Baby Beast Tank

Has anyone tried the new Baby Beast tank, I currently have two of the Inokin isub S Tanks as my daily vapes on the Coolfire TC100
I heard some good reviews that flavour and clouds are good with the Baby Beast using T8 quad coils but don’t know anyone that has actually tried one.

I use a Baby Beast daily and love it. Hands down it’s my favorite tank at the moment. I still use a rotation of Cleitos, Crowns, full size TFV8s, and assorted RTAs. The Baby Beast beats them all in my opinion. It’s small and stealthy but puts out great clouds for it’s size. It has awesome top fill, and one of the best drip tips I’ve found provided with any tank. I’ve experienced no problems with leaking and the flavors as good or better than any tank I own.

The coils included in the kit are good. I really prefer the X4 quad coils over those provided. I run them around 55 watts. They seem to last longer without muting the flavors like the others are reported to do. The only knock I have on the tank at all is small juice capacity. Easy top fill so that’s not a huge issue, but it does make me really want the Big Baby Beast that should be coming out around Black Friday. Yet to see if it will be available through US channels though.

Bottom line: I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Baby Beast. Grab one or two they can be had for as little as $17 online with two coils, spare glass, and goodies in the kit.

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Check out @SirRisc’s latest review with exploded views of the coils in the Brit tank.


I have 2 Baby Beasts. I went looking for a change from the Cleito Tanks I have been using because of Cleito leaking. The flavor honestly is just a tiny tick better in the Cleito.

I bought the RDA (have not used it yet) but I’ve used both the .15 Quad Coil and the .4 Coil. The flavor is a little better in the quad coil than the .4 but you have to run your mod at very high wattage in the quad which drains the battery faster obviously.

The stock coils are expensive. (15.99 to 18.99 USD for 5 Coils) If you are going to use this tank and not use the RDA you will need to switch the coils about once a week. The coils are extremely reliable. No gurgle or spit.

The Baby Beast does not leak at all end of story… but it drinks juice like a malnourished child and I have to fill them quite frequently. The upside is it’s easier to fill the Baby Beast. My kids had the TFV8 larger tank and said it was overkill for them on the size.

These tanks are like the Cleito’s in a lot of ways. Low cost tank, high cost stock coils. Very Good Flavor.

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Thanks for Info Guys
Think I will have to get one
They are a bit dearer here in UK £24 But still cheap for a good tank
Cheapest I can find is at Vape Club £26.99
Does anyone in UK know if they can be purchased any cheaper

Tried one today on the new smok o sub melon in the tank,best flavour ive tasted good i went and ordered one straight away should be here tommorow.tanks a greedy little beast so my workmates tell me.

omg ive never had a clieto leak how unfortunate im so sorry to hear this , it is my fave and i have a few but im going to get this baby beast it siunds great , i did not want the big beast but this sound wonderful

Flavor is just a tic off of the Cleito but once the coil breaks in it’s great. Cleito’s leak. Aspires facebook page is full of people complaining about it. The coils don’t leak at all for about 4-5 days after you change them and then they start a slow kind of “leaching” as opposed to leak. Always had liquid on my hands. I still tell people they are a great tank because they are but having that goop on your hands…drives me nuts!

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You will fill it constantly though… just saying. You can literally watch the liquid go down in the tank with the Quad coils.

i must be a very lucky guy ive nevervhad a leak and use the .4 ohm coils but thats not to say ive finally lucked out on something lol

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I take luck any way I can get it.

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Is there an extension piece for the baby beast tank? :grinning:

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Mwah your ace

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Haha! :joy:

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No… but the RBA tank is bigger, it comes with its own glass for it. I actually just built on it. The coils that come with it are just a micron too big and shorted the first time I put the cotton and liquid in…so I wrapped smaller coils for it. That helped. Flavor is awesome but don’t expect the coils that come in it to be that great.

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Ive ordered the new smok o sub 80 with the baby beast tank in the kit from my local shop for the amazing price of £40.he had a sale on saturday and sold out in hours so i have to wait until friday now,gutted.your so right about flavour though,tried monster melon in one yesterday and it felt like i was eating melon,so so good.

Any of their stock coils are pretty good on flavor. The RBA is better but you know RBA’s…My kids are coil master builders, they can still see little tiny things without magnifying glasses. I’m still playing with this RBA… The coils I have running in it are at .32 Ohms. I’m thinking I want those closer to .4 or .5’s though.

I won the e-leaf Lemo 2 in the contest. I like the build on that RTA, one coil!

Ohhhh i cant wait till friday to have a play with it,unlike your kids im not a master builder but il give it a go on this new kit.tried few times before but got bored n started buying again and the fact my wife complains about bits of wire on the floor how much better do you rate the rba compared to the stock coils?

The RBA is better flavor and obviously will always be cheaper than using stock coils but you gotta deal with the RBA fun (checking ohms making sure the coil is ok blah blah blah lol) which to me every two days emptying tank and changing cotton… huge PIA.

To me it’s all about your priorities :slight_smile: RBA flavor always will be better.

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