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Beadalon spool tamer - if you haven’t heard about it

Been using those for a few years now. So much so that the elastic band on one of them frayed away.


Great for making easy claptons


Really nothing if you’re using round wire explicitly. If you already own a drill the tool I’m referring to is only about $5-10 called a ring clamp. Instead of holding a spool of wire in your hand you clamp your wrap wire to it and let it hang by its own weight while it spins around your core wire.


Great vid Lostmarbles. Similar concept to the ring clamp I posted which is an old jeweler’s technique.


Oh great, thanks.

I would love to be able to make my own Clapton but I’d need it to be able to deal with small wire, something the Daedalus doesn’t seem to be able to do. Watched the above video but it seems like you need a relatively thick core wire, I’ll see if I can find some there videos pushed back a bit. I suppose it makes sense if I still want to use 28/36 Clapton as that doesn’t seem to be available at a reasonable price.

Thank you!


True enough… But!

It’s been discussed since at least 2016 here. :wink:




And it’s obviously that time again (2021) lol

At least you kept it in line with the two year theme! :wink:


The Daedulas is a pretty nifty device, but I can never get it to go right on the first try and raises my blood pressure. I’ve just resorted to doing them with the beadalong and drill. If you anchor the end to a swivel(s) and clamp it so it remains tight, you can use high gauge core wire with no problem.


Sorry guys.


If ya didn’t bring it up, some new to vaping may not have known. No harm/no foul.


You’re good!

Things resurfacing every couple of years is far better than average (in a lot of cases)!

Knowing that you’re willing/trying to help other vapers will have you fit right in.

Outside of new flavors, and more personal interactions (sharing the day’s events, or shared points of interest, etc), there really not much new in the world of vaping for more than a year now from my perspective.

For us ‘old folks’, it largely becomes about continuing the friendships that have been fostered here, and the occasional interesting new recipe, or flavor chat.
That and bitching about the current state of shipping costs due to the government nonsense. lol


I have always used jewelry making tools for coils (when I still built them) but I have never come across this one. Some of these coil making geniuses could make some cool jewelry if they chose.


As some of you know I create all kinds of complex coils. Early on in my wire spinning someone told me about spool tamers. I went on Amazon and got a pack of about 20 of them. I always ended up taking them off of my rolls. Maybe I’m not using them correctly but it’s my opinion that they just get in the way. I use painters tape to fasten the ends of my spools. That’s what has worked best for me. The only time my wire would want to unravel like crazy is if I actually dropped the spool.

The first time I ever encountered a spool tamer was with a roll of Wotofo wire. That one just got in the way too so I should’ve known that I didn’t need them for my round wire rolls.

As far as making claptons and all that, I just do it free hand or whatever the term would be.


So you don’t get finger groove syndrome? :rofl:


Definitely…I could see some nice bracelets in some of the coil wraps. I always wondered if you could weave your own mesh. I’ve seen woven wire on jewelry tutes. I’d be interested in what kind of resistance you could get.


there are a few guys that make mesh, 20 core SFC ? they say it blows away sheet mesh.


imagine 20 core


Same here my friend. I bought several from a hobby shop and gave them away shortly after.


The thinner you go on cores OR the clapton wrap, the harder staggered fused claptons get. They’ve been my jam the last few months though.

My personal bests:
Thinnest cores: 32ga (5x32/40, on the bottom)

Most cores: 7 (7×30/40ga)

Thinnest stagger: 42ga (3x27/42)

Staggering 7 x 30cores was tough enough the way I do it. I could try to get up to 10 but I’d have to drop the core size. When I used 32ga cores I used SS. That is some really flimsy wire to play with as cores. N80 might be better. Still 20 cores is a lot. Props to whoever is doing that. I believe them that it’d vape better than a thin strip of mesh.


you got my Prop’s :+1: . i have done 2 core well enough to use, 3 core was a failure, but i think i know what i did wrong. my main problem is seeing those darn tiny wires. i’m thinking about getting one of those magnifiers that are on a stand.

the 20 core was done by one of the bigshots on Coil Wars.


The more you do them, the better feel you get for it. It seems like everybody does a different method of the initial stagger, but also a different method for the fusing part. Then there’s people who keep all of their tricks a secret. They don’t want more people to be able to do what they do. I’m an open book though so if you ever want to try more cores again, I can help you the best I can.

It helps to have good vision but also good lighting. I was just mentioning this on another forum but I use 2 lamps with the room light on. I’ve tried just about every magnification method there is. I don’t use any of it unless I have to. When I mess up, I can see somethings not right. That’s when I need to look closer. Besides those moments and getting my button in place, I just use my eyes.

Dwayne Rambo on YouTube gave a tip that works great. Use an old phone with a macro lens to zoom in at what you’re looking at. They make phone stands too where you can position it wherever you want. I don’t use a stand or anything but tried it to get peeks at what’s going wrong. Headsets are nice but make me hunchback if I want to see anything closely.

I took the end off of a useless BB gun scope and it works great as a spy glass type thing. To tell you the truth, I use that more than anything.