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Attracting Moskitos


I currently work at a memorial park as a grounds man and have been doing some experiments (unscientific ones i might add ). Now the mozzies (thats what we call them in Australia) are usually pretty bad but a bath in repellent usually does the trick. What i have been noticing lately but is that when i blow out a nice plume of vape i am suddenly swamped with the little buggers. They just appear out of know where my thoughts on this after some google research is they are attracted to me as the vapour is carrying carbon dioxide, i am more visible to them due to the plume of vape, and there are possible chemicals in the vapour that attract them to me.
In conclusion if your at a BBQ vaping probably a good idea to crack out some repellent.
Would love to hear your thought on this topic. :v:


This happens to me so much. So much. I wish I could find the picture of that Robber Fly that tried to get me through my glass door (I crack the door vape sometimes). The thing was vicious looking. The stuff of nightmares that thing was. It actually looked like a Mutant mosquito, I had to ask a museum near me for help in identifying it.


I’d of figured since they like sweets that the actual VG would play a huge role in mosquito attraction. Just my .02


i believe that the vg attracts all the critters but as far as mosquitoes biting, i am one of the unfortunate that get picked out of a line-up.:cry:


I know that mosquitos are attracted to CO2, but does a vaper emit more CO2 than a non-vaper or even a smoker? I don’t know, but i’d have no explanation for where that would come from.


I know different aromas can attract all sorts of flying things, mosquitoes included. However, I wonder if their favorite attractant - CO2 - is suspended in our vape and therefore dissipates more slowly around us than when we’re simply breathing. Hmmmm :thinking:


That was actually a very interesting hypothesis. Makes me want to bath with a brillo pad lol, they love me too.


Yer this is what i am thinking as well


I hope for @pugsley sake vg doesn’t attract wasps :rofl:


The story in the wasp review about the wasp
Had me rotflmao


Would you believe it just after i wrote that i got the hedger out and hit this lol with the hedger they weren’t happy


I’m staying inside !! Ruuunnnnn Benoz
The Gods are trying to tell you something !! Lol


You cant even mention pugsly with out repercussions bit like vgod


You can clip on a fragrant bounce dryer sheet to your shirt collar and never get bitten. No repellent needed. We tried this in the early fall in Louisiana while camping in the bayou.


I have seen those will have to try it cheers


Make sure they are scented! Bounce seems to work the best compared to cling free brand or others.


When I still lived in Michigan, I used to go on all day hikes through woods, along railroad tracks, around lakes, anywhere secluded. I took Kyolic brand garlic capsules everyday and the mosquitoes would avoid me. Unfortunately so did people.


The repellent i use works fine its just when i vape i notice a swarm around me lol


It must smell of death


Lol nar there all cremated