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Benifits of rebuilding......is it worth it?


looks as if we couldnt convince you just yet but we will get you soon enough. Gl to u w/ the gnome!


@marsh855, you’d be surprised how easy claptons are…I was way intimidated…watched a few youtube vids…bought a cheap harbor freight vise that has a suction cup base, some ball bearing swivels for pennies, and some wire…one thing that makes it a ton easier is spool savers from Beadalon…I use them and the wire basically winds itself…I just run the drill…here’s links to what I got…


Haha very almost had me I don’t think it will be long until I swap over :slight_smile:


$0.05 vs $2.50 (really)
10 minutes including setup/packup (now. Not in the beginning)
Tastes better - if you do it right which is easy with the right tank (and coil of course)
EASY AS - again with the right tank. It’s important NOT to get a fiddly tank for starters else you get frustrated and want to smash it with a hammer. Ask me how I know that.
Lasts longer - I get two, sometimes three weeks (75-100ml) whereas I’ve never gotten three weeks out of a bought coil.
AND, it’s fun if you get a kick out of making stuff that works :slight_smile:


I’m using the Drop and had the same issues as you with the cap being hard to close because of the bottom o ring, after a month of use I took the o ring off and now it works fine. If you try it let me know if there are issues you notice that I may not.


I had a few where that had 2 in place but was too tight so removed one but always gotta lube them up. I also noticed the ones that come installed on rdas are too tight but the spares work perfect. Gl to u and @eStorm i heard it was nice.


Thanks for the suggestions but I tried spare o rings, o rings from other RDA’s that are thinner, removing the upper than the bottom, tried it fully without and so on, just pain in the ass at the end of the day, and the problem still exists lol


When I started, I picked up a couple Herakles Rta’s super cheap. Semi easy to build on. Holds 6 'll juice.



Thank you I tried the spare and it was worse and lubed them both but works perfect now to me without the bottom one.