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Attracting Moskitos


We get clouds of them here in Florida, USA. There is a lot of swampy land where I live. On one of our first hikes in the area, as soon as we stepped under the cover and shade of trees, a cloud came…

We ran away, back to the car! tenor


I can confirm this. I’m type O+ and when I’m around, nobody else gets bitten. That being said, I would really like to understand how a mosquito knows what kind of blood I have from a distance :slight_smile:

Usually when I’m in the Caribbean, after week 2 I’ve got about 50 bites on my legs alone (add a couple dozen for my arms and hands)… Just this morning, I sprayed my legs in with a repellent and just when I put down the bottle, I felt something and saw a big fat mosquito sipping from my veins where I had just sprayed.

It’s the first time I’m here vaping and I’m actually getting bitten a bit less. After nearly a week, I only have about 20 bites all over my body (not just my legs). It’s rainy season with lots of breeding puddles everywhere, so there is an abundance of them around. I’ve been mainly vaping fruity juices and every time I have these buggers around me, I blow a plume of vapor towards them and they’re gone (for a few seconds).

Despite all the years I’ve spent in the tropics, I guess it’s a bit of a miracle I’ve never gotten dengue, west nile virus or zika. I’m pretty confident however that my vaping doesn’t do much to attract these biters, I’ve had it much. Could be my mxing too of course.

More myths I think… my wife loves her fruits and salty stuff, yet she rarely gets bitten. I on the other hand don’t eat nearly enough of these things but they can pick me out of a crowd.


Oh same here but I honestly don’t care how they know. It’s so annoying :frowning:

During the summer I wash my hair with peppermint scented shampoo, light citrus scented candles and vape citrus mixes, use a couple drops of peppermint oil as perfume (avoiding real parfume, lotions, body wash etc) This doesn’t eliminate it but it gives me only 25 bites instead of 40 :rofl:

If I’m on the balcony I surround myself with little pots of mints, but you can’t really carry them around with you at the beach…would look a bit weird!


I did vape some lemon meringue… may explain why i’ve been bitten slightly less.


Is there any citronella concentrates lol


We have a bearing citronella tree right here from which we make our own citronella oils. Hasn’t been helping for me but I know it does the trick for others.
I think the only think working for ppl like me would be a hazmat suit



Really odd but really effective at keeping Skeeters at bay. Works better than actual repellent. Plus, it smells good and leaves you feeling lush, smooth, and moisturized.


is only thing that keeps me some what protected


I can confirm that this works. My grandmother has a house in Maine. You can see the wall of mosquitos coming at dusk but good old skin so soft had kept the mosquitos away from us for years.


I’ve read reports of it being tested against actual repellent (because many people use it as such) and it scores poorly.

The company itself actually says you should not use it as a repellent. I figure the people who use it are not the ones being bitten as hard as some of us.


It probably wouldn’t be very effective against a rancid personality; not many bug sprays would be.


We have actually reduced the number of mozzies by putting these into our ponds