Attempting to recreate disposable vape flavors

Hey guys Im new here ;), Ive been searching the internet far and wide for any answers onto how to try and recreate flavors of disposable vapes. And I was wondering if any of you can help me with this.

From what I know the flavors are simple, typically fruits and then alot of sweetener and then cooling and then nic salts.

I am not good at calculating percentages and abit of guidance can really help me on setting me on the right track, anyone know a guess on the percentages of those ingredients? Just a general percentage formula (as flavors can vary ofcourse)

Regarding the sweetener, just assume that I dont care if the coil will get bad quick. Also right now I only have freebase nicotine, so please tell me separate percentages/mg for those.


Most disposables use neotame as a sweetner.


Welcome to ELR @roseezy, don’t lnow if there’s any users on the forum side that vape disposables as this is a DIY community. I would suggest searching the recipes on the calculator side using the search term POD, from there you can adapt any recipe using whatever nic type / percentage you prefer…


You could try searching this side (forum) for Pod also.

One of the latest threads I found: