Benefits of making own one shots out of personal recipes?

I’m considering doing this for a few reasons but I wondering if this will fade/mute certain flavors? If this starts the steeping clock? If I should “one shot” certain flavors and add others later?


Anything strawberry you might consider adding later, especially if it has EM in it aka ripe or sweet.

I mostly only one shot bases/stones such as longer steeping custards and cheesecakes or certain VG based flavorings that I might want too use, since they steep by itself already forever.

However, most one shots are just the flavoring and not an actual vapeable base, and while they mix in a one shot you still would have too mix them later. In my experience it never speeds up anything, hence I’m mostly mixing already with base, adding this later to a fresh/new mix does help tho. If that makes any sense, just wouldn’t be called one shot anymore if we want too be picky with words :wink:

Nicotine I would add on the go as well, I’m sure its fine but I rather add it couple days prior of vaping and have it “fresh” than it spoiling my longer stored mixes in bigger quantities. Most people don’t even consider it with one shots tho.


Yea I pretty much wanna make one shots to A. Cut back on finding flavor after flavor every time I mix, B. Was hoping that they would kinda bind together to begin with.

So blueberries and other fruits aren’t notorious for muting? I just kinda figure from now on let the entire recipe steep without any fruits and then add whatever fruit 3 days prior to vaping. Unfortunately ripe and sweet are the only two i use until I find a new combination as good.

Do you think it would mute or fade of i added those two together as a “one shot”?

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Blueberry wild and extra from tpa, and blueberry fw tends to fade after a while, and needs support to keep them in a mix. Most mixers used bilberry fa for the support

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I’m guessing here, but for the most part I doubt it. Yes, SnV mixes will deteriorate/degrade but that is apparent. Suggest you experiment and let us know for sure.

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Refrigerate your premixes?

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@Harlan_Grey no i dont, i dont feel it necessary, ive never had any issues with leaving them in my steep room with my mixes. Which is a small walk in closet with a nice oak entertainment center with the shelfs and glass door on the left of it that i use to store my mixes, flavors, and other gear and products that suprisingly stays cool for the most part, especially in the winter time but is really porrly insulated so temperature depends on the weather outside, its great i love it lol i use it to build, mix, test, etc. Perfect for anything vape related haha.

@Brotherbob well logically you would think that it would sort of help with the steeping since the flavors are sort of pre binding with each other and depending on your ratio (i use 70/30) will depend on the steep time once mixed, but like i said logically i believe it should but i also could be wrong. Why would SnV mixes deteriorate? I understand certain flavors mute flavors due to some components added and should be added a couple days before consumption, is that what you mean by that or is there something else i shjould know about SnV recipes? I always thought that SnV mixes were good to go a few hours after mixing and gradually get better over time (or worse depending) but never heard that they would degrade.

I mean what really makes a mix a shake and vape anyways? thats the real question lol what are the reasons behind why it is a shake and vape to begin with? - Socrates (lulz)

@eStorm thank you for all your help…even on my other posts, you have been a real help and friend and i appreciate you, ive decided that really im going to add any fruit flavor 2-3 days before im ready to vape my mixes since thats really the only time it needs to fully steep and then after 2 weeks they start to fade i believe so to be on the safe side im going to do that with all of them.

I just wish i could come up with some recipes that i could let set for a few months and not have to worry about vaping it before it fades, mutes, or degrades, I find i spend my time vaping my mixes by date and never switch flavors until the bottle is done because of this reason. Id like to be able to switch on a whim and not have to worry about leaving my latter batch for a month without rendering it undesirable. It seems like any recipe i come up with will start fading after 2 months at the most and thats my recipes im sure you know the contents of.