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Attracting Moskitos



My favorite repellent is Skin So Soft (Avon)
Avon sells Skin-so-Soft by the Caseload to fishermen on t he Gulf coast!

Use it on my dogs even, to keep the fleas off of them in our hot-sandy environment.


one of the guys i went to boot camp with in the 80’s had his mom send skin so soft. the drill instructors had a fit until they used it…then they asked for more! bounce dryer sheet was new to me a few years ago. works great cause there are not chemicals on your skin


that does seem to work for everyone but me


It seems a bit watered down now compared to what it was


The smell of the vapor must smell of death I meant. Sorry.


perhaps, my mom was an avon lady and we always had it. She still swears by it but as i said it dont work for me. I will ask her if she noticed if it is or not, hell she prob used the first batch of the stuff.


And Vampires lol


I do not eat bananas during the rainy season, it may be a wifes tale but it has been said parasites like bananas. searching the internet i found no other evidence except:


Mosquitoes are attracted to potassium, salt, and lactic acid released by your body, so it helps to avoid salty and potassium rich foods like bananas, avocados, and dried fruit. Fragrances are known to attract mosquitoes.


Hmm . Interesting. We rarely get mosquitoes here in the UK, but we do get dense swarms of biting gnats. These too show a strong preference for some people over others. It would be intersting to see if the mosquitoes and gnats respond to the same chemical attractors?

An intersting point from @CosmicTruth 's article:

According to a 2004 study, people with type O blood were a whole 83 percent more likely to attract mosquitoes than any other blood type.

Oh! bugger it! I’m O type. That might be why all the gnats fall in love with me, mightn’t it? Now WTF am I supposed to do about that ?


You know that nicotine is a powerful insecticide?

I wonder what would happen if you upped the nicotine % in your vape? that wouldn’t prevent them from being attracted, but maybe they’d regret it pretty fast?

I use leftover juice for fruit-fly control. It’s incredibly effective. :slight_smile:


Guess I’ll just douse myself in SSS, cuz I can’t do without my 'cados !!!


I would have a swarm of relaxed mosquitoes ticks and flies’ biting me :laughing: btw I’m type 0 too


I believe this has been disproven think it says it in the article i posted. Just thinking about what you said with nic being a pesticide i have a heep of nic that i left out in the sun and heat it is very peppery but i wonder if i can use it on my vegies in low doses say 6mg or 3mg in a spray bottle :thinking:


nicotine spray is a traditional , natural insecticide, quite commmonly used in gardens. Gardeners used to make it by steeping cigarette butts in water. I read the formula somewhere , but haven’t seen it to translated to a (surely much more convenient ) e-juice formula.

I’ve also read sonewhere-or-other that it’s no longer considered environmentally sound and that people should stop using nicotine spray on their gardens, but when I searched again for same article, couldn’t find it, nor anything similar. Just noting that in passing, just in case there’s something in it.



Ah! I didn’t read past the first chunk of your article, cos it turned out to be one of those annoying things that chop the story up into bite -sized portions like a slide show ( There must be a word for those, but sorry! i don’'t know it), Experience says these are bad for my PC, and often riddled with malware. So , if any such atricle catches my interest, I now Google the subject and invariably find a more user-friendly version.


@Benoz i work in central Queensland and have definitely noticed i get cained by mozzies when vaping outside…itchy right now!


Aussie boy you know what i am saying brother probably more actually as your in the tropics there bro


Mate at a mining camp just outside the Whitsundays. The second i pull the asmodus out I turn into qld/toad mozzie bate. There not as pretty as the southern mozzies though :wink:


Yer i call them hypodermic flying spiders lol