wouldn’t charge. I left in on charge for ages and all of a sudden the screen lit up and it started. Since then I keep it charged and in constant rotation. That’s a skyline clone RTA in it and as is visible a 22mm tank barely fits.
To date it’s done registered 59 143 puffs. It’s very old and heavy but it’s as steady as a rock and keeps on going. I generally use it at home but do bring it out on occasion.


and reportedly takes 1/2 hour to CNC …
What is CNC?