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BBQ is better with a vape


I just asked them to make me a nice 1, that’s what they came back w/, I definitely wasn’t complaining :joy::joy:


That is MY kinda steak !!!


I’m planning on cold smoking some cheese as soon as the weather starts to cool off enough.


Hell yea nothing beats a Vape and smoke


Whoa. That’s alotta meat!


@VapeyMama looks are deceiving its never enough. This was the final outcome of 14 hours of smoking can you say food porn?


That’s for damn sure! Looks amazing. I’m on way way over! :wink:


@VapeyMama if you are ever in Philadelphia and see smoke rising from the backyard you are more than welcome to join us and get you grub on!




:joy::joy:that I do. But I also genuinely enjoy it. I see you’re in Philly, I’m in south jersey and I work in Philly. Feel free to come by next time and try some samples :grin:


I’m in NE Philly Somerton section and born and breed in jersey what part of SJ you hail from?


I’m a transplant from Florida, but I’m currently in williamstown


I know it well my daughter lived there for a while. I’m originally from Burlington County Burlington city - Edgewater Park area. Alot of great BBQ’s happen in jersey.


If only I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard that!


Let me guess… You’d have a couple dollars? :wink: :joy: :cut_of_meat:


Lunch Sunday… not real ribs but they was good :slight_smile: And inspired by Captain Morgan I “smoked” some green beans and ham hocks… they was extra good too


That’s positive territory. Better than going in the hole. Uhhhh, well, maybe not :slight_smile:



Low and slow using Oak.


Looks quite delicious. I’ve never cooked with oak, how would you rate it’s smoke ?


For me its a 8/10. Its a mild smoke. I like it for chicken, turkey and fish. The kind I’m using is from Jack Daniels whiskey barrels. Gives the oak a good kick.