Aspire Triton 1.8 Ohm Mouth to Lung Specific Mixing

The Aspire Triton 1.8 Ohm Coil is designed specifically for mouth to lung vaping.

The tank setup used
Top Airflow - Fully Closed
Bottom Airflow - 1-2 mm Open
Regulated Mod - Wattage mode 18-22 watts

Why this is a tank specific solution.
Mouth to lung vapers like me normally vape at 12-24mg Nic and 50/50 to 70-30 VG/PG
The Triton 1.8 Ohm coil has huge wicking holes and much more wick than the mouth to lung Nautilus.
Through experimentation I have found that you can use 82-18 VG/PG mixes and still not get dry hits.
I also drop my normal Nicotine content when mixing for this tank from 20mg to 15mg
For custard or desert mixes I use 18 % total flavour to get the 82 VG level

Tasty Conclusion.
At 21 Watts the resulting vapour is thick and very rich with flavour.
I have compared results with my normal 70/30 VG/PG 20% Flavour 20mg Nic
in both Kabuki 510 and Beyond Vape Silo tanks.
The Triton with 82/18 wins on both flavour and vapour production

82/18 VG/PG 18% flavour 15mg Nic
Nic should be adjusted to 25% below your normal mouth to lung level

In my opinion this mix ratio brings out the very best that the superb Triton has to offer
a mouth to lung vaper


Just to clarify about the nicotine, Iā€™m sure you mean mg and not % :smile:

With mouth to lung I went from 18, to 16 to 12 and ended up at 8 mg/ml - Any less and something is missing for me :stuck_out_tongue:


Typo will edit should be 15mg Nic