Authentic Diablo 5ml tanks

From the the authentic 5ml diablo tank is $85…a little rich blooded it is. Well, I have contacted a seller in the Phillipines that is willing to sell them a bit cheaper plus shipping. Like around $50-55. Still a little rich, but much more doable. I know a couple of you were looking at them, like @BoyHowdy and @LordVapor. I’m definitely going to make the order, as my order with dragonsdenvap fell through. Is anyone interested in this tank? I would consider picking up a few extra for a few of you guys just to cut the $85 cost down. Either way, as I said, I’m making an order. Probably tomorrow. If interested, PM me and we’ll go over details


Hell yeah! I will take one for sure. Do they come in different colors?

I’ll find out…I’m assuming you want a black one?
Either way, you’re good for one extra…anyone else?

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I am not sure what color I would want. If it’s black and stainless then yeah. If it’s all black I will just take a stainless one.

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Put me down for one as well brother.Color isn’t important but I do prefer stainless steel .

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I’m in for a black one.

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@Whiterose0818 , I also found these 1:1 clones of the 2.5ml El Diablo RTA, it looks to be an exact copy.It has the adjustable airflow,correct 510 drip tip and the cloned tin can container that the original came in.I couldn’t help myself and picked up four more. The 2.5ml I am finding useful when trying out different flavors with a similar profile.I don’t even rewick with the rayon.
I am still in for one authentic if you can get some.Send me a p.m. and we can work out the details for payment.Thanks again!

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so do you have one of these? like in hand? is that how you know adjustable airflow works?

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ok, guys, i’m putting this into action…i’ll let you know as things develop


Hell, if it’s not too late put me down for a black and silver.

was that intended for me?

Yeah. I must have clicked the wrong reply button. I will take one of each. Hell, see if you can get a discount for buying so many :wink:

what if he only has one color?

Can you hold off 5 minutes?

Thanks, (if you held off), read a review or two) is see a couple people thought the deck was kinda small to build upon, I’ll hold off… thanks for the offer though.

i gotcha…the review video i saw clearly shows a rather large deck to work on, so i’m all over it!

nods, I just picked up a Griffin… like the size of it’s deck, but I got the last one the b&m had here… my step daughter is needing a new tank and wants something that holds a lot of juice but also something I could rebuild to help with costs… I liked the 5ml tank and was thinking of her, just didn’t know about the deck (being a new builder I know my limitations).

If he doesn’t have both I just want one. I am wanting two to swap parts out like I did with my blue and silver ones.

@Whiterose0818 sorry for any confusion. I do not have any of his, I just ordered them yesterday.I know it has an adjustable airflow because it is made exactly like the authentic that I do have , at least it is according to the pictures in his ad.On my clones the base plate is flat but threaded on the authentic it is not threaded but it has a raised edge that turns to control the airflow.On the authentic the glass tank sits inside a small lip that holds it in place , on the clones the friction only is what keeps it centered to the base.
I like my airflow wide open so the base plate doesn’t matter to me.
Here is a picture showing a few differences of the clones that I have and an authentic.The clones are the dark colored ones , the stainless steel is the authentic.

The ones in the eBay link look as if they are in fact a 1:1 clone.I can’t see any difference in his clones and my single authentic .I hope the pictures help to explain the difference in them.

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Can you describe the quality of the authentic vs the clones?