Recommend a tank for a rebuilding newbie

I’ve been using TFV4 and V8 tanks with pre-built coils and I’m pretty darn happy with the convenience and flavor coming from them. But I always dream of getting more flavor. And I like to switch flavors often, and this seems to wear the coils out quickly. I struggle to get a week out of a coil, and usually go 5 days before I want the full flavors from a fresh clean coil.

So I’m thinking about trying a rebuildable tank - mainly because I want to frequently change coils and/or cotton without spending $5 every time I do so. I need a tank, not a dripper, because I drive too much and I want the convenience of a tank.

Reason why I may not be a good candidate for a rebuildable tank:

  • I have the patience of a 2 year old on a sugar high.
  • I really don’t want to mess with coils (at least at first). I want minimum fuss & maximum convenience, so no fancy builds.
  • Same goes for wicking. I read “horror” stories about tanks giving people fits until they get the wicking right. So I’d like a tank that is idiot proof.
  • A tank that leaks will get thrown out.

Some things in my favor:

  • My wife has been rebuilding for years. She’s my balance, and will put up with all those things above.
  • I have two TFV4s and an Arctic V8 which can be rebuilt.
  • My wife just got a Gemini and a Griffin yesterday.
  • She can test and perfect all these things for me, and probably build most of my coils and wick for me. For a while at least.

Any recommendation will be appreciated.
“Stick to pre-built coils” is an acceptable recommendation. I understand that I might not have the patience for one. But if it’s worth the bother, then I’ll give it a try.

If your wifey has been rebuilding ‘for years’… what does SHE recommend? She knows you best and has your best interest at heart. Why not ask her?


She doesn’t rebuild tanks - she’s a dripper. She is also a cloud-chaser, whereas I’m a flavor-chaser.


Maybe try the RBA head for the TFV4? I’d say the single coil one just to keep it as simple as possible.

Most of the well liked RTAs are designed for dual-coil builds, so I wouldn’t recommend them for someone who is hesitant to start building.


Try this one

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Griffin 25 w/top airflow, super easy to build on and great flavor


Agree… ESpecially since you are hesitant to build. It’s simple and you’ll find out rather quickly if you really want to pursue. Might save yourself some $$'s trying that first.

Aromamizer. Almost impossible to make it leak, easy to build, great flavor, and very forgiving with wicking. I’d buy ten if I had the money.


Thanks folks.

Building the TFV4 RBA is definitely something I should try. But I’d rather keep the TFV4s as backups in case the RBA irritates me. My wife has a Griffin 25, received yesterday, so she’ll be checking that out sooner or later. I keep hearing about the Kayfun and the Aromamizer, so I’ll check them both out. However, given JoJo’s comments I’m leaning strongly towards the Aromamizer…

Love my Aromamizer. Never built before that and it was easy to work with. My only issue with it is the silicon air adjust ring, and if you are anywhere remotely dusty those four large air holes Will pull all that crap into the coil… Tho like i said its only an issue if using it in a dirty environment (contruction site for example)

Steam Crave sells a replacement base to convert the V1 to the newer V2 with stainless ring instead of the silicone thingy.


Checking VapeNW (, they have three:
Aromamizer RDTA
Aromamizer RDTA V2
Aromamizer Supreme RDTA

The V2 6ml seems to make sense, but is it the right choice? Is the Supreme similar enough? The extra ml it holds gives it a slight edge. I also like the airflow design…

That is good to know, because while out and about and working, that ring never stays on it slides up onto the glass, leaving those gaping holes exposed indefinitely. Itd be nice to have the metal ring. I feel like they were like in a hurry and just forgot air adjust so the last minute just tossed a silicone ring in lol glad they have addressed that

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I’m with @JoJo on this one, the aromamizer for sure. Easiest rta to wick and build on and great on the flavour.
I would recommend the v2 as i find it has better airflow and a far better driptip with the option to use your own because of the flattend top.


Alot of people hate the silicone ring. I just took them off of my V1s and went for max air flow :slight_smile:


I’m with @Pattie lol. Go with the V2 for the better AFC ring and the flat top. @mstokens I also just took the ring off completely cuz it annoyed me to no end. LoL.


Yeah, i always used full air flow, my need for it was while in pocket to protect from dirt and metal shavings from getting into the deck while working… I would have to take it apart and use a wire brush on my coils almost daily because after a day on the job site, itd have a thick black crust across the outside of coil. Lots of extra wicking when wick wasnt even bad yet because of that… Had i had a airflow that could seal better i think it would have been much less hassle

Just like with DIY on making ejuice. Read read read. Research research.

I recently learned rebuilding and reworking and find its a breeze. Sure you gotta learn first. Waste hours at first rebuilding and wicking. But after that. Pretty easy. Same answer as to when I first made my
Own juice…should have don’t this along time ago.

If time is the issue but not money. It’s easier to buy a bunch of stuff at the beginning . Like a build kit from ud or coil master…has everything jig, cutters, scissors…ect. Also I bought a coil master 510 tab kit…to test my coils on. Buy different wires, a few different wick materials/manufacturers. I did all that just so I would have a little box just for coil making. After my first two sessions I now love my rda and rdta.


Also wanted to mention that drippers are a great way to learn how to build. Maybe wifey will let you borrow one for practice. :slight_smile: The deck is usually more accessible and stable than a tank deck and are more forgiving if you mess up…you aren’t dumping an entire tank of juice. :stuck_out_tongue:


Also remember. They will all feel small when you start building.

Time to laugh at me…spent three hours building on my first day. Thought the whole time…dangit…why do all the build decks and the wrapped wires seem sooooo big but what I have in front of me is so small.

Welp. Turns out they are all that small. They get bigger as you practice.