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Benifits of rebuilding......is it worth it?

Definitely get onto the RTA / RDA’s. For me it has been cheaper, the flavor improvement is huge and my builds last longer than the factory coils that I was using. It is also really easy and I enjoy messing around making slightly fancy coils. It can take a little practice to get the wicking right but it’s a skill that develops quickly. I can’t see myself buying factory coils again. My fave atty is my sxk Kayfun 5 clone with an SS coil.


As someone who quickly moved from the Smok TFV8 RBA into RDA’s with the Dead Rabbit, I can attest that RDA’s are definitely worth it. No matter how many wicking styles I tried on the TFV8, the bottom airflow would sometimes let me down with a leak. Also found it much more difficult to get a solid flavour out of it.

I’ve found RDA’s so much easier to build on, great flavour, and no leak issues unless you flood the thing. I shied away from RDA’s for ages thinking the dripping would be a chore, but it’s really not a problem, and squonking’s an option (e.g. I picked up the Geekvape GBOX, which is 200W, dual 18650’s, and comes with an unspectacular but solid RDA in the pack to start you off all for like £/$50).

The decks are so easy to build on, I can whip out some premade coils (coilology do some OK ones for cheap) and have it rebuilt and wicked in five minutes. The coils last me at least a couple of weeks of heavy use if not more, and I re-wick once a week generally.

Will save an absolute fortune in the long run. Was going through a pack of SMOK coils a month, and one of the pack would always be a dud. In comparison, bought three packs of cotton bacon a few months back for the same price, and two of them are still sealed!

As has been said above, I’d recommend Youtube for how to get rid of hot spots and avoid shorts etc. Very important but easy to do. I made that mistake to start with and wondered why it tasted gross.

My outlay so far from memory (assumed $/£ cost roughly the same: -

Kit with a jig/ceramic tweezers/clippers- £10
Ohm Meter - £13
Cotton Bacon x 3 - £10
42 pack of mixed coils (SS Claptons) - £8

So for about £40 I have 6-9 months of supplies if not more, including my gear which could last years. I make that about three packs of SMOK coils! So within 7 months I’ve paid for my mod and RDA as well :sunglasses: After that, it’s funding my flavour stash :sunglasses:


I don’t know about the Bonza but I have the Drop and it’s a fantastic RDA! You won’t be sorry if you choose that one.


Learning to build your own basic coils…
Cheap and fun

Building advanced coils: Aliens, Stapled Helix, Staggered Fused Claptons, etc requiring a metric-fuck-ton of wire to practice with…
More expensive

The proud feeling that you can finally do it better than pre-made…


Within a week of starting vaping, using an e-pen and commercial juice, I knew I wanted to be as self-sufficient as possible. It took a few months, of course, to get up to speed, but it’s well worth the effort and time. I’ve never had to ask anyone for juice or a coil, as some have asked me. That being said, I still have to order all this stuff, so I’m not totally independent, but it’s a much better place to be.


Any feedback on the gnome tank… I’ve had some info it’s a decent tank and it also has the rba add on too? Looks like a decent build etc… Defantly getting sway from smok :imp:

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I heard the Bonza reviews are just hype.
I have a YFTK Short Cranked Styled RDA Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer 316 stainless steel / 22mm diameter / w/ BF pin coming for a work of Art I made. I’ll have to wait and see what it is like.

Wismec is a good brand, that is going to be a small deck to build, so it may be another one you can just rebuild the factory coils.


Well I’ve now got the tank, it is small but never the less been firing with a factory coil and I must say, so smooth, holds the taste and just feels so much better than smok I think I will go from here about that rba now I have a good branded tank under my belt


well don’t throw away your old coils and check out videos like this…

there are better examples but its almost as fun as having an RDA :slight_smile:

Sweet that is like gold that info thanks alot… my evening is going to you tube self learning :):grin: :slight_smile:


I would have to say it’s definitely worth it, I cannot think of any reason why I would go back. It took me a month into my vaping journey to get into an RDA and there’s no looking back now. Flavour and clouds are in incomparable once you get the building part down pat.

In the last month I have collected: Goon 1.5, Bonza, Buddha Mini, Dead Rabbit,and the Drop. I research everything to nth degree and did not buy these at a whim. :crazy_face:

I have tried making my own clapton wire but this is not the level I want to go to just yet, even though I bought nearly every gauge from 24-40. The clapton wire I have been getting is great and I don’t need to pull out the drill and wire building jig. :grinning:

Like everything involving this hobby it just depends on the level you want to take it. But, I have found the building part takes a little practice and patience but perseverance is starting to pay off. The last build I got it down to 0.09 ohm. (I have figured out my sweet spot). :+1:

There is ample information available and many a person on ELR willing to share their experience. But this is a very individual experience and what works for one may not for another. :wink:


looks as if we couldnt convince you just yet but we will get you soon enough. Gl to u w/ the gnome!


@marsh8, you’d be surprised how easy claptons are…I was way intimidated…watched a few youtube vids…bought a cheap harbor freight vise that has a suction cup base, some ball bearing swivels for pennies, and some wire…one thing that makes it a ton easier is spool savers from Beadalon…I use them and the wire basically winds itself…I just run the drill…here’s links to what I got…


Haha very almost had me I don’t think it will be long until I swap over :slight_smile:


$0.05 vs $2.50 (really)
10 minutes including setup/packup (now. Not in the beginning)
Tastes better - if you do it right which is easy with the right tank (and coil of course)
EASY AS - again with the right tank. It’s important NOT to get a fiddly tank for starters else you get frustrated and want to smash it with a hammer. Ask me how I know that.
Lasts longer - I get two, sometimes three weeks (75-100ml) whereas I’ve never gotten three weeks out of a bought coil.
AND, it’s fun if you get a kick out of making stuff that works :slight_smile:

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I’m using the Drop and had the same issues as you with the cap being hard to close because of the bottom o ring, after a month of use I took the o ring off and now it works fine. If you try it let me know if there are issues you notice that I may not.


I had a few where that had 2 in place but was too tight so removed one but always gotta lube them up. I also noticed the ones that come installed on rdas are too tight but the spares work perfect. Gl to u and @eStorm i heard it was nice.


Thanks for the suggestions but I tried spare o rings, o rings from other RDA’s that are thinner, removing the upper than the bottom, tried it fully without and so on, just pain in the ass at the end of the day, and the problem still exists lol


When I started, I picked up a couple Herakles Rta’s super cheap. Semi easy to build on. Holds 6 'll juice.


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Thank you I tried the spare and it was worse and lubed them both but works perfect now to me without the bottom one.