Basic Coil Build for Steam Crave RDTA v.2

The following is a VERY basic coil building, cotton loading tutorial I made for my friends over on ECF in the Copper Creek Posse. Advanced builders, LOOK AWAY, this is just a basic coiling/wicking on the Steam Crave RDTA v. 2 (6ml), to entice members who are afraid to, or unsure of simple builds, and/or rebuilding in general. Break free from the pre-builts, and start saving cash, and controlling your vape my brothers and sisters. You don’t NEED to build complicated, overwhelming complex coils, a simple coil will do. Using 24 ga. Kanthal wire, Koh Gen Do organic Japanese cotton in this example. Dual vertical coils, 7 wraps, paralleled at .35 ohms. Nothing fancy just quick easy step by step. No fancy schmancy coiling here…

Old Coils out, new wire going in:

Coil Master Jig with 30mm post:

Feeding wire into jig:

Tight first wrap by hand:

After 7 wraps trying to keep both ends near each other:

Thanks Coil Master, too damn easy:

Finished simple 7 wrap:


First coil roughly placed, one lead on top, other lead on bottom:

First coil trimmed, 2nd coil loaded making SURE they are inside the inner circle deck:

Trimmed and straightened:

Dry firing to remove any oils, before tweaking with ceramic tweezers:

Piece of organic cotton cut, before removing thin outer (tougher) layers:

Roll tip (just long enough to poke through) of cotton then pull through with tweezers:

Pull through by hand with medium resistance rolling to get in, but not compress:

Cut top as close to coil as possible to prevent charring when using:

Both wicks in, roughly trimmed before fluffing up with tweezers:

Fluff and stuff. Do NOT pack, just cover 4 holes in deck plate:

Saturate wicks/coils, fill tank, assemble with your favorite juice …


Basic Vertical Coil Build?

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Yes. My personal experience with the v.2 and the Supreme was that they preferred the verticals. AND yes, you can see one of my MOST favorite purchased juices from Maurine at Copper Creek. Old tutorial, but still good.


From my experience with vertical coils… wicking has been an issue from one side of the coils at higher wattage and smaller juice channels. I find a horizontal build wicking from both side of the coil offer more juice flow delivering better flavor and less dry hits. I learned this from multiple dry experienced from vertical builds

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I always vape pretty low about 30-45 watts, so single tails haven’t failed me, but I can see at higher wattages, single tails could run dry. Remember this is an old, basic tut.

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I soooo love my v1s! (I have 5) They have served me so well I have only bought one additional atty since and that was the kayfun5. In the vape world that is one hell of a value :slight_smile:


@xxanalogxx damn straight, I bought more than a few of the v.1’s when I saw them on sale. Simple but small tank, but just can’t stop it from working great.

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Well I’m picking a juice to try in the one you just sent me!

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@Cutlass92 Can’t wait to hear what you think. I think very often, people get lost in the cloud chucking, state of the art tanks, but the whole flavor thing gets pushed aside. I’ve done countless side by sides with the SC’s and really haven’t found anything flavorwise that would make me push them aside. Surely you could run horizontal coils, with 2 tails which will wick faster, but even with a heavy vapor like me, the single coil verticals don’t let me down.


i guess i have to share this recipe now!

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If my about two years expireence with building coils I have never done a vertical build… food for thought


@Jayrell I honestly can’t remember why I even TRIED my first vertical. I was using the Steam Crave v.1, had been using horizontals for quite a while, something pissed me off (LOL I can’t remember), and I flipped the coils, went with single tails on each side, and something clicked, and I never went back. Wish I could remember LOL.

I’m sure verticals are NOT for everyone, every deck, every setup, etc. Single tailed verticals cannot keep up with dual tail horizontals as far as juice flow, wicking speed, etc. Everyone’s different, different vaping styles, wattages, so your mileage WILL vary.


Hey I’m all for trying something new… if it doesn’t work out no harm done but I can say hey I tried it!

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Come ride the train, we’ll save you a spot !!!


I’ve got verticals in all mine that work with that, some decks need wicking from two coils for each hole by design and I didn’t even feel like trying to get that right in a vertical build, just no.

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Been playing with my newly-received sc-200 and finally ended up with duel verticals working the best for me too. Watched 4 or 5 u-tube vids on how to wick the damn thing (all a little different) and none worked very well. No bubbles unless I closed the air control and sucked like a straw then gurgle gurgle… Tried less cotton, more cotton, covered holes and uncovered holes! Finally just gently lifted ALL the cotton in the well just a little. This seems to work fine and does’nt leak either. If some new folks have the same problem, hope this helps.

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@Brandolf sent you a detailed PM on how I run them. Typically if people are having wicking issues, it’s either bad material (wicks), or there’s too much cotton. I may do a wick swap in my RDTA v.1 (the only tank I use for flavor testing) and I can get some pics. I HAVE had issues with SOME cotton, just not wicking. Had been using Koh Gen Do cotton for ever, and even having a large bag left, it just STOPPED wicking overnight. NO clue why, finally gave up on it, and started using Atomizer cotton off Amazon, and BOOM, all was well. NO clue why the KGD just stopped wicking, and seemingly overnight. I didn’t change anything else about HOW I wicked, but only the cotton, and BOOM, problem stopped.

Even with my Atomizer wick cotton, every once in a while if it seems to be running dry, I too, close off the air flow, take a big drag or two, and BOOM, wicking starts right as rain. Sometimes I STOP filling the tanks all the way to the top to prevent any possibillity of maybe a vaccum lock or something, not sure if that applies to these devices or not.

Send a pic of exactly how you are wicking, how much cotton, and what KIND of wick you are using.


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