BCF VG type?

i am looking to find out what type of Vg that BCF sells. and, if they have changed it in the last year.

and. i am assuming that VG doesn’t go bad in a reasonable amount of time ?
kept in the fridge.

i am battling a serious case of not good tasting vapes. and i am trying to narrow it down.

thanx :slight_smile:


Are they your own recipes? If so, post a few so we can try to narrow down what might have gone wrong, if it’s not the VG.

If not your own, are they maybe older recipes? Newer products are different from the stuff used in the older recipes and, again, may need adjustment…

To answer your question, VG doesn’t typically go bad if stored in a temperature controlled environment, away from direct sunlight. Which it sounds like you do.


yes, i DIY.

custards, i only use one now for “out & about”, i can taste ok enough, and a RY4d when i think beers, also. … anything i use while sitting in my chair here tastes meh at best.

i am using a bubble gum right now. first time mixed it, months ago, it tasted like bubble gum. now, it tastes like almost nothing. and the flavors are not that old, less than a year ? maybe i have $200 in old flavors ? idk.
idk if that will work. all of my recipes are private = i don’t want to mud up the search.

i use mecchs mostly, but have switched back to regulated, makes no different.
only RDA’s now.


Have you tasted just the VG?


VG’s probably not bad, maybe a case of vapers tongue


yes. and it does not taste bad to me.


are my links working ?


could be. but i’m thinking something is screwed up with what i am using.


No. They are showing as marked private. Go to the little gear at the top right of your recipe, select “share privately” and it’ll give you a link to share, that way we can look at it.

Also, I didn’t mean the flavors, lol, though I can understand why you’d think that. I meant deep in the elr recipe side are some recipes from other mixers from, say, 2014 or so… :joy:


see if this works


Yup! :+1::+1: You got it, now! :blush:


yes, i know = old recipe’s = i don’t use any over a few years old, thinking the same as you. but if i “what can i make”, they are all at least a few years old.
but, most of the stuff i make now are my own “try outs” and are just a few flavors, or juices i have made in the past that had taste.


bubble gum


I don’t have the WF bubba gum but I do have the Molinberry one. It’s pretty good but a little weak, in my opinion. I usually use it at least at 3%.

I agree with @St3v0. You may have vapor’s tongue. Also called flavor fatigue, in my house.

Have you switched to a different flavor to see if it’s just that one e-liquids causing you issues?

Try this: mix a Tablespoon of lemon juice with an ounce of water and swish it around in your mouth (not like mouthwash, just around your tongue, sort of) for a good 30 seconds and spit it out. Rinse with fresh water then try your vape again.

If this doesn’t help, you may need something to help your flavor profile to pop. I know lemon helps apple. You’ll see me preach that often, haha. Maybe a touch (tiny) of cinnamon or a mint? Or possibly a bit of a citrus like lemon, lime, or grapefruit?

If those don’t help, maybe increase your flavor percentages a bit at a time.


yes, i switch out juices often. the last one was an apple, then strawberry, then a coffee thing, then a, well, you know. all the same = blaaa.

yes, my tongue could be about burnt out. no lemon in this house. but i do brush my tongue very well.


@jinx_d I’ve used gallons of BCF’s VG and it’s always been fine, not super thick, but not watery. As far as storage, PG and VG can live anywhere it’s dark and cooler, and doesn’t have to be in the fridge. You DO want to make sure, especially if you have a big jug, is to keep the lid on tight, to keep it fresh.


thanx. but i would still like to know what type of Vg it is. it probably doesn’t make a difference to me. but some people can have issues or preferences one way or the other.


I brush my tongue and use mouthwash everyday and still get vapor’s tongue.

It takes a shock to the taste buds to reset your flavor sensors…or something. I just know the lemon juice shocker always works for me.

Maybe substitute distilled white vinegar in place of lemon juice? Something shockingly sour without salt…:neutral_face:


Just throwing shit out here. In my first year of DIY I got a bunch of cotton from a Juice vendor and began using it. All of my juices tasted horrible. I ran through all the possibilities until I finally got to the cotton. That was it, there was something wrong with it. You need to look at everything.


i have been thinking that. got some free pads from another vaper a while back, i have been using them, and maybe this is why i got them free.
. i do have rayon, but don’t use it much any more = perhaps i am not getting every fiber out before dry burning the coils = burnt plastic in my coils.

anyway, i do have Cotton Bacon, but i keep forgetting to try it.

as far as what it is, i am leaving nothing off the table. i have even thought of buying a bottle of juice and using a tank. but the B&M i used to go to does not have testors any more cause of covi.


i just put my RECURVE single back into service. when i started using this 2 years ago, even the same coil, the flavor was fantastic. i put rayon in it. flavor is meh. grape at 17%