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BBQ is better with a vape


where’s the coleslaw…:star_struck:


and the Texas Pete! (which is made in N. Carolina)


lol I will have to write it down for ya


Naaaa bark is too dark I’m sure u threw it away…:joy::joy::wink:


:joy:…yeah it went straight in the trash :joy:
Here’s the final product


looks awful :+1:


I confess I stared at this longer than I stared at that twerking girl GIF…


Mmmmmmm, that is some smokey, delicious looking pulled there brother !!!


My first go at brisket. So pleased how it turned out. What I don’t know is if it is good reheated when frozen and how to go about it. Any pointers?


It’s not gonna be quite as good reheated, but I vacuum seal all my BBQ in small portions. Then to reheat, just throw that bag in boiling water for about 10-15 minutes. Looks great btw :+1:


No need to reheat… just be a pig and eat it all :slight_smile:


It’s happening now!


I’m so jealous! I am stuck dong army stuff, eating shelf stable food!


Oh that’s an idea, I never thought of trying my hand at smoking fish. Look great


Nothing better than low and slow cooked salmon! Once it gets about 3/4 of the way, I’ve got some jumbo shrimp to throw on with it.


@SthrnMixer WOW, that’s your first ?? My first was a disaster. Looks VERY good. My experience with the money muscle on re-heats is it depends on how you re-heat it. Nuking it doesn’t leave it as delicious. Man, hell of a first go there.


Thanks brother. YouTube is your friend. Well sorta :slight_smile:

I couldn’t agree more! Steelhead trout even better. I did that a few days ago and used Argentine Red Shrimp. That stuff is like lobster! So damn good.

Well no vacuum sealer here. Guess I’ll do the freezer bag thing. Not to worry though. I’ll give it one more day in the fridge then who knows, might not be enough left to freeze. Was a 17lbs packer and I let a good bit of it leave the house today with my daughter and nephew. May have 3lbs left. Looking forward to my next one though - this first one was an education.


That’s funny you bring up the Argentine Red. I got two pounds of Argentine Red Shrimp, wrapped them in bacon and covered them in BBQ, smoked them next the Salmon!


Not exactly BBQ, but close enough :grin: A 2.75# porterhouse, it’s almost there


I want your butcher!! Lol

I haven’t seen a slab like that since I left Texas =(