Auto Squonkers!

If you happen to have one… pop up a pic :slight_smile:

Since I do not see anything regarding the auto squonkers… I thought today would be a really good time to post up at least thoughts on mine. I won’t say this is a review thread… but I will put my rambling thoughts about this cool set up here. You can sort it all out! :rofl:

Here is a cool web pic (not mine) of the sx mini auto…


and of course a couple of vids, one a review by Vic

and one to show how to work with the cute little dripper than comes with it, called an rsa :slight_smile:

So far, the last few days I have been playing with this cool full feature-packed auto squonker, and I have played with all of the drippers that comes with it :slight_smile:

The .8ohm I tried was really good, surprisingly!! I will say for me and my recipes, some not steeped, some fully steeped, the difference on the .8ohm coil was excellent. I got zero cotton taste, and come to find out, SX uses the higher cotton for their coils. I did notice a touch of flavor mutations, but as the overall effect and for what this is, well worth overlooking. In fact brought to me as a mixer, points of notice in my recipes. Mind you, I am a cloud girl, and I can say that air restrictions were not too badly noticed with the .8ohm coil, but I feel even a new vapor should be able to handle this setup and in fact, it might just get dual users to drop the smokes all together. The set up was a breeze, even if I did have to refer to the new manual a few times and follow through with a comparison with the videos I linked. :slight_smile:

The .2ohm disposable dripper… First know I used the .8ohm coil and the rba dripper first, but as I sit here with my coffee and this lovely .2ohm coil with my fab Winstin juice flowing, this one sure makes a big difference between it and that .8ohm coil. Getting it out of the “DIY mode” was a breeze, and I did drop the pumps down to 35. So far so omg tasty! Surprisingly I know because, I just remade Winstin yesterday, and I know the juice so well, that I know the 5 day steep is for me, where it comes all about. I feel the need to recheck a lot of my recipes. Not saying they are too light or too heavy, but I feel the urge to play with my juice!!

For the dripper (rba) [rsa] one must use it in the DIY mode. This allows you to change not just the pumps (you can change it in auto mode too) but for changing the watts or joules, too. The cotton is super soft and silky almost slinky, and the experience was fun! I did use the standard coils and cotton from the pack on it, but flavor and clouds I can say is a game-changer. All from this little bitty device!

This is a super good feature-packed tiny mod, and I still have to name it!! I might just call it George! :stuck_out_tongue:
For now, these are my thoughts, and as I play with it more, I will drop more notes. I just felt this needs to be posted here, to help others find their way with this cool set up! :slight_smile:

Note: I am not much of a hardware reviewer, I am a mixer. My hardware skills are not as a professional but coming from a mixing and lab background. I will call it as I see it, since I am so not a pro at reviews, but I know I can put mods and set ups through their paces and see what sticks when it is all over… I do love this setup!! It’s just too cool! :slight_smile:


I will post up a link to a simple watts and how many seconds to vape here… just for help.
I do admit I had to head scratch at this as most mods now days are regulated and do this already for us. Back in the old days, we used to tell folks to know ohms laws and how to compensate for the joules used… so if you need a little help, look over the formula and it will all click into place :slight_smile:


That is a really good looking little device, always wanted one in either the brass or copper. I have the IPV version but it is just OK, don’t use it much anymore.

I have the bigger version of the SXmini X Class and the IPV Revo auto squonkers, will post some pics later today. Downside is they both only hold 4ml (X Class) and 6ml (Revo) wish they both had higher capacity but they both work good and I have extra tanks for the X Class I can take with me prefilled for on the go.


I hear the copper one is totally sold out… I got lucky.
I never had the ipv version and I know there are 2 other mods with “some” of the tech inside this one, but they are not as powerful at all. The drivers are not the same.

The bottle for the sx mini auto holds a bare 3.7 isht?? And it has a childproof cap that you can remove to rinse out a flavor for flavor change out. I think extra tanks will help and I love how it can suck out excess juice and you can use that feature too, to clean out the [ Don’t laugh at me, just with!! ] pipe suckie thing!.. lolol :smiley:

It’s just a cool fun set up and the more I use it… yeah I might need a few more of these! :smiley:


Here is the X Class with an itty bitty RDA on top :lying_face:

And yes, before anyone asks, I am compensating :wink::grin:


that is a hand full @mjag hahaha!!
but sure does look cool :slight_smile:


That’s like the Darth Vader of vapes @mjag.


here is yet another vid talking about the auto mode :slight_smile:


My squonk contribution…



I found out just now, I made a tropical cola punch, maybe an hour ago, so no, no steeping.
I put it directly on the rsa (dripper) on this auto squonker… omg… :smiley: For real, if this has a chance to steep it will be lucky. The flavor is just in your face damn good!! It goes like this:

Citrus Soda 1%
Cola .8%
Cream 1%
Tropical Punch 1.4%

a little ice and cool menthol and bam… lead me around by my mod for sure! It might need some lemon-lime… but wow… color me impressed! :slight_smile:

I can see this quickly becoming a super nice way to test out solos and recipes.
I think I might need yet another mod.

I will say for battery power… I thought it would last me a while… but I chain vape, and hard on batteries… it’s lasted me 3 hours this morning and I am only at 1/4 battery use :slight_smile:


It isn’t short mod syndrome, must be something else…


F***k me Alex!
Whatareya trying to do, make your own weather?
Jeebus, that’s big


If you think that one is big… just wait :wink:

haha!!! :partying_face: :roll_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue: :wine_glass: :smiley:
of course what do I know?? :smiley: Not too much but… I like mine! :slight_smile:


Matchy, matchy indeed! NICE!!!


Now, I really gotta build my dragon! Sweet set up!


Is it down to the battle of the Yihis now? IPV Revo or sxmini X class? The Revo is currently $99 and dropping, and of course the x class is higher, Bob, higher, like double. The X class has a small bottle (3.9???) ((Refill bottles are cheaper for the X class)) compared to the Revo but theirs are 6 mil capacity ($9 for refill bottles), Is there a dna auto squonk yet? Not that I give a rats cap about DNA. I think the IPV is gonna be next…and now we wait for a sale!!


@mjag that is still STOOOOOPID !!!


Thank you @Robin14.


I do prefer the joystick on the revo over the touchscreen on the X class. The X is a classy piece of hardware though, I do find myself using it more just due to sheer vanity :laughing:


whaaaaaaat? It is barely bigger than an F-150 :grin: