Avocado 24 air flow control is way to loose

i just bought this thing and the air flow is crazy loose! is that just the way it is or is mine messed up?

That’s how it is once some juice gets on there.

Sorry…I totally misread your OP…let me re-do this…
Remove the drip tip, rinse in warm water, turning as you rinse.
Place the cap in a tiny bowl (condiment) with vodka or vodka and water.
Rinse and let dry. Repeat as needed.

Occasionally during usage, stick a paper towel or cloth on your fingernail,
and stick it in the air slot…and rotate the cap.

its authentic but i couldn’t get the ring off

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Yeah, I misread your OP…I edited my reply above ^^^^^^^^^^^

it was crazy loose when i first bought it bone dry…so the ring does not come off? it fels like there is no oring in there at all

Cap is not suppose to separate…and no o-ring I know of underneath [AFC]
That loose when dry…sounds like a problem.

god damn it i probally should of just brought it back before i juiced it up

I use two 24mm and one 22mm Avocado’s every day.
The 24mm are a lot looser than my 22mm, but stay in place as I vape…
but not when I remove for filling, if that helps.

idk mine can turn with the slightest touch…i guess i will bring it to the shop i bought it at and see what they think…but thanks tho!

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Please let me know what they say.

oh and another thing i could not get the 510 pin to separate from the other pin and i could not get the glass to come off ether

Maybe I don’t know what the fuk I’m talking about…DOH !
I can not get the AFC to separate in either the 22mm or the 24mm authentic.
I have a 24mm clone that separates, and has an o-ring.

Are you talking about removing the 510 drip tip from the adapter ?

hmmm weird… no you know how the pin that screws into the positive post then the pin that makes a connection to your mod

The topcap and AFC are all one piece on the 24, and it is pretty loose when juiced up but doesn’t move around when vaping. As for changing the glass, the pin is a little tight at first but it all comes apart pretty easily, I just took mine apart and changed out the glass.

I just got my 22mm authentic to separate…
I haven’t taken them apart in months+…just coil, wick, fill, vape…
I am getting old, can’t remember shit.

Still can’t get the 24mm authentic to separate…

Did you remove the center pin to take the glass off? [Sure you did,eh?]

yes i did get the glass off it just felt like it was going to break so i didn’t want to push it to far… and i guess i dont have to adjust the 510 pin anyways so no big problem for now

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Only the 22mm has a ‘nut’ on top of the center pin, under the coils.
The 24mm only has the center pin, not the top nut.

and i just cleaned the top cap really good and i guess its a bit tighter …still more loose then i would like but i guess its livable …im going to still stop by the shop and see what they think maybe im just overreacting

You probably had machine oil in between…I always clean new attys with vodka for that reason.

Looks like you got it sorted, which is the main thing, eh?

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