Best All-in-1 vape shop

Hello all!

Forgive me if this topic has been covered already but I’m wondering what you favorite all-in-1 store is and why.

I’m currently using wizard labs and I love them! They are very cheap, some what fast and for me only 2 hours from my house if I choose to be impatient and pick my order up.

Sadly they do not carry a few companies I want like FA, FW and a few others and I wish they did because I like the convenience of placing an order with 1 company for my TFA, CAP, LA needs.

I have seen TONS of companies names since starting DIYin’ so I’m curious what the top sites are for being priced reasonably, order speed and diversity in flavorings.



Whenever a need a lot of different brands I choose ECX. They have great sales too.
Some vendors mark up the price, then put them on sale. MFS is good for that. ECX discount their everyday prices. Stay away from their nic though.


ECX = ecigExpress :smiley:


Bull City Vapor is another great site for purchasing many different vendor’s flavorings. They have great customer service too, when you need it.


Awesome thank you, I’ll have to look in to them thank you!

I have always thought MFS to be ridiculously over priced on their flavorings!!! Like twice as high! For example with wizard labs I’ll pay 3.95 for 30ml and thru the MFS thieves 8.00 for 30ml!! I’ll never even look at their website just on this alone


Thanks daath I was scratching my head on that one lol


Heartland doesn’t have as many flavors (no FA or Inawera), but they do have great prices, good nicotine (so I have heard) and PG and VG.


Hmm all-in-1 Vape shop???

Does one exist??

I’ve only ever been to a B&M twice in my vaping journey and both times were about a month ago lol. I’ve been vaping on and off since Oct’14 seriously since 27Jan’15.

I would have to say I use a few for online ordering.

Leisureliquids UK
justvape247 UK
NobleVaping UK
Puremist UK
Ukflavours UK
Amazon UK
Fast tech China

That’s about it. Each month I place a few different orders from all over. Lol.



If wizard labs sold FA and FW I would be set!!! Granted I do not get my nic or vg from them but I like how they package all their flavorings in glass as well as their selections…
I’m having A HELL of a time finding a peach and watermelon flavor and I have 4-5 of each from various companies and I don’t care for them at all…to artificial/candyish for my liking ;-(

I did get a little White peach (FA?) from a friend and I love it!! Just seems silly to buy 1 bottle from someone ya know…even though I’m not a fan of most capella’s fruits, I have a yellow peach coming from them so fingers crossed!!

Thanks to everyone for their input it, helps greatly!!

and @daath-

You have a good thing here brother and I thank you as well!!

I have NEVER been a part of an online community nor do I do the whole forum thing (mainly because trolls/drama) but you have a GREAT group of kind and knowledgeable people here and I’m proud to break my forum hymen with ELR! lol


YES! I’m a huge fan of FA White Peach. I don’t like peaches and I LOVE this flavor. If you must have a peach, you must have this one. :wink: As for watermelon, we’ve got a whole thing going on 'round here so good luck with that one. LoL. Apparently the absolute best Watermelon comes from Nicotine Labs but it is pricey. I think second on the list may be Lorann’s and then Cap’s Double Watermelon. Maybe FA Watermelon, too? I have TPA Watermelon, Lorann’s, and Cap Sweet Watermelon. Of those, I’ll mix Lorann and Cap Sweet. I don’t care for the TPA. It tastes like watermelon gum after you’ve chewed it for a few minutes.


Its the strangest thing because those 2 flavors are my favorite flavors when it comes to things but they are my worst in vape haha
What about 'unique" flavors? Im not sure how to explain this but flavors that are not candy, fruit, beverages, etc but more like…incense like flavors?
Now I dont mean actual incense flavors exactly but different flavors like black rain, celestial, midnight or whatever. Do you know what I mean? Cause I’m not quite sure I would reading this haha
I guess I’m always looking for that “special” flavor that’s not easily identifiable like a fruit

I also could not agree more on watermelon! I have CAP and LA watermelon coming so fingers crossed…

First hand experience, Inawera Peach is devine! I’ve used it in a number of mixes and it always comes out fantastic. Juicy! Juicy!


Thanks @Jimk

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Thanks @Jimk I’ll give them a try! I’m not familiar with Inawera or at least I haven’t tried any of their stuff. I have both TFA and CAP’s juicy peach and I can’t take too much of them or the candy like taste makes me sick…more CAP’s then TFA but still 3% is my top. Then I have TFA peach which is ok but even at the higher percentage that taste starts to come out. Also have MBV/FW peach and those are the same for me haha
I thought it a lost cause until I tried the white peach which I like but not by itself. Here’s hoping CAP’s yellow peach isn’t the same result but I’ll give Inawera a try next order!


This is pretty much what sparked this thread, unless I drop $50 or more I don’t want to pay multiple places shipping for a bottle or 2 of this or that and was hoping there was a place that carried ALL brands and then I can just place one really large order…part frugal part laziness I guess :wink:


My vote would be Ecigexpress. If you’re a Facebook person, get on their feed and you’ll see weekend sales pop up all the time; usually 10 to 40% off retail.


My cart overflowith as we speak :wink: Any other inawera flavors that are must haves?

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Bull City Vapor carries quite a bit of Inawera and others. I have about a dozen Inawera flavors so far and find them to be quality, useful and true to the flavor which is printed on the label; wished I had found out about this company sooner in my mixing history.

These are the INW I have, but I haven’t used them all yet… but what I have used has been top notch.


Am4A (INAWERA) 5 star
Bilberry (INAWERA) 5 star
Biscuit (INAWERA) 5 star
Blueberry (INAWERA)
Cherry (INAWERA) 5 star
Chocolate (INAWERA) 5 star
Cinnamon (INAWERA)
Dark Tobacco (INAWERA)
Exotic Fruits (INAWERA)
Fruit Mix (INAWERA)
Raspberry (INAWERA) 5 star
Strawberry (INAWERA) 5 star
Shisha Strawberry (INAWERA) 5 star
Virginia Tobacco (INAWERA)

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