Batch Collector v1

I’m currently working on a new program for windows that you can use to store your batch info in, what would you add / remove / change to make it work for you?

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I currently use two different programs (one Android and one windows) for keeping track of recipes and ingredients which unfortunately do not use ones data to sync with the other. I think my windows version just started keeping historical data, as to when I made a recipe… i.e. I can look at the recipe and see I had made it 3 or 4 different times (showing me the date it was made)… that would be a good option to have. Depending on how large you looking at making your program, having an ingredient list would be nice, if not… with what you currently have, instead of “Batch Strength” being the nic level… have a “Nic Level” (for the nicotine) and a “Flavor %”. Since you have a “Steep Time” have the program display the date also. I would change the box sizes your currently using, looks like you have “Batch ID” as 20 spaces or so, drop it down to about 9 same with your “Batch Strength”… in otherwords you have a lot of white space.


Thanks for your feedback I’ll implement those changes and see how it goes :+1:t2:


I would very much so be interested in trying it out :slight_smile: sounds like extactly the kind of program i need. My lack of organization is apalling and this might at least be a step in the right direction :wink:

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@mikelej14 that would help me a great deal if you could test the program and let me know of any bugs / problems you find.

Some of the features:

  • auto save when editing in the batch list view
  • row select / delete
  • database driven
  • expandable view

I’ll get a link sorted today if I can, I have family coming over for the day and don’t want to be too anti social lol


Awesome. Whenever you want to no rush

I would add a place for notes

Now available at: