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AstroTurf Wars in the Culture of Big Lies

Seems like the anti-vaping protagonists are willing to mislead the general public on a plethora of levels.


BuzzFeed (October 29, 2019):

A Fight Over Vaping “Bots” Is Blazing While E-Cigarette Bans Loom - “Dehumanizing opposition by calling people ‘bots’ is just a way to attack vaping,” said one vaping advocate

As President Donald Trump and Congress weigh e-cigarette bans amid an outbreak of deadly lung injuries, a fight has erupted over whether vaping supporters online are real people - or bots funded by an industry under attack.

The fight was sparked by a controversial report released two weeks ago by the Public Good Projects, a public health nonprofit. Its analysis - which looked at 1,288,378 tweets related to e-cigarettes or tobacco sent between Feb. 1 and June 1 - concluded that nearly 80% were likely generated by bots, or automated accounts, “posing as passionate pro-vaping individuals.” The findings have been called into question by experts skeptical about its methodology.

The bots report sparked panic among public health officials who are suspicious that the vaping industry, backed by Big Tobacco, is using shady marketing tactics to sway public opinion with misinformation about the dangers of nicotine. But it has also triggered furious backlash online from e-cigarette users concerned about losing access to potentially life-saving vapes. This group has flooded the #NotABot hashtag with conspiracy theories and political threats aimed at the Trump administration, which is grappling with a proposed ban on flavored e-cigs.

The Report Referenced:
Over Half of Tweets about ECigs Might Come from Bots

The Nicholson Foundation’s accompanying “cover article”:


For once, they are not the famous russian bots that are the favourite distraction for every popular disagreement.


Yet, the alleged charges have the same effect. Active attempts to marginalize/silence dissenting sources.


George Orwell is rolling in his grave and saying, “I warned you all. I told you precisely how they would do it. Did anyone listen? Did anyone read what I wrote?” They sure did George…the people doing it read you closely.


You might appreciate my 2006 “imaginary discussion thread” wherein the words of Adolf Hitler and George Orwell are aligned in a “conversation” (with notable relevance to current events surrounding gov agitprop).



I’ll read it later tonight. It’s coincidental as I was reading something yesterday, I think, about Orwell and an essay he wrote. In it he expounds on why people followed Hitler and the Nazis. I tried finding the article but only found reviews of it.


I read it and found it interesting. I’m not the most intelligent or well educated person around, but I have a bit of both. I’m finding that more and more I wish I were blissfully ignorant of most that goes on around me.

I’ve been reading Thomas Sowell recently and his work is appealing but disheartening at the same time. I just don’t encounter enough people who put much effort into thinking about the world and the information that bombards them. I’m not trained in the scientific method and I regret that at times. I do try at times to disprove my beliefs and theories, but I’m just as susceptible as most to all the tricks we play upon ourselves, such as bias confirmation. Maybe it’s just an age thing. When I look at my country, which I haven’t live in since 1997, I always feel sad and wonder where is it going.

I like this one.

“The greater our knowledge increases,
the greater our ignorance unfolds.”

  • John F. Kennedy

I’m certainly guilty of this.


That quote and many more (that might be interesting/relevant) are found on my 2005 “Dead Poets Blog”:



They are backing it right into the grave.

Since it is all out in the open now I might as well come clean…:wink:

Probably for the same reason they follow crazy people today. The craziness has become completely normal.
If they had depicted the situation of today in a soapserie 50 years ago and told people that’s what’s going to happen in the future, they would have pissed themselves laughing, no fucking way!

I liked the blogspot. I’ve always thought that sports was the first step, my team is better than yours lets beat the crap out of each other, will lead to my country is better than yours lets have a war.

People are utterly indoctrinated, a lot more now than in Hitlers time. The majority of people sits in front of the idiot box and soaks up whatever comes out of it and I can’t talk to them anymore.

My own sister has gone quite mad. She’ll be on her hind legs about something different every time I talk to her and has no memory of it a week later.
It’s just a repetition of slogans.
The latest was that she thought the police needed more power.
When I asked her what power they were lacking to be able to do their job, she went blank.
I have stopped talking to her about anything other than chitchat because there is no point. I can talk my ass off and it’s just not going in, she will always end with repeating whatever it was she said at the start.

It’s eerily like 1984, albeit a lot more scary because GO hadn’t envisioned the technology they have today.


That text being from the BuzzFeed article quoted from (in above post):

A Fight Over Vaping “Bots” Is Blazing While E-Cigarette Bans Loom - “Dehumanizing opposition by calling people ‘bots’ is just a way to attack vaping,” said one vaping advocate


Yeah, I know, I was just saying :wink:


As a child of the late 1960s and Nixonian regime in the early 1970s, reading Orwell then, what has amazed me the most is how the “populace” could be conned into corporate/state surveillance and mind-control regimens that they PAY a lot of $$$ (for the privilege of being screwed). I still shake my head over this.

Not unlike in the early 1980s - when marketeers made it fashionable and extremely profitable to sell things such as clothing (and other sundry ego accouterments) prominently emblazoned with corporate logos (thus assuring free public advertising via “status symbols”). The “baby boomers” forgot their roots and invaded Iraq. The generation that came of age in the 1980s has associated corporate advertising technology “chic” with fashion for all of their formative lives. Paying out one’s own money - just to be “sold out” - is a now well established consumer ritual that fuels a “race to the cultural bottom” of expensive idiocy funding self-privacy invasion by nefarious entities. Today’s youth will not miss what they never had (privacy, or liberty). Chilling.


Cigarettes were marketed to women as ‘Torches of Freedom’ :rofl:


I remember the Virginia Slims cigarettes marketing (direct to women) in the late 1960s.

“You’ve Come A Long Way, Baby !”

Rather so, as compared with this older “blissful baby factory” (so to speak) campaign:

Source: https://i1.wp.com/orangebeanindiana.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/1e6e79ac-b21a-4998-8c03-b7c701db7be0-24992-00000f8f3bc27285.jpg


Source: https://images.squarespace-cdn.com/content/50adfa2ae4b0cc1d786569eb/1428339836538-S895SS3Z2L9NQD7HROOF/20150406+Klingenberg_Ratty-Batty.jpg?content-type=image%2Fjpeg


Source: https://truthinitiative.org/sites/default/files/styles/slide_content_bg/public/media/images/standard/2019/03/Truth_Women%20and%20Tobacco_FactSheet_image02.jpg?itok=4SXiuwG_


Source: https://metvcdn.metv.com/aAj8D-1475174249-embed-02.jpg


Source: https://www.history.com/.image/t_share/MTU4NDI2ODU5NTc3NTUwMTgw/camels_doctors_whiteshirt.jpg


Source: https://allthatsinteresting.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/pure-water.jpg


Source: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/89/f0/6f/89f06f2ab627d316f61ddf52c88d14d8.jpg


Source: https://4.bp.blogspot.com/-lXdO3aAN7YA/WaMQ9OK-waI/AAAAAAAAA7s/irGB2AoO864FMcF1zD22sSJblny0MbhpgCK4BGAYYCw/s1600/marlboro2.jpg


Source: https://cdn.guff.com/site_1/media/14000/13937/items/2dadc46a28ca6650b0e264c3.jpg


“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

  • George Orwell

Look out, here come the pretentious, pontificating “Looky-Loos”. At least they interviewed Michael Siegel:

KHN (November 13, 2019): “More Vapers Are Making Their Own Juice, But Not Without Risks


And also turned over a few rocks, to find Stanton Glantz, who’s been a thorn in vaping’s ass for years.

Is that a printed recipe cheat sheet on Danielle’s table, from ELR? :+1:

Waiting for the next buzz word from the anti crowd. ‘Mixing Epidemic’


ACSH (November 13, 2019):


“Dangerous Creativity Crisis”

“Scourge of Independence”

“Nonconformist Insurgency”

“Nicozombie Armageddon”

“Mother Goose-Step State”

“Righteous Interventions”

“Mandatory Re-education”

“Mindfulness Therapy”

“Unctuous Transfusions”

“Candy Ass Nightmare”

Source: https://www.mainepublic.org/sites/mpbn/files/styles/medium/public/201909/48754843073_722e8b7a47_b.jpg


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