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Best All-in-1 vape shop

I’m glad I could help. He’s a real cool guy. I ordered a few more and took advantage of their discount. I have several of their flavors steeping now. Once I get more I want to make an all IDE mix.

Apple Friggin’ Pie Gmix : http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/226960/Apple+Friggin%27+Pie+Gmix

4% Apple Pie (IDE)
3% Caramel (Original) (TPA)
1% Cream Fresh
3% Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (TPA)
0.5% Walnut (FA)

Flavor total: 11.5%
Remember to rate it at: http://e-liquid-recipes.com/r/1MLa

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So I’m putting an order together through ECX now (They screwed me on the point system and just emailed me a 50% off coupon=) but I’m in need of a good pear and Mango flavor because the ones I have are subpar. I’m thinking based on comment to get my pear from INW and my mango from FA- Does anyone have experience with these 2 and can tell me if I’m making the right choice? Looking for true fruit not candy fruit
Also getting some of that “Joy” since it sounds interesting!

I’ve heard good things about the Inawera Pear. @Pro_Vapes just reviewed IDE Vapors mango and said it was really good. Food (or flavoring…?) for thought. :wink:

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I originally was going to get Inawera’s mango but upon further investigation all the reviews on FA’s say that hands down it was the closest thing to a real mang they have had out of all other mangos. They said the same thing about inw’s pear and I think based on that, it’s what I will do- I’m not saying inw’s mango is bad or anything I’m just looking for the most authentic ya know-
@JoJo I can’t remember do you have FA rose/jasmine? I’m tempted…

Im also torn between inw white grapefruit or FA grapefruit…hmmm I would give anything to have a shop to walk into to sample these things!! The island of misfits is big enough!

I do have Jasmine and I love it. I think it’d be hard to go wrong with any of FA’s flavors unless it’s just something you really don’t like IRL like licorice. Here’s a thread on FA if you’ve not been there yet. I’m gonna say a good 90% of new flavors I order will be FA or Inawera. The rest will most likely just be restocks or novelty flavors from other companies.

The only flavor I’ve come across so far in my limited experience that a company has done better than FA is coconut. If you want genuine coconut meat/water then FA is great, but if you want that dessert or drink coconut flavor, go with Capella.

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AGREED! That’s exactly what I am doing. I love these 2 companies and everything I have so far is divine~
Thanks for the feedback on Jasmine! Cant wait;)

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I just wish ECX carried more INW! I was going to go thru BCV for my first time regardless of the fact theyre a little more expensive until I got the ECX discount. So I pretty much took what they had in both FA and INW

I hope ECX screws me to.lol. Has anyone had experience with the vendor, ave40? Any feedback will be appreciated.

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No idea, but they did a giveaway on ECR

It actually really wasn’t that big of a deal! They weren’t giving me any points for all my orders I realized today when I logged on and I was still at zero points and then I noticed when I was looking in my order history I was charged for bigger bottles than I actually recieved.
Im loving their customer service now though!! I just wish I was making a larger order cause the timing sucks haha

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I am just so, SO glad to hear that you are a mouth-to-lung hitter and you like the Crown tank. I’ve been looking at them and wondering if I’d be sorry if I got one. People say 'close off the air flow" but that just doesn’t do it for me. I just don’t like my Atlantis or Lemo for example - - just too much air! I’m wondering… When a tank drinks a lot of juice, what does it do with it? I wonder if we get more/thicker flavor? Well, right after I get my latest package from Fastech, I’ll probably order a Crown and get the RBA deck for it when I can find one. Everyone I’ve seen is out of stock on them. But, there’s no hurry. The head that comes with it will last me for awhile especially if mine lasts a long time like yours. If I remember right, it comes with more than one coil head anyway, and/or I might find it to be easily rebuildable. If it’s my favorite, I’ll want to get everything I can for it.

Well, I still haven’t found my Sigelei Mini. I seemed to have lost it somewhere in my house. I had no visitors or thieves come over, so it must have fallen down and is hiding somewhere. I sure do miss it though. It had my Nautilus on it full of Apple. I’ve moved my favorite Apple mix to my Fogger with Nickel wire on my 150 watt Sigelei and t’s so heavy. I hope I find it. My Nautilus coils would clog up but I’ve learned recently to wash out my coils after a couple of fill ups. I use a tube and scringe and swish the water through them pretty hard and it doesn’t hurt them at all.

Well, as I may have mentioned, I got several weird and cheap RTA tanks from Fastech (on the way) that have a ceramic base. I’ll be fiddling around with them for a while. Then… Unless something new or better comes out - I’ll get a Crown. I sold my Goliath because it was an air-ey one and it would leak on me no matter how I built it. It was a juice drinker too, so I know what you are talking about. That’s okay with me. I’m hoping that means more flavor.

I still have my original .25 coil in this thing and I use the crown like crazy! The flavor and performance has not altered yet, I’m very impressed! I’m not sure the exact date I got it but it’s been about a month now

Correct you can customize which heads you want (although some people have received what they didn’t) which if I remember is 3 heads in total and where I bought mine, you could bundle it with an additional 4pk of coils for $5

As for mouth to lung I have always drawn directly to my lungs, even with cigs. I’m so used to it that I have a hard time drawing to mouth…I just feel uncoordinated doing it. That being said I have on a few occasions drawn into my mouth and then slammed it back into my lungs and I liked that too. But I draw directly to my lungs 9999x out of 10000;)

I am confused by what exactly you mean by too much air though? I take really big draws and the crown definitely supports this with huge clouds in reward. Although like I said it also supports small draws when I want

I have yet to buy the RBA and the last I heard Uwell was swamped with orders for them and I am in no super hurry but plan on getting it before years end and another crown as well

We have lost 2 devices in 2 years, well my husband has. He has that problem generally,wallet, glasses PVD! Once a day i’m looking for something for him. I always find it sitting in the middle of somewhere he has already looked. Uterine tracking device and all… :wink:

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It’s the opposite at my place! I’m the mod detector for my wife. Told her a was going to attach one of those “tile” things to her mod, so she can use her phone to find her mod. She’s never without the phone!..life would end if the phone took missing!


That’s exactly what I told my husband. I looked up the price of each tile and decided I would keep looking for him…


Inorite! Sheesh! Technology!


DarthVapor3, I hope I don’t sound too pitifull, but first I want to say - how much I enjoy your message to me. My heart is again and again touched deeply by everyone here. I am always so surprised how caring everyone is and how they make me feel like someone by responding and conversing so kindly.

I thought the Crown did come with 3 heads. I wasn’t sure if I got it confused with another video I had watched. As I recall now, one of the heads is stainless steel. Interesting how many different metals they have used for coil heads. I had once asked about using sterling silver (since I have a lot of it for my jewelry making), but it turns out that sterling silver is non-conductive and we need a conductive metal for coils. On that thought… I ordered a weird RBA recently (and it hasn’t arrived yet). It takes special wire called a ready wire that is a combination of conductive and non-conductive metals welded together. As I mentioned, I will be busy with these new RBA’s for a bit. Then, later I will order a Crown if that’s still the hottest and best thing out at the time. I love and I mean love to look at stuff online especially new stuff. And I certainly enjoy my vape. Today I found that apple and absinth are very nice together. I also dripped TPA Dbl Chocolate Clear with Walnut in 3rd World Custard. Then, I vaped 3rd World Custard with Pistachio Nut TPA. Here’s the link to that Custard recipe by http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/150112/Third+World+Custard.


Aww @Joya there’s no need to thank me, although I do appreciate it, but I believe I should treat/help people just like I would in return…not too mention its just proper etiquette in my eyes! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Lars has created something great here and was fortunate to catch a wonderful group of very knowledgeable people!! We all do not know everything there is to know and that’s what makes this a perfect collaboration, is each and everyone of us have something to contribute here! This is the ONLY site/forum where I haven’t seen hate, trolling or horrible disrespect…it’s a damn good thing!

They come ALL Stainless Steal with the exception of the TC coil which is nickel. So in total I received 1- SS.25 coil, 1-SS .50 coil and a Ni .15 TC coil PLUS it was bundled with 4 .25 SS coils where I bought it for additional $5. I believe you can customize your coils and get what you want at most places, say you want all .50 coils or 2 .50 and 1 .25, etc etc…

I don’t know much about silver besides what you just mention and contrary to belief it is VERY BAD for you in the form that these “Health” foods sell it as. But that’s Colloidal silver and really has nothing to do with what we are talking about;) It’s just a pet peeve of mine being a chef that’s also trained in the dietary field, organic, vegan blah blah blah is the people that push this crap and say it’s beneficial. Silver has no place in the human body…anyways totally derailed there and a bit side tracked…

I will be honest I am currently not the guy to help you with wire for I only know the basics and havent jumped into the RBA/rebuild world but I will be very soon. I have not heard of ready wire before? That may be something I hand over to more the experts in the wire vape world which would be @Pro_Vapes, @daath, @ringling, @Jimk only to name a few. They deal with wire WAY more than I do at this time-

I do not know how to say this without it sounding totally crude but it looks like you enjoy nuts? (lol sorry) I have yet to include any nuts in my stash but pistachio is top on my list for sure!! I’m slowly getting into the whole bakery side of juices because they were never my “thing” for an all day vape…but they are growin on me;)

I’m glad I could help you and don’t ever feel pitiful for asking a question! Thats what we are all about here! NO I will not say the phrase “sharing is caring”!



Funny thing is that I had a telephone repairman come to fix my phone and he bought my Goliath tank from me and got some ejuice too. I couldn’t find the 25 bucks or my Sigelei Mini the next day. Hmmm??? I kept saying “He’s a really weird dude” while he was there. I guess I have to chock it up with the packages stolen out of my mailbox a month ago. I filed the stupid claim forms with USPS and now they denied my claim saying they put them in my mailbox so they won’t pay me the $93 +$22. I have 30 days to file a rebuttal. Also, I know who stole the packages, but can’t prove it - right? You guys just wouldn’t believe how crooks know how hard it is to get caught. How about the overseas crooks and how the US can’t get em cause they are overseas. Hmmm? I had a scammer call me one day and no kidding…I almost believed him for a minute there. I called my husband in tears and he promised me it was a scam. Well, this text isn’t getting to any point. I guess you just gotta say “bad day” once in a while. I surely do make a bigger deal about the good things that happen. Like how I called the satellite company and they cut my bill in half. Or let me see hmmm. There’s many more amazing things that happen. It’s as if there IS someone watching over me. Well, I’m sure of it. Sure glad I broke open the Third World Custard today. Just what I wanted…A nice smooth sweet vape in the evening. Also tried a Sicboy clone this afternoon with only 4 days steep. At first I thought it had something weird about it, but then it became very good. Like I’ve mentioned before, , , When I mix up some of you guys recipes, most all are great. Now if I try to put something together, it’s horrible. Also Fudge Browning Capella is in the garbage. Tastes like dog poop. I’ve tried it 3 times (like an idiot). Yup, still dog poop. Well, good night sweetie pies. Hope you all get to eat lobster or something you really like.