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BBQ is better with a vape


This looks great!~~


. Testing a new smoker . Rack of ribs and chicken breasts.


Sorry for being late. I didn’t hear the dinner bell. :plate_with_cutlery:


BBQing in the cold is totally worth it! 6 lbs of brisket… So good.

Mmmm so much meat! :heart_eyes:


Did you season it with Pumpkin Spice? :laughing:


Yes…and? :joy:



That looks good !!!


Holy shit man. It really is.


Wait a minute …

That’s what SHE said ??


I can just taste the smoke ring and bark from here.


I know you like a lot of meat, but common how are we supposed to compete with that!?


Did you smoke that? If so, I think I love you!


You’ll have to pardon his delayed reaction time @VapeyMama. When food AND sex intermingle, a man’s mind goes into overload (as I’m sure you well know…)

He caught it though, that’s all that’s important! :wink:


No I don’t have a smoker so I slow cooked it all afternoon/evening on the grill over indirect heat.


Not many things can compete with that much meat. :wink:


I do have a smoker, and I just stuffed @Molly_Mcghee bird into it!
The tools

The victim!


I might know how to smoke!


Looks great!!!


That’s only about 2 hours in!


Did I mention it’s been injected with butter!?