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BBQ is better with a vape


It has begun :smiley:…I decided to add these split chicken breasts to the mix…


You did all that work with the smoker (looks amazing brother!!) but from one cook to another… BOX Mac And CHEESE!!! WTH was you thinking?? :thinking:


Son came home for the weekend. We enjoyed a nice low and slow cook of some pork spare ribs with 1 rack a mustard-based sauce, another Stubb’s Sweet Heat, and one was a dry rub. When it came time to take them off the smoker they were falling apart - not my finest moment but they were delicious. Also did some wings, half with Kickin’ Chicken from Weber, and the rest with a rub we picked up at Walmart. I must say, we’ve been using the Kickin’ Chicken for about 10 years now and love it, but that rub from Wally World was fantastic. I dumped it in a shaker and threw away the bag it came in so can’t really share the brand name but will try and remember next time. I think it may have cinnamon in it.


OMG, I need that in my tummy !!!



Should be done in a couple more hours :grin:


If I wasn’t so beat down by the sauce this morning, I’d drive !!!




Time to go “watch the smoker” :grin:


The chicken is done. Just gotta let it rest for a bit. The pork still has at least a couple of hours to go.


Mmmmm, that is a pan of HAPPINESS !!!


Some of us like it? =P lol

Besides. It’s FAR easier (you have to admit) to clean up after Velveeta shells and cheese, or Kraft mac n cheese, than it ever will be with having to put actual elbow grease and a scraper to the remnants of real cheese in the dish/pan! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


But the taste of the real deal is so worth it!!!


15 hrs in the smoker, but I’m sure it’ll be worth it


Just use an aluminum throw away pan, problem solved. :smiley:


What type of smoker? That must be some really low heat to cook that long. Very nice, now my mouth is watering.


I cooked it directly on the rack. Yes the aluminum pan makes cleanup much easier :grin:. It’s a propane smoker, so I could have brought the temp up a bit. But I like to keep it as close to 225* as possible


I was also bringing it to pulled pork temp, it was ready for slicing about 4 hours ago. That’s the way the wife and kid like it. I like all of it so it doesn’t matter to me :grin:


You know… You’ve actually got a great idea there!! :thumbsup:

Now if only I had a gooooood recipe for homemade that’s nice and creamy… /looks @Jayrell :thinking:


Looks more than delicious …