Beginner RDA and coils

I want to get into rdas and coil building what should I get to start with

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Welcome @cremeanddessertvaper ! Hey this question is asked alot …and answered alot! From one Newb to another check out some previous threads asking your question [click me]


Thanks this is helpful

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I can answer.

Just like when getting into mixing your own ejuice. Read read read. Research reaearch research. The more you do the better first experiance you have.

Last month I purchased my first setup. I did buy extra and went over the top. But I wanted to buy what I needed right away and what I would buy 3 months later.

Obviously an rda. Lots of reviews availble on these. You gotta pick what sounds like what will work best for you.

Wire. Pick a few kinds. Gauge and type. Kanthol, stainless steal, maybe even a titianium. Ect

Wick. I purchased two different companies for cotton.

A coil building kit. I picked an coil master building kit. Comes with all the tools in one case. Nice to have everything in one spot. But you don’t need to do this…I have general tools, cutters, scissor, ect. But I wanted everything in a neat little case.

an ohm reader. It’s nice to have this rather than place on your mod. Although the coil master kit comes with the one I bought the coil master 501 tab thingy. It’s an ohm reader and you can fire your coils. I bought that because a. If I really screw something up I’m not destroying my mod and b. It’s not going to tip over while placing my coils. For me it creates a nice building platform.

Form there patience. Please make sure to READ READ READ. RESEARCH REAEARCH REAEARCH. You will get better results. Especially with safety in mind. My biggest worry was blowing off my face. That was what prevented me for a long time doing it. But I jumped in after doing my reaearch and now I am confident in my builds, wicking, safety, and results.

Have a wonderful day. Please excuse the grammar errors.


As a noob myself, this is how i started out; A cheaper velocity clone with an array of different gauge/kinds of wire and a coilmaster v2 jig set. You can check out a site like for really good prices on all that, dont forget a decent ohm meter, also :). Fasttech actually is not known for being “fast” at all, so if you dont want to wait i would reccomend maybe instead, it can take a bit to ship sometimes (if they are out or low on stock for item) but once it does itll be to you in under a week usually.
Harborfreight sells a cheap drill for under $20 if you intend on making twisted or clapton coils.

I bought my first rda today I did some research on different types and went for what I felt comfortable with I have most of the tools but where can I get a ceramic tweezer

You could go to a local vape shop…the probably have one.

If not, homedepot or lowes, or a local craft store. sells them, along with,, (resells same exact ones lightning vapes sells for half the price…). But in truth i dont even own a pair. I just squeeze and shift between fires while its still hot, never really* had a need* for them actually. Though sometimes itd be nice i suppose

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Ceramic tweezers are not a must have, but they are beneficial. You can pick up various types through almost any online vape shop or a local shop. has them pretty cheap. I have the short multi-tool ones, and the longer straight and curved tip type. They all have their uses. Of course, I also have the typical metal ones you can buy at any drug store. They are good for digging out bits of wire or wick strands from the bottom of your build deck.

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