Barenstein bears

Okay so who remembers the barenstein bears?

Countless other instances of things we remember suddenly never happened or are suddenly different in some subtle way happens more than we realize. What else you got people? 123go!


I certainly remember it being Berenstein and not Berenstain. Not just as a little kid either. I remember having these books and watching the cartoon even when I was older and remember the name being said with a “STEEN” at the end. Then when I was older and thought back on it I remember thinking it was odd because it was spelled ‘stein’ and should have been said “STINE.” That was actually how I first ran across this a couple years ago. I was looking up how to pronounce it and came across the whole “stein” “stain” thing.

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Same here, I was in Scholastic Book Club as a kid in elementary school, and used to have them all, watched the show, and it was definitely stEin.

Yeah this tripped me out not too long ago, talking to my little brother about them and he told me its “Stain”. Long story short my wife lost her shit when I showed her because she too remembers it as “stein”.

I read somewhere that the authors family changed their name from stein to stain as to sound less jewish at the end of WWII.

That whole mandala effect sounds like BS when they don’t click with you, but when you come across one that hits it blows your fucking mind.

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its messed up because most of the mandela effect things i remember the way it “never was”, it bugs me because to me, Mother Theresa was made a saint before she died, they say she is now just becoming one, and its spelt Teresa, now. Mandela himself dying, was a national god damn event, all over the news, but that never happened suddenly, Darth Vader said Luke, I am your father, but now its just No, I am your father. Simbad was a genie in a movie, but apparently that movie never existed, now… ugh im sick of this shit people need to quit fuckin up my timeline.

you talking about kazaam? i suppose it would be easy to confuse shaq with sinbad lol

I dont have many of them, then again, I’m 30 and I wasnt paying close attention to world news when i was younger.

In a Reddit AMA
"Sinbad, there is a large rumor/conspiracy going around that you played a genie in a movie in the 90’s similar to Shaq in Kazaam. Can you confirm or deny the existence of this supposed film? Thanks for the AMA!"
but we all look alike”

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shaq is like 2 feet taller, and black… they look nothing alike… no i remember both movies existing seperately

Major Memories
here is a compiled list of other anomalies

The most notable to me at this time, now is finding out that the Challenger explosion supposedly happened in 1986. that is completely bullshit. it was 1984. My stepdad was a student at the high school christa mcauliffe (the teacher they sent on that flight) was a teacher at, she was one of his teachers. he was in the auditorium watching the flight on tv with the rest of the school, when it happened. he then went to prison for selling weed to an undercover cop, for three years. I was born in 1987, and he was around since I was under a year old. If the explosion didnt happen until 1986, then went to prison, i would have already been a toddler when he came into my life, and that simply is not true.

The Mother Teresa thing probably has a lot to do with all the hubbub from when Pope JP2 beatified her, making her The Blessed Mother Teresa (even though by tradition they were supposed to wait 5 years after she died). Everyone said then that it meant the church was going to eventually canonize her as a saint. I’m no student of hagiography, so I know I didn’t care to distinguish between veneration, beatification, and canonization, but looking back on public record it’s pretty obvious that’s what went down. It might also further confusion that there is already a Saint Teresa (no relation).

Re: Challenger - I don’t know what to tell you man, I was in the 3rd grade when that happened. It was '86. If you are really certain that it happened for you in '84 all I can say is GTFO of my timeline, invader. :angry: :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

not for me, i wasn’t alive. but my stepdad, because had it happened in 86, i wouldn’t know my stepdad. he was in highschool still, then prison, so for him to do do 3 years in prison and still know me at age 1, wouldnt be possible if it were 86…

Fyi there was another, original, Saint Theresa before Mother Teresa became a Saint.

wow. I didn’t immediately click on the link at the top and started bumbling through this post. I thought for a second everyone had lost their damned minds. Or that I had stepped into some quasi-reality.


So is any of it “off” for you, also? Any memories like that, where you definitely remember things being different?


my memory is so hazy for so many years…I honestly don’t get too worked up about it. I DID think Mother Theresa was already a Saint but I also see where a pre-existing Saint Theresa could have allowed for that confusion. I never read any Berenstein Bear books…not sure if I am too old or too young. Whatever the case, they weren’t part of my curriculum.

I didn’t go much further into the website in than that (for lack of time not interest)…sorry. I am already one conspiracy theory away from wearing aluminum foil on my head, so…I do try and mitigate my exposure to that kind of crazy :slight_smile: No offense intended…it is interesting stuff for sure.

My question, I guess, is this: What’s the big deal? Are we really thinking that there are shifting realities? Or are we saying that this is some kind of conspiracy that effects big groups of people at a time? I am just curious why you are curious…I had never thought about any of that before, and I just chalk my memory inconsistencies (when there is a memory present) to a misspent youth, misguided early adulthood and downright idiotic middle adulthood. I got a couple bad decades in there. All is not lost, however, as I am back and stronger than ever for the third round!

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Well, I can’t answer whether I think this is something intentional from a conspiracy of sorts or if it is in fact just some kind of reality shift, but there has to be something to it… millions of people remembering something that never happened seems a little more than chalking it up to bad memory or just crazy…
As for why I am curious… I have a bunch of memories that either never happened, or they are changed in some subtle way… I want to know why, or how. I don’t like knowing that regardless of what I do or experience now, it may just become something that didn’t actually happen… kinda leads back to the crazy thing, I know I am relatively sane, and definitely do not suffer from dementia, so I don’t like the feeling of “is my life just a lie?”… I know these things as fact to my life, so why or how could they suddenly not be, and never were… if that is the case, then how did millions of other people experience the exact same memory, just to find it never happened also? Curiosity is a curious thing, when couple with conflicting memories… and knowing I am not alone in that, with much of the same subject matter, compels me to search for an answer to it. I think of myself as a rather logical person, and this is anything but logical. the discrepancies cannot stand in my mind, it needs an answer.

well…my opinion on the “correctness” or better yet, accuracy, of a memory is this: We change as we grow older. Our perceptions change, our experiences shape us. We become another person entirely as we grow older. We do not become another being…but our humanity changes. So…the memories you have from a long long time ago, are the memories of another person entirely.

Now…perhaps the last inch of who we are stays the same…I have to concede that…but I know I am not who I once was. That could explain the varying perception of what actually happened, no?

Gettin’ heavy in here…I need a vape.:smiling_imp:

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I want to make sure you knew I wasn’t attacking the discussion, I was just pondering it. My thinking, my articulation, my sense of humor etc, don’t translate well to text…I have come to find this out the hard way, and had people pissed off at me before I even knew what was happening. I just call a spade a spade…can’t help it. So please always know I come from a position of curiosity or humor 99% of the time. Never a position of judgement or criticism. Only when backed into a corner and when I have tried everything…which is never. We are getting into heavy topics that people might be emotionally invested in, so I wanted to be totally transparent :slight_smile: .

Now I am going to go back and read more on that website, so I can actually speak with some information under my belt…as I have NO IDEA wtf I’m talking about atm…lol

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lol its all good man i am not offended, I was just answering your question as to why i’m even curious… simply put i guess because i don’t want to feel crazy, and being logical, i feel like there should be some logical reason for it. I understand we change in our person, our current values or morals, these things evolve over time, yes. But, a memory of a certain movie, suddenly doesn’t exist and never did, that type of thing just doesn’t make sense, and shouldn’t be effected by simply living more and changing “who i am”. “who i am” is heavily based off of those memories, and to find out a bunch of memories are just wrong, it makes me ponder how many more will be, or are… for instance, what if 10 years from now i find out this forum never existed? But i have distinct memory of it, as would everyone else who had used it, or at least, remembers using it. knowing that any memory i make could just be changed or erased from history without warning is a bit disconcerting.

OK cool. We’re on the same page. Awesome.

I think I see where you’re going with that. The idea that our memories and thereby our experiences make us who we are…

I agree with that to some extent. I think it’s our actions that make us who we are…

I think I get where you are coming from. The idea that memories we have either being gone, by time/memory loss or worse, being taken…or even worse being altered by another party…would be disconcerting to say the least.

Or even worse worse, we are living inside a giant computer ala Matrix. Well, perhaps not so bad if I can get the Kung Fu download.